8:00-8:30 Build the Schedule                        8:30 Introductions and Sessions        #edcampcu

Rm 111 (East Hall)

Library (South Hall-Right)

Tech Lab (South Hall-Right)

Rm  134 (South Hall-Right)


Do you #Standwith Ahmed?  What went wrong and what can we learn about ed culture from Ahmed’s story?

Beyond Gdocs: What add-ons/extensions/3rd party apps do you use?


How can we use technology in teaching for social justice? (Katrina)


How are we supporting and teaching students to go from print media to digital media? (mainly in reading and writing)

If community own the school district (according to ILCS), where is the community voice in determining how “school” happens?

Building literacy skills using technology (novels and informational text)

Excited about Math? Assessments students enjoy taking.   Notes


Information text to sharable technology

How can we change standardized testing from less quantitative to more qualitative?

The YouTube Question: Do/can you use it?  Kids?  How?  Why?

How do schools fully invite, engage, and collaborate with community members?


Cafeteria For Wrap-Up