Friday 11 December 2014  – Term 4 - Week 9

From The Principal

Kia ora tatou katoa, Talofa, Malo e lelei, Bula vi naka, Kia orana Nga mihi nui ki a koutou, Namaste, Nihao, greetings to you all.


Thank you to everyone who has participated in our events throughout the year at Elm Park School. Farewell to all the Year 6 children who are leaving us to start a new chapter in their educational journey at Intermediate School. We wish you all the very best for your future.  Farewell to other students who are changing schools or countries.


If your child/children are leaving Elm Park School this year we would appreciate a letter in writing or an email sent to office as soon as possible to assist us with the classes for 2015.


The remaining children have been shown to their new classes and met their new teacher/s and classmates today.


The School Office will be open for enrolments Wednesday 28 January 2015 from 9.00 am – 12.00 pm


The Uniform Shop will be open again on Tuesday 27, Wednesday 28 & Thursday 29 January from 9.00 am until 12.00 daily.


Stationery packs are available on-line from Office Max


Kids Korner will be open for an extra week for the 19th January to 23rd January 2015.  Please email Karen Allen  if you wish to enrol your child/ren for the above week.


School reopens for students on Monday 2nd February 2015

 Staffing for 2015

Year 1


Year 2


Year 3


Susanne Kerr


Mehernaz D (TL)


Jessica Van Dort


Pauline Grainger (TL)


Catherine Holdom


Debbie Rist (TL)


Keryn Scott and

Roseanne Worsfold


Lesa Somaratne and

Sian Strachan


Michelle Lennon


Narelle Bovill


Briar Millar


Cherie Borcher


Vanessa Koroa






Susan Nelson PRT 1


Year 4


Year 5


Year 6


Anna Graham (TL)


Sara Melville


Raenette Taljaard


Lisa Biddick


Sue Hodge


Alicia Howard


Sue Dane


Irma Hughes (TL)


Lucy Adamson

Boys class


Faenza Wanoa

Boys class


Dawn Walker (TL)



Rooms 28/29 will operate as a Modern Learning Environment with two teachers and Years 4/5 combined.  This classroom combination will be explained at the Parent Information Evening in Week 3 of Term 1. Mrs Graham and Ms Melville have worked together successfully this year and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Rooms 19/20 will also operate in a combined arrangement. Mrs Raenette Taljaard and Mrs Alicia Howard will be sharing a class between both rooms and Mrs Taljaard will be taking Music for the school and Mrs Howard will be taking Sport/PE for the school on their release days.

Next year we will be holding an Art Exhibition in Term 3 to showcase all the lovely artwork our students will have done by then.

We sadly say farewell to Ms Dillie Baria and Miss Gaea Ladley who are taking the opportunity to travel overseas and teach in England. Mrs Jazmin Lashlie is leaving to have her baby early next year. We wish them all well and thank them for their contribution to Elm Park School and may see them return in the near future.

Mrs Faith De Villiers has decided to retire from the Lunchroom as well. Thank you for your contribution to Elm Park School over the past 8 years, enjoy your rest from the demands of school. We will have the lunchroom up and running again next year.

We say thank you also to Mr James Munro for stepping in to help us as our Caretaker and Mr John Norris our gardener. John is leaving to take up full time work and James will be around and about I am sure. Mr Brian Walker our new caretaker is certainly learning the role very quickly. He has been rushed off his feet at this busy time of the year.

We congratulate all our ex pupils who are or have been receiving awards at their various Intermediates and Colleges. Well done we are very proud of them all.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a lovely holiday from everyone at Elm Park School.

Trish Plowright


Trish Plowright


Message from the Board of Trustees

Parent Contribution

Thank you to the parents who have paid their parent contribution for 2014, we really appreciate your support.   Regrettably only 28% of parents paid the parent contributions during 2014 and this has placed a tremendous strain on the schools financial position.


