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1997-2015 SBC Conference list
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Conference List

1st  Annual SBC Conference

September 12-14, 1997

Royal Plaza Hotel, Fitchburg, Massachusetts

Doctrinal Certitude Amid Growing Confusion

Speakers and their talks in order:

        Hon. Joseph R. Nolan-“I Knew Father Feeney” CD, DVD or MP3

         Fr. Charles Poirier-“Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus” CD, DVD or MP3 or MP4  

        Br. Anthony Mary, M.I.C.M., Tert.-“Joyful Warriors; We Fight to Win” DVD or MP3

           Br. John Berchmans, M.I.C.M., Tert.-“The Conspiracy & The Church” DVD

        Br. André Marie, M.I.C.M.-“The Popes and the Modern Crisis” CD or MP3

        Mr. Gary Potter- “Amid the Confusion; Grounds for Hope” CD or MP3

        Br. André Marie, M.I.C.M.-“The Church, the Mystical Body” CD, DVD or MP3

        Br. Anthony Mary, M.I.C.M., Tert.-“The Mind of the Center, Amid the Confusion” CD, DVD or MP3 or MP4        

Mr. Gary Potter-“Amid the Confusion; Our Spiritual Mother” CD, DVD or MP3

        Br. John Mary, M.I.C.M., Tert.-“Evolution: Foundation for Apostasy”

2nd  Annual SBC Conference

October 23-25, 1998

Royal Plaza Hotel, Fitchburg, Massachusetts

Honoring the Feast of Christ The King

Speakers and their talks in order:

        Br. Leonard Mary, M.I.C.M.-“Saint Benedict Center Fifty Years Ago” MP3

        Mr. Charles Coulombe-“Laureate of Little Towns: Father Feeney’s Place in Catholic Literature” MP3

        Br. Anthony Mary, M.I.C.M., Tert.-“Masons, Miracles, Mary, and America: The Life of Saint Anthony Mary Claret” MP3

        Mr. Charles Coulombe-“London is a Place: Father Feeney and the Conversion of England” MP3

        Mr. Gary Potter-“Our Lady of Fatima and the Conversion of Russia” CD or MP3 

        Fr. Sergius Maria-“Vocations and Your State in Life” MP3

        Mr. Gary Potter-“The Social Reign of Christ the King” CD, DVD or MP3

        Br. John Berchmans, M.I.C.M., Tert.-“50 Years Ago: China, Then and Now” CD or MP3

        Br. Anthony Mary, M.I.C.M., Tert.-“Our Lady of Fatima and the Conversion of China” CD or MP3

        Fr. John Cordaro-“The Queenship of Mary” MP3

3rd  Annual SBC Conference

August 27-29, 1999

Royal Plaza Hotel, Fitchburg, Massachusetts

Fighting the Good Fight for 50 Years and Ready for the New Millennium!

Speakers and their talks in order:

        Br. André Marie, M.I.C.M.-“Arguing Baptism of Desire” CD or MP3        

Mrs. Anne Cillis-“A Traditional Hero: Blessed Padre Pio”

        Mr. Gerry Matatics-“Catholic Kudos to the Koran?”

        Fr. Sergius Maria-“Roman & Byzantine Liturgical Complementarity” MP3

        Mr. Gary Potter-“Saint Louis IX, King and Crusader” CD, DVD or MP3

        Mr. C. Joseph Doyle-“Anti-Catholicism in America” CD or MP3

        Mr. Steven Mahowald-“The Great Chastisement: A Progress Report” DVD or MP4

        Br. Anthony Mary, M.I.C.M., Tert.-“Liberation Dogma and the Glory of Our Crusade” CD, DVD or MP3

4th  Annual SBC Conference


Royal Plaza Hotel, Fitchburg, Massachusetts

The Perpetual War Between Satan & Our Lady

Speakers and their talks in order:

