In general, there are two issues - getting cash right now, and getting a sustainable/reliable source of cash

  1. If you or anyone else there is a birthright alum, you can sign up to host a Shabbat "event" through them, and essentially get $224 once every few weeks, for a few months.
  2. NCSY alumni offers grants of up to $500, if it's reaching NCSY alumni (whether religious/involved or nonreligious/uninvolved) -- not sure if still exists, email Alyssa for more info.
  3. Reform On Campus:,
  4. H2H offers grants for student-led Jewish experiences if they're reaching new/underinvolved people (usually $10/person)
  5. Make it potluck, or have everyone pitch in $10, or charge admission for an event
  6. See if you could either get funding from Hillel - or Chabad or Meor.
  1. Hillel's CEI/PNEI interns have program funds, so if you partner with them, you can use their money
  2. Request money from the OU
  1. AEPi gives grants for Jewish/Israel programs, if you connect with or do it through AEPi members
  2. University funds - you have to be a university group (takes some time), then you can get allocations
  1. Local Federation or Foundation: they usually only give to large institutions, but sometimes you can get lucky - or partner with a large institution
  2. Own fundraising: Get people (or their parents/friends) to sponsor in honor of something/someone, Raffle, phonathon
  3. BYFI AVF grants
  4. JLIC / Kesharim have grants/fellowships for students
  5. Israel-related
  1. NJOP - outreach grants (mainly for advertising): sukkot, pesach, Hebrew
  2. Fellowships: (you can get a stipend and/or a programming budget)


  1. Federation Young Adult microgrants (Boston’s CJP,
  2. Natan - BN
  3. Covenant
  4. JVG