Sometimes I have Google Forms set up that get infrequent use. For example, I use Forms for class evaluations, suggestions for upcoming workshops, or extra credit opportunities etc. I sometimes miss suggestions or submissions because I haven’t looked at that particular Sheet for a while. There is a very simple solution! You can set Form Notifications so that you get an automated email whenever a form is submitted.

Complete your form, then navigate to the spreadsheet (responses)

Click on “Tools” and then “Notification rules”


There are several rules that you can set. If a form will get used infrequently, I usually set it to “right away” meaning that I will get an immediate email when a form is submitted. If it’s a form that will get filled out often, set notifications for digest to get only one email a day with all submissions.  Click Save at the bottom, and you will be notified when the form is submitted.


Once you’ve set notification rules, it’s easy to make changes to those notifications (or disable them). Again, go to Tools and Notification rules. You can edit or delete the notification rules that are already set up, or click at the bottom and set new rules.


I hope this tutorial was helpful! Remember, if you have suggestions for upcoming tutorials, please use THIS FORM (which has notifications :) and I’ll see what I can do to get it posted for you!