SM Gays

Discovery Night Calendar

SM Gays meet the 3rd Thursday of the month at the Bloc South (unless otherwise stated), from 8pm until midnight


18th January:                CP and Flogging

15th February:                Pups and Chastity

15th March:                         Bondage and Restraint

19th April:                        Pain and Pleasure        

17th May:                        Dominance and Submission

21st June:                        Fisting, arses, and toys

19th July:                        SM Gays Birthday.  Get into your fetish gear!

16th August:                        CP and Flogging

20st September:                Bondage and Restraint

18th October:                Leathermen and Rubber

15th November:                Advanced S&M

20th December:                Christmas Party


17th January:                CP and Flogging

21st  February:                Mummification and Encasement

21st March:                         Skinhead, Uniform and Transformation

18th April:                        Pain and Pleasure

16th May:                        Pups and Chastity

20th June:                        Birthday Party

This calendar is provided for information only. Dates for individual activities may be subject to change. Please check the web site for up to date information (

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