William Lurcott is a self-taught artist who has work in corporate

and private collections in the United States and Europe. He has been drawing and painting since high school, and has won many awards around the country for his work, which he states is still evolving as his perspective and vision change.


His favorite methods of study include trips to museums and plein aire painting. Lurcott considers the painting process to be

both an internal and external process. It is an exploration--an adventure, into light and color. His objective, is simply a matter of singing the music of light and color which he sees all around him.


He participated in national, juried, art events for over a decade,

showing and selling his work in New York, Massachusetts, Chicago, Colorado, Atlanta, Houston, Jackson Hole, Florida, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Indiana. He resides in Flagler Beach. For more information see his website:  www.lurcottstudios.com