Sherwin Calimpong

Prk. Tolibas, Brgy. Ubaldo Laya,

Iligan City, 9200

Skype Id: sherwin_calims



Most of my programming skills are into web development, from theme programming to plugin programming for major CMS like WordPress, Drupal, Exponent and other PHP based CMS. I have also some backgrounds with Java Programming and Mobile development using Appcelerator. My direction is to be fully equipped and updated with the technology on web development.


Founder, SherkSpear

2006- 2015

This is my personal, technical website. I create blogs, WordPress plugins  and offers web services through SherkSpear.

SherkSpear is an IT provider which makes use of the Agile methodology for web development to create innovative websites from simple Blog sites, or with WordPress websites, Drupal, and such. It also provides web services like quick fix to your website bugs, IT consultations, and providing reasonable quotes to your projects.

Plugin Developer, WordPress

Develops WordPress plugins and hosted some at WordPress.

WordPress Profile:

Team Lead, Developer, NewHelix


Local IT company that offers web services to US companies. Worked with Drupal and Java applications.

Web Developer, Escaping9to5


US based IT company. Worked with WordPress websites from frontend theming and configurations..

Web Developer, SnapWebSolutions


US IT company that works with his softballs websites . From static html websites to WordPress CMS projects.

Web Developer, Online Innovative Creations


US IT company that works with his softballs websites . Worked with their own CMS, Exponent CMS.

Application Developer, Cazoomi


US company that works with applications API .

Mobile App Developer, BrandonCordoba Mentoring ADHD


Worked with his mobile app for ADHD.

Web Developer, WebVolutionDesigns (CaptivateSEO)


US IT company that works with WordPress and Exponent CMS websites . The company not only develops websites but also do SEO.

Web Developer, TheMightyMo


US based IT company that works with WordPress websites . Most of my works deals with plugin development and theme updates. Responsive websites and custom plugins is the specialty.


Web Developer, TheGammaLab


US based IT company that works with Responsive WordPress websites .


Mindanao State University- Iligan Institute of Technology

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering — 2000-2006


Graduated my BSEE degree but pursued programming as my priority. Started programming PIC as our software on our electronic projects. Worked with C++, Java and Visual Basic before shifted to Web Programming.


  • Knows backend and frontend programming for web development. (Php, Javascript, jQuery, HTML5, CSS, SASS, MySql, Photoshop)
  • Able to work in solo or in a team. 
  • Works with versioning systems. (Git, SVN)
  • Knows Php based CMS ( WordPress, Drupal, Exponent…).