Restaurant Week 2017- What’s for Lunch

2 courses  -  $16

Order any App, then choose any Entree Salad, Sandwich or Entree


Mixed Field Green Salad House Vinaigrette    

Soup of the Day                                                          

Wild Mushroom Fricassee, Truffle Polenta      

Cornmeal Fried Local Oysters, Pepper Jelly   Avocado Toast, Pulled Pork, Lime Crema                            

Grilled Cabbage, Spicy Lime Dressing              

Korean BBQ Pork Belly, Kimchi

Green Beans, Basil , Bacon, Peanuts

[Entree Salads]

Grilled Caesar Salad                    

   House Caesar Dressing, Peppadews, Parm

[Sandwiches etc.]

     All Sandwiches etc are served with a house salad. sub fries for $2.50

Chicken Sandwiches

   Bacon Grilled Chicken Breast Sandwich        

     Cheddar Cheese,Kansas City BBQ Sauce

   Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich                        

     PIckles, Sweet & Really Spicy Cayenne

   Ray’s Ultimate Chicken Sandwich                        

      Spicy Pickle Slaw, Sambal Mayo

    Korean BBQ Chicken Sandwich                            

      Gochujang BBQ Sauce, Kimchi

Kale and Pistachio Salad                                    

   Fennel, Dried Cherries, Pistachio Dressing

Thai Grilled Beef Salad                                        

   Jicama, Herb Salad, Lime Vinaigrette

Add-ons for any salad

              Chicken $6 ⧙ Steak, Shrimp, Oysters  $8 ⧙ Fish $9

[Lunch Entrees]

Sauteed Norwegian Salmon                          

   Marinated Artichoke Salad, Mixed Greens

Steak Frites                                                              

   Grilled Steak, Hand Cut Fries, Steak Sauce

Shrimp & Grits                                                    

   Creole Spiced Shrimp, Stone Ground Grits, Andouille

Seasonal Gnocchi                                              

    Butternut Squash, Wild Mushrooms, Pecorino

Seafood Stew                                                      

   Shrimp, Fish, Scallops, Hominy, Tomatillos

Tacos - Two Per Order

      Grilled Salmon Cabbage Slaw, Pico, Hot Sauce            

      Pulled Pork  Hot Sauce, Cabbage                                  

Po’ Boys - Served with Lettuce Tomato, Pickles


     Oyster, Creole Remoulade                                       

     Spicy Pork, Peppers, Maple-Pepper Sauce        

Thursday Only

   Fried Chicken, Fries,  Gravy


Thank you for joining us for

Restaurant Week.

Remember we have our

Quick and Easy 2 course Lunch every day

for $17 all Year