Macedon Public Library Board of Trustees

Minutes of the July 24, 2017 Meeting

Youth Section of the Macedon Public Library

Macedon New York



Present: Helen Darrow (President), Stacey Wicksall (Director), Gary Crane (Financial Officer), Steve Hanrahan (Vice President), Halin Perera, and Kathy Koehler (Scribe).

Visitor(s): Suzanne Gears

Absent: Carol Deys, Nancy Simpson (Secretary), Christina Henley, Sandy Pagano (Town Board Liaison)


H. Darrow, President, called the regular meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Macedon Public Library to order at 6:47 p.m.


APPROVAL OF AGENDA, JUNE’S MINUTES, DIRECTOR’S REPORT (PREREAD): RESOLVED, on motion by H. Darrow to approve the agenda with a second from S. Hanrahan.  Motion carried.



RESOLVED, that payment be made of claims 87-102 inclusive in the amount for June 27-July 24, 2017, of $15,507.65, on motion made by H. Darrow and second by H. Perera.  Motion carried.


FINANCIAL REPORT:  G. Crane, Financial Officer, distributed a draft of the 2018 Budget showing the necessary increases needed to replace June Hamell and keep up with the increase of the minimum wage and benefits in the coming years.  A 5% increase from the Town will be necessary in 2018 to cover these expenses, and a 4% increase in 2019.  Discussion was then had about the best way to present this proposed budget to the Town Board and the need for the Director to prepare a report explaining what is needed to run the library on a daily basis and why.

RESOLVED: a motion was made by G. Crane and seconded by H. Perera that the proposed 2018 Budget showing the need for a 5% increase to the Library be submitted to the Town Board of Macedon by the end of July, 2017. Motion carried.  


DIRECTOR’S REPORT: The Director’s report was sent to all trustees prior to the meeting for review, and included the receipt of $5,000 from Senator Pam Helming, the writing of Bullis Room Policy, and the work done to get estimates for chair reupholstering.


TOWN LIAISON: S. Pagano was not present.







RESERVE FUND USE: C. Harris, Treasurer, presented a Budget Summary through June, stating that the budget was holding steady.  He also discussed the use of the reserve funds.  Most of these funds are unrestricted and can be used as the Board agrees


REUPHOLSTERING CHAIRS:  Meghan Eakin, owner of L and A Specialities, presented and discussed estimates for reupholstering 75 folding chairs, 10 barrel chairs and 9 computer chairs in the library.  L and A Specialities is a “Women Based Business” and Ms. Eakin participated in the most recent SCORE entrepreneurial workshop.

RESOLVED, on motion by G.Crane, to have 75 folding chairs reupholstered by Prutzman’s Mattress Shop at a cost of $2,071.25.  Seconded by H. Darrow.  Motion carried.



Director discussed getting another wheeled platform for the second shelving unit in the children’s area, therefore being able to move the shelving and create a space for programs in the event the Community Room is unavailable.

RESOLVED, on motion by S. Hanrahan to commission Rick Drake to build a second wheeled platform for said shelving unit at a cost not to exceed $400.  Seconded by H. Darrow.  Motion carried.



RESOLVED, by motion of H. Darrow to accept the proposed Policy Manual, including the Bullis Room addendum.  Seconded by S. Hanrahan.  Motion carried.

Director is by put a link to the manual on the library website.



Program is to be on September 13, 2017.  Director will send out doodle poll to determine next meeting of this committee.




PAID FAMILY MEDICAL LEAVE ACT: Discussion was had about instituting this disability insurance rider for employees of the Library.  Decision was table until Director  follow-up on specifics regarding the Town’s participation and whether or not the employees were interested in contributing.



Formation of committees as identified by the Library Journal based on interest, talent and skills.  President Darrow assigned leaders to the committees she felt best suited the Library’s needs as follows:

Building and Facilities Maintenance: S. Hanrahan

Communication and Outreach/Development and Fundraising: C. Deys

Personnel:  H. Darrow

Programming and Special Events:  H. Perera and N. Simpson

Strategic Planning:  C. Henley

Technology/Budget and Finance:  G. Crane


READING FROM THE TRUSTEE HANDBOOK:  Tabled due to lateness of meeting.


ADJOURNMENT: RESOLVED, that the meeting adjourn at 8:29 p.m., on motion by H. Darrow and second by G. Crane.  Motion carried.  The next meeting will be August 28, 2017 at 6:30 p.m. at the Library.



Kathy Koehler