Coach's Corner - Issue 15

A message from the Coach

With Nathan Bush

It's back! Not by popular demand but we are back!

This week’s edition is talking about training and what will be the expectation for players wanting to play finals.

As of this week I'm working on Tuesdays with players from div 5 and below, the structure will be identify the weakness, correct the delivery and finally practise the delivery. A tool that all bowlers can use is a training program that will identify weaknesses- 48 bowls are Recorded 8 forehand, 8 backhand for short medium and long. A score will be totalled for the forehand and backhand then lengths. An easy strategy to identify weaknesses.

For Wednesday training- we will be focusing on the draw shot. Leads and seconds to the jack, thirds and skips a little different with bowls to get around. Boring but effective, with the long break we need to bring the basics back in and find the rhythm. I will also be working with the skips into regards of setting up the head and shot selection that I feel can be improved.

There is five weeks till finals- it's time to put that little extra into your own game to benefit the team. Whether it's one extra night a week or getting to the venue on a Saturday for a practise before the game, take the time to leave nothing for chance and prepare as well as you can.

From Saturday’s game we have a couple of coaching tips for players to think about.

A skip should never call his lead or second to play the hand where they can't get shot. Even if the player hasn't had a bowl on the other side of the green make them play for shot. Mentally its terrible position to be in on the mat knowing you can't get shot.

Another aspect of the game that I find myself repeating and it's for skips and thirds- hand, weight, objective. Forehand, 4 feet and sit the bowl. It's simple when you do it... It's easy to comprehend what's required!

Some things skips should never say-

It's creates fear in your team mate when a skip says such things.

Replacements for these terms

A great aspect of the game can be dealing with opposition personalities- we experienced some on the weekend. It really is best to bite your tongue, although I will talk up if I feel an opponent is trying to exert himself on the game or not following the rules of the game. Such as looking at the head when it's our turn to bowl, or moving when I'm on the mat.

We saw a great tactic on the weekend, when playing a young enthusiastic sarcastic loud player, simply out bowl them. Put scoreboard pressure on them and you will see them vac seal their gob shut.

Selection was the hardest tonight; we have to make difficult selections with so many other factors to consider. For example, Ben Seaton has come into div 3 for the week because we didn't want to take someone from div 5 to upset their winning combinations. We also feel giving Ben the experience of playing that level may inspire him to reach it or learn from it.

Ash Connoley has come back from shoulder surgery through div 5. No doubt that Ash is a quality player who is more than capable of div 3 but who can you drop div 3 being undefeated. We hope Ash bowls well and puts extreme pressure on the div 3 bowlers and at the same time provides an asset for div 5.

Huge congratulations to the division 5 bowlers who went down to Norlane to experience the surface before game time. I have no doubt at all that this only gives confidence and eases pressure come game time. Well done!!

I always talk about impression- how you, we present ourselves to opposition teams is so important in what our club is aiming to achieve. Showing team spirit, unity and positive body language is all the expected behaviours from eastern park bowlers. Unfortunately I received a phone call today regarding some of our players representing the club that was negative feedback. I assured that person that this is unacceptable and I feel it is a lack of experience and no doubt it's my role to educate the less experienced bowlers with etiquette.

Congratulations to the div 11 side who gave Drysdale (top of the ladder) a bath!!!! Keep up the great work; I'm looking forward to working with some of the players Tuesday night.

Go Parkers!

Coach Out

Nathan Bush