Students may purchase appropriate, equivalent stationery of any brand from any supplier. Any colour is permitted. Local suppliers have been provided with our lists. If you would like to order online from OfficeMax, please use this link , to order online from Paper Plus, please use this link.

Year 7 Note: Remember, on your first day of school, wear your full school uniform, bring all of your stationery, PE gear and swimming togs.

Year 7 Art

Art workbook will be supplied and charged to New Entrants at school for use throughout Y7-9 (approx $7). Art stationery remains in the Art Department in a separate, small, named pencil case. Items need not be purchased fresh each year.

Year 7 BYOD

All students are required to bring their own device.  The list below are two possible options that fit our recommendations.  Please refer to our website: for further details.

Year 7 Connected Curriculum

English workbook provided approx $16.00

Year 7 General Stationery for All Students

Colour of stationery is irrelevant.  Headphones/earphones are required.  If you already have any of these items, please reuse.

Year 7 Home Economics

Year 7 Mathematics

Workbook is available from the Mathematics teacher approximately $14.00.  A basic calculator or an App on BYOD device.

Year 7 Music

Year 7 Physical Education & Health

Year 7 Science

Science workbook is available from the class teacher for $22.00

Year 7 Technology