        Mr. Gary Potter-“The Greatest Threat Yet” CD, DVD or MP3 or MP4

        Mr. Paul Fisher-“The 2000 Year War on the Church” MP3

        Fr. Paul Wickens-“The War on the Family and How to Survive it” CD, DVD or MP3

        Br. André Marie, M.I.C.M.-Our Patriarch Abraham and the Continuity of Religion” CD or MP3

        Br. John Eudes, M.I.C.M., Tert.- “Saint John Eudes and the Immaculate Heart” CD, MP3

        Fr. Nicholas Gruner- “The Revelation of the Third Secret of Fatima” CD, DVD, or MP3

        Dr. Robert Hickson- The Historical Novel as a Channel of Grace” MP3

        Br. Anthony Mary, M.I.C.M., Tert.- Immaculate Conception & Spouse of the Holy Ghost” CD or MP3

5th  Annual SBC Conference

August 9-12, 2001

Royal Plaza Hotel, Fitchburg, Massachusetts

Looking Toward a Catholic America

Speakers and their talks in order:

Leadership Conference:

1)        Br. Anthony Mary, M.I.C.M., Tert.-“A Brief History of Our Crusade and It’s Mission for the Future” MP3

2)        Br. John Eudes, M.I.C.M., Tert.-“The Vocation of a Lay Apostle” MP3 

3)        Br. John Marie Vianney, M.I.C.M., Tert.-“The Circles of Study: Engines of the Crusade” CD and MP3

4)        Br. Joseph Mary, M.I.C.M., Tert.-“A Report From the Province”

SBC Conference:

5)        Dr. Robert Hickson-“Deep Trust and the Disposition for Wisdom” MP3

6)        Br. André Marie, M.I.C.M.-“Mission America: Some Thoughts on the Conversion of         America” CD or MP3

7)        Mr. Adam Miller-“Conversion in America & Atheistic Traditionalism” CD, DVD, or MP3

8)        Br. John Marie Vianney, M.I.C.M., Tert.-“The Battle Plan” MP3

9)        Mr. Joseph Sobran-“How the Constitution Was Stolen” CD or MP3

10)        Mr. John Clark-“Looking Toward a Catholic Economy” DVD or MP4

11)        Mr. Gary Potter-“When We Take Power” CD, DVD or MP3

12)        Br. Anthony Mary, M.I.C.M., Tert.-“Bringing Down the American Idols” MP3

        Rolf Rohn- “Catholic Art & Architecture”

6th  Annual SBC Conference


Royal Plaza Hotel, Fitchburg, Massachusetts

Catholic Saints & Heroes: Models for our Modern Age

Speakers and their talks in order:

Leadership Conference:

1)        Br. John Eudes, M.I.C.M., Tert.-“All About Apostleship”

2)        Br. Paul Marie, M.I.C.M., Tert.-“Membership in the Third Order”

3)        Br. Joseph Mary, M.I.C.M., Tert.-“How to be a Slave of the Immaculate Heart”

4)        Br. Robert Alphonsus, M.I.C.M., Tert.-“Circles of Study and Catholic Philosophy”

SBC Conference:

5)        Mr. Gary Potter-“The Making of a Saint”  CD or MP3 

6)        Br. André Maire, M.I.C.M.-“The Intolerant Lover: Venerable Emmanuel D’Alzon” CD, DVD, or  MP3

7)        Dr. Robert Hickson-“Saint Boniface and the Missionary Culture of the Faith” CD, DVD or MP3 or MP4

8)        Br. John Marie Vianney, M.I.C.M., Tert.-“Saint John Marie Vianney” MP3

9)        Mr. Jim Condit Jr.-“The Life & Work of Fr. Dennis Fahey”

10)        Mr. C. Joseph Doyle-“Catholic Statesmen of the 20th Century” MP3

11)        Br. André Marie, M.I.C.M.-“Jesus and Mary are Calling You” CD or MP3

12)        Br. Anthony Mary, M.I.C.M., Tert.-“Saint Maximilian Kolbe: Our Lady’s Knight” CD or MP3

