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Recce Report: Sungei Pandan SP2
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South Zone, Sungei Pandan Mangrove 2 [SO, SP2]

Last recce conducted by Lim Cheng Puay and Becky Lee

on 17 March 2015 from 14:00 - 14:45, during a tide level of 0.7 metres


Pandan Mangrove is located in the southwest of Singapore, located in the lower parts of Sungei Pandan. Despite running adjacent to a main road where many heavy vehicles pass (Jalan Buroh), mangrove vegetation and much fauna still remains within the mangrove.

Figure 1: Location of Pandan Mangrove in relation to Singapore’s mainland.

Accessibility of the site

Figure 2: The red marks indicate the two overhead bridges which need to be climbed in order to access a walkway leading into the mangrove.

Figure 3: Photograph taken from the bridge alongside Jalan Buroh over Sungei Pandan. The view of the mangroves are evident from the bridge.

Meeting Point and facilities

Figure 4: Details of meeting points

Figure 5: Jalan Buroh B25 bus stop.                    Figure 6: Small structure will serve as 2nd shelter in the case of bad weather.

Site description

Figure 7: Description of Sungei Pandan 2 (SP2)

Figure 8: Participants in 2009 getting stuck

Figure 9

Figure 10: The covered walkway adjacent to the mangroves.

Figure 11: The red arrows indicate the “indistinct paths” which are eroded possibly by fishermen. Participants can enter the mangroves through these pathways at various sections from the covered walkway.

The end of the site can be indicated by the SRA sign.

Figure 12: SRA sign indicating the end of SP2


Figure 13: Plastic disposable bottles

Figure 14: Styrofoam pieces, more plastic.

Figure 15: Plastic bags

Figure 16: Plastic egg tray.

Figure 17: Low tide exposes the litter

Figure 18: Medium trash load

Figure 19

Figure 20

Figure 21

Figure 22: Image of the bus stop with annotations as to where the TCP is.

Figure 23: TCP next to the bus stop (photo from 2012)

Logistics and Manpower


Figure 24: Sample of proper booties that can be bought at dive shops or beach road ‘Army market.’

Figure 25: A weaver ant on top of its nest.

Figure 26: Directions from SP2 to NUH