Maryland Faerie Festival
2016 Schedule of Events


Friday Night 8 pm


Join us to open the 2016 Faerie Festival on Friday night!

Fire Fans, Fire Hoops, Fire Poi!

Illya Firedancer, Gryffyn, Soolah Hoops, Shorestoflames Fire will perform with FIRE!

Drummers will make a joyful noise around the central fire!


Saturday and Sunday

Dancing Tulip Stage

Bat Barn

Pixie Pavilion


Allegheny Ramblers

Qi Gong with Kalindi

(Sunday only)

Illya’s Hands On Circus (Sunday)


Wizard’s Dream

Faerie Ring Theater


Ginger Doss

Maugorn the Stray

Jesse Due


Bards of Stagg

Sofeya and the Puffins

Joffrey’s Balloon Show


Seelie Court Parade! (11:45)

Seelie Court -gifts to the Queene, requests, favors Parade

Illya’s Hands On Circus


Ishtar (12:15)

Professor Greenman


Thrir Venstri Foetr- Saturday only

Children’s Fashion Show with the Unseelie Court

Sidhe Na Daire


Jasif- beugung staves


Aubergine Faeries

 Scott Helland  

Sidhe Na Daire


Maugorn the Stray



Bards of Stagg

Kerridwyn Faerie Yoga


Wizard’s Dream



Tower Green- Saturday

Frenchy and the Punk -Sunday

Ginger Doss

Tea Party with Gandersnitch


Thrir Venstri Foetr- Saturday


Frenchy and the Punk

(Saturday only)

Allegheny Ramblers

(Saturday only)

Tinkers’ Porch

10:00 to noon

 Faerie Sew What workshop- Little Fae, come make a costume!

1:00 to 2:00

Workshops by Unexpected Spark- Saturday:  “Fairy Tale Retelling: Old tales in new skins” Sunday: “How to Draw Fairies“

Saturday Night 8 pm


An after hours Celebration  for those who stay overnight, or... just come out for the Party! Performances by Brinjal and the Aubergine Faeries; Frenchy and the Punk; and Ishtar : Belly Rock!

Masks are optional, costumes and high spirits encouraged!

Strolling Performers:  Find them during your stay in the Fae Realms

Dakota and Friends - Dinosaurs.  'nuff said

Faerie Ring Theater- Ask these 2 adorable gals to tell you a story

Flowing Freyja- whimsical shining light fae and her companion

The Sasanach- This fiddler has found traveling the fairy realm... transforming.

Gandersnitch the Goblin of Goblonia - In exile, and bound by the Faerie Queens to good behavior.

Goblin Embassy - These are the Green Goblins who are doing outreach among the faeries- they are nice

Jasif - He will mesmerize you with the Elvish art of Snake Swords. Relax and enjoy

Jeremiah Wiggins- a politician for the little people

Jesse Due -  Storytelling… Rabbit?

Joffrey the Giant - Our tallest denizen- the giant will stroll; give him a high five!

Kerridwyn Faerie Yoga- the transformational power of movement

Poi With Jacqui - watch her spin, learn to spin, poi!

Professor Greenman - a friendly Wizard who tells stories with his puppet friend Kwiplick the Hobgoblin

The Raven - balancing on a ball, and dropping down to perform magic

Seelie Court - as the denizens of Fae come before the Queene, a variety show unfolds

Shorestoflames- Mermaids & pirates fire show Friday night 

Sidhe Na Daire - storytelling of classic and original faerie tales

Sofeya and the Puffins- Original sounds of spirit songs

Soolah Hoops - This Hula hoop vendor will help you learn to hoop!

Sweet Stardust the Unicorn and her Faerie Rider

Ishtar’s Porch- impromptu Musical Performances