13)        Br. Joseph Mary, M.I.C.M., Tert.-“How to set up an Apostolate” CD or MP3

7th  Annual SBC Conference

August 21-24, 2003

Royal Plaza Hotel, Fitchburg, Massachusetts

In the World But Not of It

Speakers and their talks in order:

Leadership Conference:

1)        Fr. Donald Noiseau-“The Wondrous Childhood of Mary and Catholic Family” CD or MP3

2)        Br. Thomas More, M.I.C.M., Tert.-“Saint Louis the Kind Militant Catholic” CD or MP3

3)        Mr. Joseph Chabot-“Of Aqueducts and Reservoirs: The Need for Study Circles” CD or MP3

4)        Br. John Marie Vianney, M.I.C.M., Tert.-“The Secret of Our Lady’s Men” CD or MP3

SBC Conference:

5)        Br. John Eudes, M.I.C.M., Tert.-“The Admirable and Immaculate Heart of Mary” CD or MP3

6)        Mr. Gary Potter-“Money, Sex and Power: A Catholic Prospective” CD or MP3

7)        Mr. Gerry Matatics-“The Theory of Hell: One of the Four Last Things” CD or MP3

8)        Mr. John Sharpe-“Putting First Things First: The Economic Vision of Father Vincent McNabb and the Distributists” CD or MP3

9)        Br. Anthony Mary, M.I.C.M., Tert.-“The Just War Doctrine: Theory & Current Application” CD or MP3

10)        Fr. Evaristus Eshiowu, F.S.S.P.-“Tradition & Faith in Nigeria Today” CD or MP3

11)        Mr. C. Joseph Doyle-“Effective Catholic Action” CD or MP3

12)        Mr. Steven Mahowald-“Surviving the Liturgical Wars: How to Establish High Church Worship in a Low Church World” CD or MP3

13)        Dr. Robert Hickson-“Only the Lover Sings: Philosophy and Contemplation” CD or MP3

14)        Br. André Marie, M.I.C.M.-“Why Saint Benedict Center” CD or MP3

8th  Annual SBC Conference

August 12-15, 2004

Royal Plaza Hotel, Fitchburg, Massachusetts

The Catholic Reconquest: Motives, Models, and Methods

Speakers and their talks in order:

Leadership Conference:

1)        Br. André Marie, M.I.C.M.-“Why Be a Tertiary?” CD or MP3

2)        Br. Lawrence Mary, M.I.C.M., Tert.-“On Being a Tertiary in the World” CD or MP3

3)        Fr. Lawrence Smith-“The Little Way” CD or MP3

SBC Conference:

4)        Mr. Gary Potter-“Living to Fight Another Day” CD or MP3

5)        Dr. Robert Hickson-“The Catholic Strategic Response to: Undo 1492!” CD or MP3

6)        Mr. Gerry Matatics-“Are Christianity and Judaism Two Eternal Covenants?” CD or MP3

7)        Mr. John Sharpe-“LIVING the Faith: Dollfuss of Austria and the Quadragesimo Anno                                     State” CD or MP3

8)        Fr. Lawrence Smith-“Life Beyond the Ritual” CD or MP3

9)        Dr. Thomas Droleskey-“Reconquering Higher Education” CD or MP3

10)        Mr. C. Joseph Doyle-“Law and Social Order in a Catholic State” CD or MP3

11)        Fr. Stephen Somerville-“Restoring Liturgical Music” CD or MP3

  1. Br. André Marie, M.I.C.M.-“La Reconquistadora: The Virgin Mary and Christian Combat” CD or MP3

9th  Annual SBC Conference

July 28-31, 2005

Royal Plaza Hotel, Fitchburg, Massachusetts

An Eye to the Future: Christendom Tomorrow

Speakers and their talks in order:

Leadership Conference:

