ACM SIGGRAPH Executive Committee Meeting

Friday, July 23, 2010

JW Marriott, Olympic 3, Los Angeles, CA


President Scott Owen called the meeting to order at 9:00 am PAC.

He welcomed our guest--Standing Committee Chairs, Roberto Scopigno, Gerrit van der Veer, and new CAG Chair Joe Marks.

He welcomed New EC Members James O’Brien, Jacki Morie, and Turner Whitted and thanked outgoing members Scott Lang, Peter Schroder and Kathryn Saunders.

EC reviewed the Electronic Motions

Electronic Motions

To approve the minutes from the May EC Meeting

Owen (motion), Lang (second), Cook, Foley, Saunders

Abstain: Cani

To approve the CAG's recommendation that Joe Marks be the next CAG Chair.

To approve the SACAG’s recommendation of Ying/Dream Communications as the SIGGRAPH Asia 2010 PR contractor.

Debevec (motion), Saunders (second), Cani, Foley, Jortner, Owen, Schroder

To approve Mashhuda Glencross, Scott Lang and Alyn Rockwood as members of the 2011 Nominating Committee

Meeting Notes


Jackie White gave a brief update on SIGGRAPH 2010. Everything is on track. Conference budget is projected to break even. If on-site registration is good, we will not experience a loss after transfer. 2 transfers—one to ACM and one to EC (3.5%). The transfer to the EC will go back into the Reserve Fund. Sponsorship and exhibits are down and not sure if they will be coming back.

CAF Advisory Group Proposal

CAG reviewed proposal to develop a CAF Advisory Group at its May meeting.

The proposal would handle the following:

The CAG decided it wasn’t necessary or appropriate. Part of it was mixed with the Publications decisions (SVRs, DVDs,) which the conference does not handle. The other part is that they are doing a Program Review of the CAF and will have a third party review of this program. Many of the changes made in 2008 have now been brought back.

Marie Paul suggested a separate registration category of Papers Only. The EC discussed a survey to gauge member preferences. Jenny Dana suggested using the Social Media networks to generate conversation on this instead of surveys. Scott Owen thinks a membership survey should be an objective for this year. It makes members feel more connected to organization.

Questions we should consider before making any changes:


EC is in agreement that we should generate a member survey within the next six months.

EC Rep to CAG—This position serves for a two-year term, and is a full member of the EC and the CAG. Jeff Jortner has applied for this position; he fulfills the requirements—familiar with conference and supportive of CAG and EC. Jeff has approved with his employer and has the time to commit.

Motion to approve Jeff Jortner as EC Rep to the CAG beginning July 1.

EC Liaison to Standing Committees—The EC has several openings for committee liaisons-- Education, Student Services, Info Systems, Chapters, Communications. EC members should contact Scott Owen with their committee preferences.


Make EC liaison appointments by September 1.

Chair appointments for Communications and Chapters will also be decided by September 1.

ACM SIGGRAPH – Eurographics Relations

Roberto Scopigno provided a brief update on Eurographics. They had a good spring conference and had excellent response from a recent membership survey survey. He asked that SIGGRAPH try not to schedule SA later in spring as that cuts into their attendance. One issue they are dealing with is ownership of papers. Researchers want to put them on the web right away. They are trying to solve the problem.


Gerrit van der Veer provided an overview of SIGCHI. CHI and GRAPH are the largest sigs of ACM and have some overlapping interests. Membership is stable at about 4000 members; 50% academia; /50% industry. Financially SIGCHI is very healthy and the conference is stable.

SIGCHI has determined that printed proceedings are cost prohibitive so they will no longer be printing the proceedings. They do a post conference survey (which also includes organizational questions) and receive about 30% response. Local chapters are down from 65 to 50. They are looking to do conferences/workshops in Asia, alternating years with North America and Europe. They currently do about 30 in-cooperation conferences; 10 are sponsored.

SIGGAME Proposal

The proposal for SIGGAME was discussed at the last SGB meeting. Games are already absorbed into SIGGRAPH and not sure of the necessity for a separate SIG. SGB EC sent email to organizers saying it should move forward and submit a proposal. Scott Owen will be meeting with the SIGGAME organizer Jim Whitehead, Alain, Gerrit and Drew Davidson to discuss the proposal. Realistically, they will probably become a SIG. James O’Brien expressed concern about the quality of our games paper program.

Motion that the EC recommends that the president of SIGCHI go back to his board and ask that SIGGRAPH share the sponsorship of UIST conference 50/50

Foley (motion), Jortner (motion), Cani, Cook, Morie, O’Brien, Owen, Whitted

Abstain: Debevec

Publications Issue—Stephen Spencer

There is a renewed call for a proposal to be made to ACM Publications Board to change their copyright policy, to allow authors to retain copyright of their own images, when used in ACM-published content. Such a proposal was made several years ago, but Pubs Board, after deliberation, decided to take no action. (Background: ACM's copyright policy mandates that, except for extraordinary circumstances, authors transfer copyright of the paper and its contents to ACM prior to publication. Third-party material - that is, material not created by the authors - is exempt from copyright transfer, though authors must secure permission to use third-party material, provide documentation of that permission, and clearly identify all third-party material in their paper and on the copyright form.)

