Resources to explore to help us answer THESE questions that we asked after watching a video on race:

The Lie -- Fourth grade students share stereotypes they have heard about themselves and then speak out against those stereotypes.

Six Steps to Speak Up -- Teaching Tolerance (an organization that works to help students learn about racism and ways to fight against racism) created a list of six steps to take if you hear racist comments being made.  

What Would You Do? Clip -- Video clip from the show What Would You Do? This clip shows how people react differently to people based on how they look.  

Bias Isn’t Just a Police Problem, It’s a Preschool Problem -- A radio report from NPR which discusses an experiment that shows how bias (often bias that we don’t even know we have) affects which kids are getting into trouble in school.  

Cartoon on How to Help Victims of Racist Comments -- An artist created a cartoon to show people one way to help someone who you see being targeted with racist comments. In this example, the racist comments are about the victim’s religion.

Civil Rights Then and Now -- A short Google Presentation featuring images collected from the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950’s and 1960’s and images from today.  

You Don’t Know Me -- A commercial from Verizon that tackles stereotypes often put onto young boys of color.  

Defy Labels -- A commercial for Mini-Cooper that aired during this past summer’s Olympics. It touches on many different labels that people are given and how many people work to defy those labels.  

This is Us -- A video created by a fifth grade class in Chicago based on an essay they wrote together for the Chicago Tribune in which they take on many of the stereotypes people have about their community.  

#ITooAmHarvard -- A short video featuring black students at Harvard. This is a brief ad for a longer documentary.

The Doll Test -- A famous experiment done in 1950’s is recreated here in Italy. The experiment shows young children who have already been affected by messages about skin color. The talking is in Italian, but there are English subtitles on the bottom of the screen.  

This I Believe: Moving Beyond Stereotypes -- A black, male nurse shares an important moment from his own life that taught him about assumptions.

Clint Smith’s TED Talk -- Clint Smith shares a story from his own life to demonstrate the different set of rules he had to grow up following because of the color of his skin.

Mellody Hobson TED Talk -- Mellody Hobson talks about the power of being Color Brave instead of Color Blind

Being 12: On Race -- Kids discuss their own experiences growing up having assumptions made about them because of their race.

First Encounters With Racism -- Four kids tell the story of their first times experiencing racism.

25 Mini-films For Exploring Race, Bias and Identity With Students -- Short videos dealing with a range of topics connected to race, bias and identity

The Talk -- A commercial addressing the talk that black parents have needed to give to black children in our county for far too long.

The First Time I Realized I Was Black -- short video clips of black adults describing the first time they realized they were black

It's A School’s Job To Acknowledge Race -- Radio Interview with author, Grace Lin. She shares her own experience as a child which helped her to understand why schools must acknowledge race.

I Am Not Black, You Are Not White -- A powerful spoken word poem about the problem with labels