Belarus - After a week of meeting with sport officials we were able to hand all documents to our lawyer to apply for our temporary living in Belarus. In the new law a one year visa is only valid for 90 days stay in Belarus. To stay longer you need a green card for one year. To translate our passports front pages and certify the copies correct cost 150$ (R1000) and this must be done every time you apply for a green card. Please pray about this situation in the next two weeks when the lawyer will hand in the forms.

Pray for Randy and Edith Woodley, founders of Eagles Wings Ministry, to be able to sell their land and home in Kentucky so they can relocate to the NW. Pray for their children, Redbird and Young to be healed of asthma as well.

We get many newsletters from Italy since Larry’s visits there. They are filled with many praises, but requests as well. As we traveled we encountered so many in ministry or missionaries who are weary or in need of a clear word from God concerning what they are to do next. Faithfully pray for those you know in any type of ministry. It means so much!!

Doris needs healing of type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, thyroid quit working, triglycerides were 833, and she has been battling an infection in her body.

Pray for Kathy and Kevin Basconi as they minister around the world this summer.

Pray for clear direction for TJ and Lynn Hunter.

Debbie Phillips as she seeks God for the next season of her life.

In response to the current crisis surrounding Iran, over 120 Iranian church leaders have pledged to 40 days of prayer and fasting for the salvation of Iran. This campaign will begin May 25, 2006. Iranian Christians have issued a call to the global Church to join in praying for the strategic country of Iran.

Thank you for all the prayers and inquiries about my mother, Lucile Carpenter. The tests were inconclusive as her heart started acting up in the middle of the procedure. They were able to see the growth on her pancreas, but not biopsy it. They do not “think” it is cancer at this time. However, they do think it is pre-cancer. This type may take years to become cancer so they told her that at 84 she was not to worry about it. However……. Please pray for her!

Gas prices have been soaring! The media has been calling it “pain at the pump”. What if we all would use this “pumping time” to pray for God to intervene in the energy crisis with His solution? Will you consider using your pumping time as praying time?


Pray for Jesse and Tamara (have know her from age three) and their four children (and one coming) as they prepare for the mission field in Haiti.

Continue to pray for John and Alice Barcus to receive justice concerning their insurance company paying for Alice’s medical bills.

Charlotte that we have been praying for and was clear of all cancer has now had it show up again. Please put her back on your list and pray for permanent healing. Please also pray that God will reveal Himself to her spirit and she will see truth clearly and not with her mind.

Continue to pray for Margaret as she recovers from knee replacement surgery.

Pray for Bill as he ministers to both Charlotte (daughter) and Margaret (wife), plus his aged mother and mother-in-law.

Elizabeth Purcell – Brain Tumor. God can do for her, what he did for Betty.

Donna Skelton – recovering from hysterectomy.

Kelly - Schizophrenic

Marilyn – Recovering from back surgery and a serious infection that followed the surgery.

Mark Hawkins – Passing kidney stones last week and has residual pain.

Pray for God’s perfect will in the upcoming elections in Mexico.

Pray for our military serving around the world, especially those serving in unbearably hot climates.