Action Item: James, Rob and Stephen should put together a revised proposal for the ACM Publications Board to review.

SA 2010

SIGGRAPH Asia is 6 months out. At this time, SA is projecting a loss of $66,000. One major reason for lower revenue is that Seoul Government cut grant by 5% so this increases expenses. Each event they were supporting cut by 5%. The conference is projecting that they will make exhibition budget.

Q contract has been reduced and some of the work has been outsourced. Website is now being developed on drupal that will allow a template to be used but graphic design is being changed every year.

CAG is very sensitive to this issue of Q’s contract and will be discussing at next CAG meeting in October. What do we want? Are we getting it?

The following have been identified as potential cost savings:

Motion to accept the SA 2010 budget

Cani (motion), Morie (second), Cook, Debevec, Foley, Jortner, Owen, O’Brien

Abstain: Turner Whitted

KM SA Proposal

Koelnmesse has submitted a proposal to serve as the organizer and financial sponsor of SIGGRAPH Asia. ACM SIGGRAPH would be responsible for the content and the volunteers. The EC agreed that ACM SIGGRAPH is not in a position to take on the financial risk of hosting the conference. If we do not agree to the proposal, SA will cease.

The proposal from Koelnmesse pays a license fee of 50,000 USD or 4% on the income from exhibition and exhibition related sales activities (i.e. exhibition space sales, sponsorship sales, tech talk sales), and registration income, whichever is higher. In addition, Koelnmesse will pay a percentage of the operational profit after all conference income and expenses. They are proposing a sliding scale of 10% of the operational profit after all conference income and expenses (including the license fee to ACM), if the operational profit is up to 500,000 SGD; 15% of the operational profit after all conference income and expenses (including the license fee to ACM) if the operational profit is from 500,001 SGD to 650,000 SGD; and 20% of the operational profit after all conference income and expenses (including the license fee to ACM) if the operational profit is higher than 650,000SGD.

The EC had a long discussion as to the model, issues of branding, conflict resolutions. Daniel provided additional insight as to why Koelnmesse feels they can make this a profitable conference. Much of this has to do with signing multiple year contracts with venues and other contractors.

The process for the proposal is that ACM SIGGRAPH has to approve the proposal first. It is then presented to the SGB and then to ACM for its approval.

Motion to approve the and Koelnmesse SIGGRAPH Asia proposal

O’Brien (motion), Jortner (second), Cani, Cook, Debevec, Foley, Owen, Whitted

Financial Update

Treasurer Jeff Jortner presented an overview of the organization’s year-end financials.

Opening Fund Balance: $5,059,388

Closing Fund Balance: $2,366,956

Major Income Areas


Dues: $226K

Publications (includes DL): $307K

Interest: $13K

SVR Sales: $83K

Contributions : $4K

Major Committee Expenses


Executive Committee

(Includes EC Travel, Project Manager, and Special Projects(Siggraph ASIA) ): $185K

Publications: $190K

Education: $15K

Information Services: $36K

Chapters: $35K

Arts: $3K

Communications (includes Village and SOMA costs): $68K

SVR: $132K



SIGGRAPH 2009: - $1,970K (loss)

All small conferences: + $22K profit

SIGGRAPH Asia 2009: - $501K loss

Expenses were down in all areas—down almost 50% Everyone did a great job of reducing expenses throughout the year.

Unfortunately, revenues were also down in Membership, Interest, Conferences—SIGGRAPH and SA, SVR--$50,000 (cut down our production cost, but need to figure out how to get away from producing DVD). We’ve looked at various ways to distribute electronically, but haven’t found the right avenue.

Committee Viability Reports

Education Committee Update

In response to some questions posed by the EC during the May meeting, Marc Barr updated the EC on the Education Committee expenses. The committee has reduced expenses over the past two years by about 15%. Even though the committee is large, most committee members do not receive travel stipends. The committee has eliminated all print materials and has moved to electronic publications. They continue to look at cutting expenses and are contemplating eliminating the gallery in the village and presenting images electronically. Education would like to see a better breakdown of the village costs.

S3 Update

In response to EC questions regarding the activities of the Student Service Committee, Lou Harris updated the EC on student initiatives:

Vision is to build year-round value for ACM student members

1. webinars

2. resume/portfolio review service

3. 1:1 mentorship (academic/industry)

Webinar on how to have an effective week at SIGGRAPH.

Doing portfolio reviews onsite this week.

Has set up one on one mentors by hand for 16 team leaders.

S3 continues to working on the technology for implementing these initiatives.

2011 Meeting Schedule

The EC discussed having a Strategy Meeting in the fall. After much discussion of agenda, participants, Scott Owen appointed a Task Force (Rob Cook, Turner Whitted, Jacki Morie, Gregg Talley, Scott Owen and James O’Brien) to develop a process for the meeting.

EC 2010-2011 Meeting Dates

Fall Strategy Meeting, November 6-7

Winter Meeting, January 29-30

Spring Meeting, April 29-30, May 1