1)        Br. Anthony Mary, M.I.C.M., Tert.-“Tomorrow’s Christendom” CD or MP3

2)        Sr. Jeanne Marie, M.I.C.M., Tert.-“Homeschooling: A Means to Sanctity by Fulfilling out Daily Duty” CD or MP3

3)        Mr. Brian Kelly-“Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus: The Foundational Dogma” CD or MP3

SBC Conference:

4)        Mr. Gary Potter-“Building the Next Christendom Starts with Us” CD or MP3

5)        Dr. Robert Hickson-“The Contribution of Catholic Letters to the Conversion of our         Country” CD or MP3

6) Br. André Marie, M.I.C.M.-“Catholic Communities: Christendom’s Building Blocks” CD or MP3

7) Mr. Jim Condit, Jr.-“The Kingship of Christ: An Eye to the Future” CD or MP3

8)        Mr. John Sharpe-“Creatures Rather Than Mini-gods: War, States, and International        Relations in a Restored Christendom” CD or MP3

9)        Rev. Stephen Somerville, S.T.L.-“Resolving the Catechism Crisis” CD or MP3

10)        Mr. C. Joseph Doyle-“The Changing Frontiers of Christendom” CD or MP3

11)        Br. John Berchmans M.I.C.M. Tert.-“The Ungodly United Nations” CD or MP3

12)        Br. Anthony Mary, M.I.C.M., Tert.-“Tolkien’s Return of the King and Christendom         Tomorrow” CD

13) Br. John Eudes, M.I.C.M., Tert.-“Long Live Slavery!” CD or MP3

10th  Annual SBC Conference

August 17-20, 2006

Royal Plaza Hotel, Fitchburg, Massachusetts

Catholic Friends and Family: Christening Society

Speakers and their talks in order:

Leadership Workshop:

1)        Br. André Maire, M.I.C.M.-“Crusader Update: Some of the Latest News on Where We are Going and What We are Doing” CD or MP3

Br. Lawrence Mary, M.I.C.M., Tert.-“Third Order Members, Their Families and Vocations”

CD or MP3

3)        Dr. Patrick Flanagan-“Physician, Heal Thyself. The Culture War in Medicine” CD or MP3

SBC Conference:

4)        Mr. Gary Potter-“The Adventure of Discipleship” CD or MP3

5)        Dr. Robert Hickson-“The Vow and the Catholic Family: Implications of an Irreversible Promise” CD or MP3

6)        Mr. Joseph Kung-“The Persecuted Catholic Church in China” CD or MP3

7)        Rev. Lawrence Smith-“Causa Nostrae Laetitiae: Our Blessed Mother as the Model of Joy in         the Catholic Home” CD or MP3

8)        Mr. John Sharpe-“War, Vir, and Virtue: Repairing the Breach Between Manhood, Power, and Justice in the Waging of Modern War” CD or MP3

9) Rev. Nicholas Gruner, S.T.L., S.T.D-“Our Lady of Fatima’s Mission for Every Family”

CD or MP3

10) Mr. C. Joseph Doyle-“The Neo-Pagan Assault on Gender and the Traditional Family”

CD or MP3

11)        Br. André Marie, M.I.C.M.-“Friends Forever: St. Augustine, Friendship, and Catholic                                                 Evangelism” CD or MP3

12)        Mr. Brian Kelly-“The Tradition Mass as a Pattern of Society” CD or MP3

13) Sr. Marie Thérèse, M.I.C.M., Ph.D.-“The Catholic Family: A Garden of Vocations”

CD or MP3

11th  Annual SBC Conference

August 16-19, 2007

Crowne Plaza Hotel, Nashua, New Hampshire

Conforming Our Minds to Reality: Truth, History, and the Present States of Affairs

Speakers and their talks in order:

Open House:

1)        Br. André Maire, M.I.C.M.-“Crusader Update” CD or MP3

2)        Dr. Donald Traub-“Knowledge, Science and Wisdom; Boethius, St. Thomas, and the                                               Development of an Orthodox Roman Catholic Conscience”