As you are aware schools are funded on a per student basis at the level that reflects the Decile rating for the socio economic status of the community. Unfortunately this amount does not cover all the costs incurred as we strive to provide the highest quality education for our students at Elm Park.  The Government does expect parents and communities to contribute to the shortfall, at a rate of almost 10%.


The school relies on these funds to provide extra activities and programmes to support learning across the school.


Your contribution of $160 per annum (unchanged for the past 7 years) goes towards the following:

·          Specialist teachers for enrichment classes and learning support programmes

·          Library resources

·          Digital technologies (screens, data projectors, computers, ipads, cameras, headphones)

·          Sports equipment and interschool sports competitions


The government funding does not cover these costs and if we do not receive enough parent contributions we will be unable to continue offering some of these services and resources.


A reminder that during 2015 the students will be involved in Annual Trips and Cultural Activities, and using resources not covered by the government funding.


While these activities are closely related to the learning objectives for the year, they are not compulsory. An amount of $100 for the whole of the year will be due to ensure the students enjoy these extra and exciting activities.  This amount can be paid on a term by term basis ($25 per term). We have on-line banking and Eftpos available at the school office to assist you with this payment.


The funds contribute to the following:

·          Materials for specific projects such as Art exhibitions and Productions.

·          Water safety activities and equipment (the children are taught water safety skills by both teachers and outside experts).

·          Mathletics – this is a web based mathematics programme that supports our maths programme for Year 4, 5 & 6 children who can have access to this programme  at home and at school.

·          PMP - Perceptual Motor Programme and equipment for Years 1&2: this programme promotes fine and gross motor skills and assists the children to focus on learning.

·          Extra curricular resources such as Workbooks, Life Education Trust, etc.

·          Trips to a variety of sites that are associated with the Inquiry Learning topic or context.

·          Guest speakers, Drama performances, EOTC (Education Outside The Classroom).

·          Cultural activities; and

·          Buses to transport the children to various programmes or activities.


The Stationery Packs for 2015 will be available from Office Max and the cost will vary according to what level the children are at.


Please help us keep Elm Park such a great school by paying your parent contributions, and other charges.  If you need help making payment arrangements please contact Mrs Vicki Chittenden, our Accounts Person on 577 0193, or the Office Staff, Mrs Rachel Herriott or Mrs Lauren Russell.


Online banking and EFTPOS facilities are available.  Thank you for your continued support.


Kind regards

BoT Chairperson

Charlise Carotenuto

Congratulations to this years special award winners

Academic Excellence

Jennifer Chan Pham


Hank Huang


Jackson Webster

Face Off Most Improved

Alex McGrath

Face Off Art

Sylvia Yang

Carolyn Osborne Award

Rhlisha-Blue Kauraka

Speech Cup

Cheyenne Crow

Edna Curd Y3/4 Reading Cup

Curtis James

Enviro Award        

Joshua Christophers

Lois Literacy Cup         

Jordyniah Kelsall

Music Award        

Anna Santoso

Maori Award        

Brylee Webb

Caleb Birch

Pacifica Award        

Sophia Boysen


Congratulations to the following students who were received Principals Awards this term.

Room 1


Room 15

Eruera Wano

Room 2

Corey Cooper

Room 16

Micah Guyan

Room 3

Sasha Burton

Room 17

Adison Makaola

Room 4

Sia Bryant

Room 18

Darren Wee

Room 5

Brooklyn Lambert

Room 19

Harry Numan

Room 6

Levi Reid

Room 20

Connor Stanaway

Room 7

Saathana Raj

Room 21

Mansur Nazif

Room 8

Maria Christophers

Room 22

Jannise Graham

Room 9

Kangyi Chen

Room 23

Macu Salato

Room 10

Vijay Durairaj

Room 24

Paige Thompson

Room 11

Brian Li

Room 25

Sydney Sellar

Room 12

Chloe Stopforth

Room 27

Vernon Xiao

Room 13

Hannanel Aseem

Room 28

Marcus Ambler

Room 14

Katie Howell

Room 29

Deborah Tupou



 Congratulations to the following students who were selected and acknowledged this Term for their responsible, friendly behaviour.

