Conference/Workshop Committee Chair or Co-Chair


I.  Introduction

Title of Position

Conference Chair or Co-Chair

Member of Board

No, RECAMFT Team member

Attends Board meetings

Yes, while active

Length/timing of term

Two years

The goal of the Conference/Workshop Committee is to present workshops that the therapeutic community will be drawn to attend because it meets their needs for advanced continuing education.  Our workshops make a public statement regarding the profession and the ability of RECAMFT to provide high-quality training for the practitioner.

We have presented workshops in the fall, winter and spring.  Summer is a poor choice.  Scheduling should take into account any competing workshops and local events such as graduation time which would compete for space and attendees.

Keeping costs down is an over-riding factor.  Records should be kept of where attendees come from.  Most of our attendees come from Sonoma County.  The workshop should pay for itself and generate income for the chapter.

The most successful workshops address current professional interests that have not already been presented at other Bay Area conferences.  It is essential to obtain highly qualified speakers who have already proven themselves elsewhere to be interesting and able to hold an audience.


II.  Position and Committee Responsibilities:  General

III.  Position and Committee Functions/Activities:  Specific (by Months Ahead)

A.  12 to 9 months

B.  8 to 6 months

C.  5 to 3 months


D.  2 months to day of event

E.  Follow up


IV.  Day of Conference/Workshop Tasks

A.  Before workshop


B.  Workshop beginning Chapter President gives brief opening remarks including:

C.  Afternoon break

D.  End of workshop


Revised 7/1/17