3)        Upton Savoie, Esquire-“The Joy of Being Catholic” CD or MP3

4)        Mr. Jack Kenny-“The Catholic Challenge for the 21st  Century: Turning the World Upside Down” CD or MP3

SBC Conference:

5)        Mr. Gary Potter-“Charles V, Father of Europe” CD or MP3

6)        Dr. Robert Hickson-“Sloth, Disillusionment, and the Higher Chivalry: Evelyn Waugh’s                                          Elegiac Sword of Honor Trilogy” CD or MP3

7)        Mr Gregory Lloyd-“Light from the East: Spiritual Paternity, Key of Restoration” CD 

8)        Lt. Cmdr. John Sharpe-“The Triumph of the Catholic Cause: On Truth, Providence, and Action” CD or MP3

9)        Dr. Raymond Marcin-“The Oath Against Modernism and the Present State of Affairs” CD or MP3

10)        Rev. Brian Harrison-“Can an Implicit Faith in Christ be Sufficient for Salvation” CD or MP3

11)        Mr. C. Joseph Doyle-“Christendom and Its Enemies” CD or MP3

12)        Br. André Marie, M.I.C.M.-“The Magisterium on the Magisterium: Contributions to a  Constuctive Critique of the Council” CD or MP3

13)        Mr. Brian Kelly-“The Magnificat: Hymn of the Incarnation” CD or MP3

14)        Br. Lawrence Mary, M.I.C.M., Tert.-“Criminalizing the Good Guys” CD or MP3

12th  Annual SBC Conference


Crowne Plaza Hotel, Nashua, New Hampshire

The Light of Our Faith in the Darkest of Times

Speakers and their talks in order:

  1. Br. André Marie, M.I.C.M.  “Crusade Update” CD or MP3
  2. Dr. Maike Hickson “ Catholic Responses in Times of Disorder: Three Historical Novels of A. Manzoni, G. von Le Font and E. von Handel-Mazzetti” CD or MP3 
  3. Mr. Joseph Topalian “ Reflections of an American-Born Armenian-Rite Octogenarian” CD o MP3
  4. Br. John Marie Vianney, M.I.C.M., Tert. “ Give Us this Day Our Daily Bread” CD or MP3

Annual Conference:

  1. Mr. Gary Potter “ Life in the “Darkest” of Times” CD or MP3
  2. Dr. Robert Hickson  “Subtle Channels of Divine Grace: Providential Mercy in the Elegiac Poetry and Prose of Maurice Baring” CD or MP3
  3. Mr. Tim Ehlen  “The Revival of the Catholic Land Movement” CD or MP3
  4. Mr. John Sharpe  “There is Such a Thing as Catholic Politics (But It’s not What You Might Imagine): Theoretical Notes and Historical Anecdotes” CD or MP3
  5. Mr. R. Cort Kirkwood “ Cowards, Bullies and Killers: The Feminization of the Western Man and Christian Church” CD or MP3
  6. Mr. Phil Lawler  “The Faithful Departed: The Collapse of Boston’s Catholic Culture” CD or MP3
  7. Mr. C. Joseph Doyle “ Saint Patrick’s Purgatory: The English Persecution of Catholic Ireland” CD or MP3
  8. Br. André Marie, M.I.C.M. “The Conversion of America: An Idea with Roots” CD or MP3
  9. Mr. Brian Kelly  “Saint James the Just: Exemplar of Humility” CD or MP3 
  10. Mr. C. Brad Grinstead  “On Parasites and Christian Knights: The Role of Catholic Education in the Church” CD or MP3

 13th  Annual SBC Conference


Theme: “Toward an Integral Catholic Culture: Variations on a Theme of Father Feeney.”