Room 1

Tevin Carter

Room 15

Joshua De Silva

Room 2

Jake Price

Room 16

Kahlan Watchorn

Room 3

Emma Harrison

Room 17

Kaea Horsfall-Kingi

Room 4

Carter Grimshaw

Room 18

Nadia Mistry

Room 5

Hunter Lai

Room 19

Saaraa Khan

Room 6

Zain Rattan

Room 20

Summer Aholahi-Burgess

Room 7

Abby Lusis

Room 21

Nicholas Putman

Room 8

Hamish Bharat

Room 22

Ethan Tizzard

Room 9

Michelle Huynh

Room 23

Saufoi Tavete

Room 10

Sam O'Connor

Room 24

Dartanian O'Keefe

Room 11

Layla Howie

Room 25

Selina Wu

Room 12

Brandon Harris

Room 27

Husna Nazif

Room 13

Artemas Kelsall

Room 28

Jenny Zhou

Room 14

Kendal West

Room 29

Braxton Murtic-Kerr

PERSONAL PRESENTATION The following students were voted as the overall Term winner in their year level for the most neatly presented in their uniform.

Year 1:

Thomas Burrowes

Year 4:

Poppy Wiltsher

Year 2:

Klowie Fowler

Year 5:

Kayla Hallows

Year 3:

Kayde Alleyne

Year 6:

Anna Santoso

Community Notices

“THANK YOU FOR MAKING ME LIKE READING MORE”  Launch into reading with Auckland Libraries FUN, FREE summer reading programme! ‘Dare to Explore’ is back with an amazing ‘Out of this World’ theme for summer 2014 – 15.  Sign up and collect your ‘passport’ from your local library. Read about imaginary and other worldly creatures, explore ideas and complete fun challenges wherever and however you spend your holidays.  Visit the library to collect stamps and stickers along the way. Complete 4 challenges and get an invitation to a party to receive your certificate!

Dare to Explore will be available at your local library from Monday 8 December 2014 to Sunday 18 January, 2015.  Register online or at your local library from 8 December.  Find out more:  or phone 09 301 0101.

Do you want to help your child be more successful with their reading comprehension?  Are you unsure how to do that, as you're not a teacher?  If you would like to learn how to understand how different texts work, and how to create great questions to ask your child as they are reading, then this course may be just what you're looking for.  "Help your child excel: Comprehension strategies that work!"  is aimed at parents and caregivers, to allow them to work alongside their child's teachers in enabling a better understanding of reading comprehension for their child.  It is an online course, that you take at your own pace, and you can ask questions of and have discussions with the tutor and other people who are learning the strategies for their own children.  It covers texts aimed at children from three years old and up through their school years.  Why not take a look and see if it would help your family?

KATH BEE’S PRE-CHRISTMAS CONCERT AT THE GREY LYNN COMMUNITY CENTRE, 3pm SUNDAY 14TH DECEMBER. Kath is the writer of “Individuality”, “Dad I wanna be a Camel”, “Seasons” and won the Children’s Video Award this year with “Dragons Under My Bed”.  Dress up in something Christmassy and you might win a prize!  $10 entry (under 2s and Grandparents FREE!)  Kath’s songs make you dance, sing and always put a smile on your face – relax for an hour while your kids have FUN!


Registrations are open from 15 December 2014 for Fencibles football 2015 Winter Season.

Season Starts Saturday 18 April 2015 (Last Saturday of the School Holidays) 

We are opening the registrations early this year because we have some exciting new programmes being developed for next season and want to give everyone the opportunity to be a part of them.

Register now and Payments not due until 10 March 2015

Holiday Fun - Come along with your friends and family to our free events during the summer! Beach day @ Eastern Beach Saturday 10th Jan 10-2pm Kids Tri Training@ Lloyd Elsmore Park Starting Tues 20th Jan 4-5 Amazing Race@ Barry Curtis Park Tuesday 20th Jan 1-3pm  Search Out and About on for more information

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