Maple Syrup Production SeminarMaple Trees.png



Mike Rechlin




An introduction to maple syrup making, and an entrée to an advanced course for aspiring Maple entrepreneurs.  This seminar will be offered at multiple locations throughout the State. FREE and open to the public without pre-registration.

      Maple Syrup in West Virginia

o   What?  I thought that stuff was made in Vermont?

o   WV’s maple resource

o   WV’s maple syrup history

o   Maple in West Virginia: The present scene and the future

o   The WV maple advantage

         Maple: The Science Behind the Sweetness (field session)

o   Trees making sugars: the magic of photosynthesis

o   Maple trees preparing for winter

o   Sap season and sap flow

         Backyard Sugaring: How everyone can make maple syrup

o   Tapping out

o   Sap collection

o   Sap to syrup

         Doing it!  Field practice session in:

o   Tree identification

o   Practice tapping

o   Boiling sap


 Maple Syrup.png

For those who have “had a taste” and want to go further, please register for the certificate course in Maple Sap Collection and Syrup Processing: Getting in the Business

Tentative Dates and Locations of Seminars

Maple Leaf 2.jpgAll sessions run from 1:00 – 5:00Maple Leaf 2.jpg




September 2nd            -              Welch, WV


September 3rd            -              Bluefield, WV              


September 23rd          -              Huntington, WV                    VA Medical Center


September 30th             -                Clarksburg, WV


October 1st                  -              Wheeling, WV


October 7th                  -              Moorefield, WV                      Eastern Community & Technical

and Community College