Project Title:  Quadblogging About Art: Global Connections

Standards Met:

ISTE (for teachers) 1. a,c  2. a 3. c 4. a,c,d 5. a,c

ISTE (for students) 1.b 2.a,b,c,d 5.a,b,c,d

CORE ARTS - Apply relevant criteria to examine, reflect on, and plan revisions for a work of art or design in progress.

Collaboratively prepare and present selected theme based artwork for display, and formulate exhibition narratives for the viewer.

Enduring Understanding:

 Artist and designers develop excellence through practice and constructive critique, reflecting on, revising, and refining work over time.

Artists, curators and others consider a variety of factors and methods including evolving technologies when preparing and refining artwork for display and or when deciding if and how to preserve and protect it.

There are particular tech tools which can enable collaboration and growth among student artists.

Using these tools I can become a better artist through the support and feedback of other artists like me.

Essential Questions:

How do artists improve their craft?

What technologies could be used to refine your art?  How would they be utilized?

Why would an artist collaborate?

What role does feedback have in the creation of finished artwork?


Goal: Students will have a venue to explore, give feedback and post about the art work they are creating and the art work of other students their age from 3 other schools.

Role: Students will be bloggers, comment givers, facilitators of change and feedback.

Teachers will facilitate, demonstrate and participate in the same roles

Audience: Students are blogging for themselves to receive peer feedback but also for the other school’s students to offer developmental, or summative feedback on a given project.

Situation: Students are 8th graders working in a 1:1 laptop scenario.  Students are well versed in the PQP (Praise, Question, Polish) Methodology and use it regularly in class.  Some students have blogged before in other classes.  Teacher will organize students via a class blog and follow a schedule for blogging and commenting on other school’s class blogs.  

Product: Students will produce a collective class blog and individual blog posts numbering at least 3.  Students will also comment on classmates and others from the other schools.  End product will hopefully also entail improved artwork through the conversations, comments, and posts generated about the art posted.

Six Facets of Understanding:

Explain: Students will be able to explain their own artworks and comment using the PQP method in response to others’ art.

Interpret: Students will be able to interpret comments from others to foster development and growth in their own work. Students will also be to interpret the work of others and make useful comments to assist development on comment on completion

Apply: Students will apply knowledge of Blogger, art practices, digital citizenship and the PQP method in this unit

Have perspective: Students will begin to understand about posting in an online forum in which opinions are expressed and will garner an understanding of artists in other countries.  Through discussion and collaboration students will develop this perspective.

Empathize: Students will empathize with other like minded art students and develop an understanding of the processes these groups undertake in their art making.  This will happen through online dialogue using the blog as the venue.

Have self-knowledge: Being asked to write about themselves and the work of others students will begin to contextualize their artwork in relation to others and their journey as art students.  Students may share artworks which directly relate to a topic connecting self knowledge or personal expressions of ideas.