So You Want to Request a Commission!

So, you’re a fan of Robin’s work, and want to hog her talent for yourself, eh? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Below is a list of terms to take to mind when requesting a commission from Robin Blend. Please take the time to read through and understand what you’re getting into.

Understand that we do not want to single people out or deny any rights to requesting commissions; this document is to help keep all commissions fair and equal, and develop your relations with Robin regarding your requests!

The document will be updated over time as more terms and conditions arise.

Payments are made via invoice issued by Robin. If you are uncomfortable with this method, you can send payment via Robin’s

Return Policy

If you'd like to return the commission or request a refund, the cancellation must be requested within 15 days. Refundees will be refunded the price of the commission they originally requested & the commission will be closed. Refunds cannot be requested if the commission has already been used for public use.

♦Section 1: Pricing♦

♦Section 2: You & Robin♦

When submitting a request for a commission, there are small factors to take into mind. The cost for the commission may vary from person to person, but we pledge that if an individual does not have a reliable source of income, we will not allow it to exceed $50.00 USD. This may limit what options a person may have in requesting a commission. However, Robin will do their best in seeing you receive your full requested production in its entirety, and will strive to focus on every detail!

However, there are specific items that are not allowed to be requested. Please understand that Robin will not allow the following for a commission:

-Mastering tracks/.flps

        You are not allowed to ask Robin to master your track for you for a commission. Do not send Robin a project file of your work expecting her to do anything with it, let alone do the work you should be doing for yourself. This is a grey area but Robin hopes it will either help users mix & master their own tracks or help other composers gain renown and income by helping users in this area! Robin would be happy to help you find a composer who works in this area, but understand that they may still require commissions and will most likely require cash on hand with some composers.

-Remixes of Songs From Mainstream Artists

        There are no exceptions. Robin will not remix songs from artists that work in the mainstream category, and will not sing you a song from mainstream artists for money. These people work tirelessly on their music for weeks and months on end and Robin feels it’s not right to work off of that for a couple bucks.

-Uploading Commissions to Youtube Without Permission/No Royalties

This is to help deny song theft or the like, and may be flexible depending on your situation, but the general idea is as follows:

        Receiving a paid commission then uploading the commission to Youtube with ads enabled but no credit/false credit is not allowed. Uploading to other nonprofit sites such as Fanburst is allowed, as long as credit is given to Robin. If you have a popular channel and you request a theme song or outro etc. from Robin then this rule may be discussed privately between you and them. In this case, Robin reserves the right to host the song on her youtube, soundcloud, or bandcamp.

Other Things unavailable for Request

Section 3: Submitting a Request

        Q: I’ve read the rules, but how do i submit a request?

        A: You can submit a request for a commission by contacting Robin at 

or message/mention @Robin Blend on their Discord here:

Q: I’m ready to contact Robin, but what should I say?

A: Simple! Just say who you are, the commission you’d like to request, which bundle you want to opt in for (if you want to purchase a bundle), then list details about the project!

If it’s a single song, you can say what style you want it to be, what you’d like it to sound like, etc. Then you can add the extra details, e.g BPM, drum style, instruments, the like.

An example could look like this!


        Subject: Commission request!


Hi! I want to request a commission!

Commission: house/EDM

Bundle: No bundle


        BPM: 130

        Drum style: basic 


Once you have read the document in its entirety, understand each section and agree to all terms, you may contact Robin for commissions. If you do not comply with any of these terms, your right to requesting commissions will be withheld and your requests will be ignored.

If you have read the document through and agree with all of the above statements, then you are ready to request a submission!

For any questions or to start requesting a commission, you can contact Robin via e-mail:

or message/mention @Robin Blend on their Discord here: