Requirement Guide is a web based keyboarding tutorial program that sixth grade students complete during their nine week course.  Student work in the program 2-3 days a week in class and are encouraged to work at home as well.  The keyboarding program teaches proper keyboarding technique through specially designed timing drills. Lessons cover alphabetic and punctuation keys (no numbers and symbols). The majority of timing drills are 15-second, with 30-second, 1-minute, and 2-minute timing drills. Longer timings may be practiced in the "Freeform" or "Created Lessons".   The typing speed goal for middle school students is 25 wpm using proper technique.

Grade Breakdown

Lessons: 72 pts

Lessons 1-6: 30pts / 5 pts each

Lessons 7-12: 30pts / 5 pts each

Lessons 13-18: 12pts /2 pts each

*Improper keyboarding technique may result in the deduction of points during each lesson

*Progress updates on Infinite Campus will be posted at the expected completion date of every 6 lessons.  Students that are not keeping pace with the expected completion date will be given an Incomplete until the required lessons are passed.

Speed/Accuracy: 25 pts

overall average speed/course speed goal

Application: Upon finishing the 18 lessons of keyboarding, student will apply their skills through a series of created lessons in order to increase speed and accuracy.  (extra credit opportunity available)