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Paul Silva: Angel investor group leader, speaker & innovation trainer.

angel group manager | speaker & trainer | mentor | entrepreneur

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Paul leads the River Valley Investors, trains teams to become innovators, and co-founded a globally-recognized startup accelerator.

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Paul G. Silva

Paul leads the Lean Innovation Institute (www.LIInst.com) where he speaks and trains organizations to develop new revenue streams that diversify income and increase competitive advantage. He leads the River Valley Investors (www.rivervalleyinvestors.com) angel investor network.  Paul leads the selection of presenters for the Northeast Angel Capital Association syndication meetings. In 2011 Paul co-founded Valley Venture Mentors, a startup accelerator recognized as one of the world’s best by the Global Accelerator Network. He is a former board member of the Angel Capital Association and former president of Click Workspace, the premier coworking facility in Western Massachusetts.

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Paul G. Silva

Paul is a lifelong entrepreneur and educator passionate about helping people & teams create economic prosperity through innovation. Through his speaking and teaching he has had the privilege and joy to inspire thousands of people to innovate, help hundreds of startups launch, and see those startups create a tenfold increase in local startup activity.

He leads the Lean Innovation Institute (www.LIInst.com) where he teaches companies and organizations how to leverage the genius of their employees to find, vet, and develop new revenue-generating opportunities to diversify their income or increase their competitive advantage.

Paul leads the River Valley Investors (RVI) angel investor network of Springfield, MA (www.rivervalleyinvestors.com) where accredited investors collaborate to find, vet, and invest in exciting private companies. The group is proud to be recognized by many entrepreneurs as one of the most respectful and efficient they have worked with.

He is a co-founder of the Angel Capital Association’s northeast regional syndication summits. These events bring together the 20+ angel groups of the Northeast to syndicate their most exciting investments. Paul leads the twice-yearly selection process to identify the best angel-backed companies to present at the summits.

In 2011 Paul co-founded and led Valley Venture Mentors (www.valleyventurementors.org), a nonprofit dedicated to catalyzing an entrepreneurial renaissance in Western New England. Paul and his co-founders are proud that the organization has been recognized as one of the world’s best startup accelerators by the Global Accelerator Network (http://gan.co) and has also been recognized by the Obama White House for its results. In 2016 Paul recruited a CEO to take over leadership of the organization. Paul continues to help and volunteer today.

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