Current Schedule: Thursday 21 May

9.30 – 10.00: Registration: Tea/Coffee


10.00: Welcome


10.15 - 10.45: Keynote Speaker: Dr Richard Brown (University of Leeds): ‘From Dereglement to Digitisation’


Session 1

10.50- 11.10: Daniel Kielty (University of Leeds): ‘“Hands That War”: Touch, Architecture and Agency in Rebecca West’s The Return of the Soldier

11.10-11.30: Ragini Mohite (University of Leeds): ‘Leda and Crazy Jane: W.B. Yeats’s Poetic Responses to Tactile Violation’

11.30-11.50: Nick Wolterman (University of York): “Always on the Lookout for an Elsewhere”: Molloy and the Inconceivability of Direct Sensation’

11.50-12.00: Q & A

Chair: Crispian Neill


12.00-12.15: Break


12.15-12.45: Keynote Speaker: Christina Bradstreet (National Gallery): ‘Can you smell? Art, Scent and Motion’


12.45-1.45: Lunch


1.45-2.15: Keynote Speaker: Caro Verbeek (Royal Academy of Art, The Hague)


Session 2

2.15-2.35: Dr Scott Freer (independent scholar): ‘Franz Kafka and the Sensory Self: A Modernist/Phenomenological Reading of the Tubercular Body’

2.35-2.55: Doug Battersby (University of York): ‘‘The mental rimmed the sensuous’: Affect, Imagination and Reality in Nabokov’s Ada or Ardor’

2.55-3.15: John Mark Wilson (Aberystwyth University): ‘Stumbling over the Self: The Interaction of Delirium and Imbalance in House of Leaves

3.15-3.25: Q&A

Chair: Mick Wood


Session 3

3.25-3.45: Laura Tscherry (UCL): ‘Smells, Spaces, and Others – Jean Rhys vs T. S. Eliot’

3.45-4.05: Abbie Garrington (Durham University): ‘The Book of Bad Taste: On Sourness in James Joyce’s Ulysses

4.05-4.25: Gabriel Renggli (University of York): ‘Woolf and Joyce with Deleuze: The Body and Resistance in Mrs Dalloway and Ulysses

4.25 – 4.35: Q&A

Chair: Georgina Binnie


4.34 - 5.00: Break


Session 4

5.00 - 5.20: Carissa Foo (Durham University): ‘To See or not to See: Negative Perception in René Magritte’s The Key to Dreams and Djuna Barnes’s Nightwood

5.20 - 5.40: Mick Wood (University of Leeds): From ‘an awareness of blinding pain, followed by thick darkness’, to ‘a moving animal, full of vivid, tingling life’: Pain and Pleasure in John Cowper Powys’s Wolf Solent’

5.40 - 5.50 : Q&A

Chair: Ragini Mohite


5.50 - 6.00: Closing Remarks


6.00: Wine Reception