1. Brother André Marie’s — “Opening Remarks” CD or MP3
2. Sister Marie Thérèse, M.I.C.M.— “
On the Origin of Cultural Integration” CD, DVD, or MP3
3. Brian Kelly—
 “The Royal Priesthood of the Laity CD, DVD, or MP3
4. Gary Potter—
Getting CultureCD, DVD, or MP3
5. Sister Maria Philomena, M.I.C.M. —
Towards a Deeper Understanding of the Powers of Life as they Transcend the Material: The Acquisition of Wisdom and The Transmission of CultureCD, DVD, or MP3
6. Jack McManus — The Place of Sound Money in an Integral Catholic Culture CD, DVD, or MP3
7. Robert Hickson —
 “What Is It, Then, To Be a Priest? – Some Examples From The Culture of Catholic Literature and Their Effects CD, DVD, or MP3
8. C. J. Doyle —
The Pope, The Liturgy, and The Anglicans CD, DVD, or MP3

9. Panel Discussion CD, DVD, or MP3

14th  Annual SBC Conference


Theme: “The Romance of Wisdom”

Brother André Marie’s “Opening Remarks” CD or MP3
Dr. William Fahey — “
With what wisdom shall he be furnished that holdeth the plough?”:
Liberal learning, manual labor, and experience”
 CD, DVD or MP3
Christine Bryan —
 “The Faithful and Wise Servant” CD, DVD or MP3
Sister Maria Philomena, M.I.C.M. — “
Teaching Wisdom to Little Ones” CD, DVD or MP3
Gary Potter —
 “Romancing Wisdom (and Sharing Some)” CD, DVD or MP3
Sister Marie Thérèse, M.I.C.M. — “Our Patrimony of Wisdom” CD, DVD or MP3
Dr. Robert Hickson —“
Wisdom’s Slow Fruitfulness and the Adventure of Our Probation” CD, DVD or MP3
Brian Kelly —
 “Reflections on the Book of Wisdom” CD, DVD or MP3
C. J. Doyle — “ Reminiscences on the Wisdom and Counsel of Brother Francis” CD, DVD or MP3
Panel Discussion (all speakers / moderated)
 CD, DVD or MP3


Theme: Right and Freedom: Catholic Considerations on Misused Concepts

2011 SBC Conference Set

Dr. Robert Hickson-“Helping the Truth Along A Little: Some Nuanced Catholic Understandings of ‘Right’ and ‘Freedom’” CD, DVD or MP3
Br. André Marie, M.I.C.M. -
 “Freemen Established Under Grace” CD, DVD or MP3
Sr. Maria Philomena, M.I.C.M. - “‘Always Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide’: Was Jiminy Cricket Right?” CD or MP3, MP4
Mr. Gary Potter -
 “Democracy and the Illusion of Freedom” CD, DVD or MP3
Dr. G.C. Dilsaver -
 “Rights & Wrongs: Ecclesiastically, Socially, and Personally CD, DVD or MP3
Mr. Charles Coulombe - “Kingship and Sacrament: What the Coronation Rites Tell Us” CD, DVD  or MP3
Mr. Brian Kelly -
 “The Liberty of the Children of God” CD, DVD or MP3
Mr. C. Joseph Doyle -
 “Considering Two Ideas of ‘Right’: Catholic and American” CD, DVD or MP3
Panel Discussion (all speakers / moderated) CD,DVD or MP3


Theme: Concerning Heroes and Heroines

Sets: DVD,  or MP3

Br. André Marie, M.I.C.M. – “Opening Remarks” CD, DVD or MP3

Dr. Robert Hickson– “Respect for Roots, Vanishing Intimacies, and the Heroism of Accepted Loneliness: Hilaire Belloc’s The Four Men (1912) and His Friendship with Father McNabb” CD, DVD or MP3

Sr. Mary Peter, M.I.C.M. – “Unsung Heroes and Heroines: Living Up to the Challenge of Faith Today” CD, DVD or MP3

Br. André Marie, M.I.C.M. – “My Little Heroine and Her Big Ideals” CD, DVD or MP3

