SIGGRAPH EC Meeting- Friday, January 31 and Saturday, February 1, 2014


Jeff Jortner

Paul Debevec

Tony Baylis

Jessica Hodgins

Dinesh Manocha

Jacki Morie

James O’Brien

Jackie White

Dave Shreiner

Mona Kasra

Barbara Heifer

Ashley Cozzi

Christine Hilgert

Mike Jones

Cindy Stark

Ang Anderson

Bob Berger

*Joined on Saturday via Skype- Rebecca Strzelec and Masa Inakage

*********************Friday, January 31, 2014**************************************

Eurographics Modifications to Agreement Discussion- Presented by Jeff

Review email reference provided by Jeff. This would only apply to the SCA conference only (all other small conferences would be excluded; HPG has been denied). Pubs board has denied all but allowing ACM SIGGRAPH to make decision on this one small conference.


Addendum to the agreements- reference email

Motion (Tony)/ Second (Dinesh)/In Favor- 7 (100%)

Motion to decline the amendment proposed by Eurographics. EC would like further clarity on author rights for CGF publications and detailed explanation of ACM/SIGGRAPH rights to the SCA Digital Library Content. EC is hesitant to approve a one-time exception to current policy. President will follow up with Eurographics.

ACTION ITEM: Jeff to discuss further with Eurographics at the upcoming conference. Need further clarification on the motion above, bring back to EC.

S2014 Budget Up for Approval (previously approved by CAG on 1/15/2014)- Presented by Dave

Review of slide deck provided by David and Ang. The budget has a 3% contingency built in.


ACTION ITEM: An/Dave/Ashley to discuss commission structure with HE for S2014

Motion (Jessica/ Second Paul/ In Favor – 7 (100%)

Motion to approve S2014 conference budget with discussed updates

Motion (Jeff/ Second- Jacki/In Favor- 9 (100%)- included Rebecca and Masa via Skype

Motion to adjust the commissions for 2014

EC Organization Budget- Presented by Tony

Surplus for Y15; but not above fund balance. Tony looking at report just received, current state of the union: stay the course, no increases in expenses; need additional numbers from small conferences and digital library. Combined effort with the organization and conferences. Strategically structured and moving forward.

Other Business

AMPAS- Dropping CAF as qualifier for awards, can reapply in 5 years.

ACTION ITEM: Paul to set up with Bill and MK/Jeff to engage with Oscar members and find out the root issue and how to potentially fix for 2015.

*********************************Saturday, February 1, 2014**************************

Mission Statement for ACM SIGGRPAH

Vision Statement for ACM SIGGRAPH

Organization 5 Yr Strategy

SIGGRAPH Conference 5 Yr Strategic Goals- PPT- Presented by Bob

1.Put on a financially independent conference- update and discuss bullet points

I. Each SIGGRAPH Conference will…

3% contingency

        3.5% Return Fund Balance

        Meet the required fund balance

II. ACM Mandate

III. Develop team to move forward the process: EC Representative (Tony); Micheal (ME!); Darren (ACM); CAG Chair (Rebecca) and Conference Chair (Dave S21014)

IV. Engage the Conference Committee in developing the conference budget in a bottom up fashion and then executing to hit the target.        

V. Appoint an elected EC member to serve on each RFP committee.

ACTION ITEM: Core team- Marc, Mona, Tony, Micheal, Christine, and Dinesh

2. Provide a great attendee, contributor, and volunteer experience

Review the PPT bullets


ACTION ITEM: Actable items based on full bullets from PPT - Team lead- James (also includes Cindy, Dave, Mona, Marc)

3. Identify and Cultivate emerging trends across all of our constituencies


ACTION ITEM: Jeff will lead the efforts to figure out which groups to develop and their objective. Mona (Arts), Jackie W (Paul to help Jackie on CAF), Barbara, Jacki

4. Develop the next generation of volunteers (I think we removed attendees and contributors since they fell in other areas)


ACTION ITEM: Group to look at Invite those who turn in a application near a conference to the “Get Involved” and pre-screening interview

ACTION ITEM: Marci lead, Bob and Ashley

ACTION ITEM: Bob to send sample for Execution of Goals

General Goals Action Items****

ACTION ITEM: All Leads to report at May EC meeting status (Marci to send a reminder a few weeks prior)

Organizational Structure Discussion – Presented by Jessica

Current Structure (EC, CAG and Conference Committee). Review of current state of the union (PPT provided). RFP Committee Work process. Seven meetings for the planning process of a conference (2014 removing The Wrap Meeting). Jury Meeting Schedule outlined.

Goals for Re-Org

Restructure meetings- combining CAG/EC, reviewed various ideas.

More frequent calls for EC and CAG/Smartsheets how to ensure communications flow and action items are follow up.

Move CAG meeting in early January to end of month and join EC (2014 met separately due to other deadlines).

Possible Re-structure of the roster-

D@L- Reduce the # of EC D@L to reflect actual work (Bylaw – up to 6, currently have 6). Rep on RFP, program review

Discussion of Chair interviews, structure and who participates. Group vs 1:1.

Voting discussion

Added Information Services Director (Aaron) to EC (as non voting chair)- discussed but not added at this time.

D@L- can they take on various areas- chapter, communications, digital arts, education, etc.

ACTION ITEM: Tony pulling together the roles and responsibilities for further review, Jacki/Jeff to assist

SEA format of co-chairs or Jr Chair- Jessica

ACTION ITEM: CAG (Rebecca) to discuss Volunteer form- if they add if you want to have a co-chair and you submit as a team. Provide a sample of how to share the role. (senior/jr; specific tasks), make a big splash create a buzz. 

Fund Balance – Presented by Tony

Ran through the fund balance graphics and next steps to work with chairs on a conservative outlook for budgets in 2015; use 2014 breakeven model

Looking good!

Nomination Committee Discussions & SGB Meeting

Developed of candidates for positions, does the PP attend meetings (EC) and changes to nominating committee.

Sub Discussions:

ACTION ITEM: EC to send out note to missing members at Sunday meeting to approve the PP to re-engage at attending meetings


Joint EC/CAG meeting in May has conflicts due to scheduling.

ACTION ITEM: Jeff will send out a Doddle to find dates in May or first week of June for consideration.

Other Business Discussions

ACTION ITEM: Ang to set up call with HE- Dave/Jeff/Christine/Mona- discuss ideas of the floor and sponsorship ideas who to match and include this as a attendee experience. Virtual Mtgs

ACTION ITEM: Cindy to see if passes to SXSW (those interested Jacki, Mona, Paul- already attending)- DONE

ACTION ITEM: Mona work on social media/web opportunities and ideas

ACTION ITEM: Will pull ETech presentations to see we can rally 4-6 pieces at NVIDIA (hand pick); 

ACTION ITEM: SIS discussion- Ang/Jeff

ACTION ITEM: Jacki/Dave to open discussions on Kick Starter and next step