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Site Council Agenda

April 5, 2016

Meeting Five

Call to order - 4:37pm

Members present: Heather Featherstone, Meghan St. Germain, Gail Miller, Tiffany Mitchell

  1. Welcome and Celebrations

  1. State Geography Bee - Cassie and Gail went to Bee, Jesus De La Cruz was only student from district represented at the state level.  Did a great job - hope he continues next year.
  2. Science Olympiads ~ State Competition 4/9 -
  3. A+ Site Visit - huge success, will find out at the end of the month of the status
  4. Round Table - District Honor Choir was huge success on 4-2, NJHS road clean up, Book drive collected over 350 books, 6th grade is creating tech presentations on Asia.

  1. Current tax expenditure request for athletics or other clubs

  1. Budget update - going strong
  1. $17000 - School Designate
  2. $13000-Athletics
  3. $7400 - Fine Arts
  4. $4000 - Enrichment (academic recovery at the end of their funds)

Will do an order at the end of year (soccer balls, flags for football, non-capital items) out of the Athletics fund.  Need to find out when we will get our volleyball net replaced.

  1. District and school updates

  1. Makerspace - Gail Miller is attending Makerspace convention with other school reps from district,  The goal is to open a Makerspace classroom to all grade levels.  Resources and leg work are needed to create classroom.  Many materials can be donated, but there are some things that are capital purchases that Site Council cannot fund.
  2. AzMERIT - Student attendance is extremely important - being on time, staying the whole day during testing.  Campus is all hands on deck - special areas & ESS flexible with scheduling.
  3. Planning Next Year - Continue to fund Athletics, Academic Recovery (Enrichment) - paying for out of School Designate fund, Writing Workshops for teachers out of School Designate fund, Data in the summer pay out of School Designate and any current clubs.

4. Call to the public for questions and comments

No further discussion was brought up.

Meeting adjourned at 5:00pm


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