Mr. Gary Potter – “The Christian: Called to Heroism” CD, DVD or MP3 MP4

Dr. G.C. Dilsaver – “Courage Amidst the Collapse of Christendom” CD, DVD, or MP3 MP4

Mr. Charles Coulombe – “Heroism at Home” CD, DVD or MP3

Mr. Brian Kelly – “Asia Bibi, Languishing Pakistani Mother and Prisoner of Love for Her Catholic Faith” CD, DVD or MP3

Mr. C. Joseph Doyle – “Neglected Catholic Heroes of America” CD, DVD or MP3 

Panel Discussion (all speakers / moderated) CD, MP3


Theme: What Do 'Liberal' and 'Conservative' Mean?

The set of this conference is available in CD, DVD and MP3 formats.

Br. André Marie, M.I.C.M. — “Opening Remarks” CD, DVD, or MP3, MP4

Dr. Robert Hickson — “Reflections on the End of Time: Transcending the Dialectic of Liberal and Conservative” CD, DVD, or MP3, MP4

Sr. Maria Philomena, M.I.C.M. — “Conserving The Liberal Arts For Salvation — Saint Benedict Center and Intellectual Formation” CD, DVD, or MP3, MP4

Br. André Marie, M.I.C.M. — “The Illiberality of Religious Liberalism” CD, DVD or MP3 MP4

Mr. Gary Potter — “Where Do We Go From Here?” CD, DVD or MP3 MP4

Mr. Yves Jacques — “Social Credit in the Light of the Catholic Social Teaching and the Application at a Community Level” CD, DVD or MP3 MP4

Mr. Charles Coulombe — “Conservatism in America - Has it Ever Existed?” CD, DVD or MP3 MP4

 Mr. Brian Kelly — “Liberalism in Faith or Morals is a Sin, but is Conservatism a Virtue?” CD, DVD or MP3 MP4

Mr. C. Joseph Doyle — “Liberalism: The Modern Phase of Odium Fidei” CD, DVD or MP3 MP4

Panel Discussion (all speakers / moderated) CD, DVD or MP3 MP4


Theme: Catholic and Counterrevolutionary


Brother André Marie’s Opening Remarks

Dr. Robert Hickson — Counterrevolution as an Affirmation: Amid the Allure of False Dialectics

Brother André Marie, M.I.C.M. — Sanctity: Our Counterrevolutionary Grand Strategy

Mr. Charles Coulombe — Life after Pope Benedict

Mr. Gary Potter — What Is the Revolution?


A Traditional Religious from Rome — Creation and the Divine Order of Things: the Truths to Combat the Errors of Our Age


Mr. Charles Coulombe — The Other Americans: Loyalists, Confederates, and Other Dissenters – How Catholic Were They?


Sister Maria Philomena, M.I.C.M. — Repeating History: Vincible Ignorance and Useful Tools


Mr. C. Joseph Doyle — Developing a Counter-Revolutionary Perspective


Panel Discussion (all speakers / moderated)

2015 Conference

Theme: Total Consecration to Mary: The Remedy for our Ills.

Get the Set in MP3, MP4, CD or DVD

 Opening Remarks CD, DVD, MP3 or MP4

Sister Maria Philomena, M.I.C.M. —The Consolation of Dying as a Slave CD, DVD, MP3 or MP4

Brother André Marie, M.I.C.M. —Total Consecration to Mary: The Remedy for our Ills CD, DVD, MP3 or MP4

Sr. Marie Thérèse, M.I.C.M. — Promises to Keep CD, DVD, MP3 or MP4

Mr. Gary Potter — The Once and Future Queen CD, DVD, MP3 or MP4

Dr. G.C. Dilsaver —The Heroic Freedom of Holy Slavery CD, DVD, MP3 or MP4

Mr. Charles Coulombe —Mary Queen of the Nations CD, DVD, MP3 or MP4

Mr. C. Joseph Doyle —How The Rosary Rescued A Nation CD, DVD, MP3 or MP4

Panel Discussion CD, DVD, MP3 or MP4