Have a wonderful summer!

It's time for you to select which rotations you would like to take in 7th grade.  Click this link to fill out your choices by Friday this week:


No more homework blogs, but I will post upcoming dates to be aware of for the remainder of the year:

May 16- All library books due/ library closes

May 23- Graphic essay book reports due/ turn in all Book Club books

May 24- Language Arts final exam: bring all materials you will use (no printing allowed that day)/ Picnic Day permission slips due to homeroom teacher

May 29- All laptops and accessories are being collected/ locks will be collected/ SEL afternoon periods 7,8, and 9

May 30 - Picnic day

Homework Blog for May 7-11:

Literature (AM classes):  We will continue your book club reading this whole week.  Make sure to have your books with you every day!  Projects will be introduced.  Just as a heads up, you will be taking your spring STAR reading test on Monday morning this week.

Language Arts (PM classes):  We will wrap up our Hitchcock notes on Tuesday afternoon.  Wednesday-Friday will be spent watching his full-length film "Rear Window".  We will use our new knowledge to identify film techniques while viewing the movie.

Homework Blog for April 30-May 4:

Language Arts:  We will work more on grammar this week.  Later in the week, we will switch our schedule:  LIT will now be in the afternoon for the next few weeks because we will be combining with Mrs. Thompson's classes.  During this time, we will begin your final writing work.  That must first be done with loads of learning and research.

Literature:  We will watch The Westing Game movie Monday - part of Wednesday.  Then, it is time to select your final Book Club book and begin reading.  I will also provide the project for you this week as well so you can see what you are working toward.

Homework Blog for April 23-27:  *School dance this Friday from 3:30-5:00,  *Book fair this week- you will go with your study hall teacher (ask them for the day you will go)

Language Arts:  We will continue working on writing, editing, and revising our creative writing pieces.  The final drafts are due Friday.

Literature:  Our final week of The Westing Game begins!  We will prepare for our Wednesday book test, watch the movie, and have our library day on Friday.

Homework Blog for April 16-20:  

Language Arts:  Your iBooks are due on Tuesday.  Make sure to double check all of your editing!  Sometimes people just focus on how it looks, but forget it's a writing assignment too.  Once we are finished with this writing assignment, we will move on to our last creative writing assignment of the year!

Literature:  This is the saddest week ever- we will finish reading The Westing Game!  Now, wipe your tears away.  We still have more fun stuff we get to do with the book before we truly wrap it up.  This includes:  a very tough group challenge,  a book test, and watching the terrible movie version of this book.  

Homework Blog for April 9-13:

This is PARCC testing week.  Sixth grade tests Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday- all day.  You will stay in your homerooms during these days.  Make sure you bring headphones or earbuds and a book to read.  Your laptops will be staying at school as of Monday afternoon.  They can go home with you again beginning Thursday after PARCC testing is over.  We have only one thing due this week in language arts.  On Monday, you will turn in a printed, final draft copy of your Feature Article.  Remember- This is not the iBook you are building.  It is simply the typed information that is getting turned in to an iBook.  It is your article.

Homework Blog for April 2-6:

Language Arts:  Mr. Mehnert will join us Monday through Wednesday this week to show you all the features of iBook.  You can begin creating your book.  The written portion of the article is due April 9.  The iBook is due April 17.

Literature:  Back to The Westing Game!  We will continue reading in class.  This book is about to kick in to high gear!  Get ready for some big revelations.  Friday is our library day.

**PARCC testing- April 10-12

Homework Blog for March 19-23:

Language Arts:  This week we will continue our Feature Article writing, but we will also begin some writing prompts to help us prepare for PARCC testing coming up in April.

Literature:  In addition to reading the Westing Game in class, we will read some short pieces and answer questions to help us prepare for PARCC testing.  We will also learn how to play chess.  Hopefully our in-class experts will help teach our newbies!  Friday morning will be our library day!

Homework Blog for the week of March 12- 16:

It looks like most of you think Sandy McSouthers killed Sam Westing - at this point.

Language Arts:  We will continue our writing of our Feature Article.

Literature:  We will read The Westing Game this week.  Make sure you have your outside reading novel with you every day.  You will have a very brief Westing Game characters quiz on Friday, then begin your library day.

Homework Blog for March 5-7:  Three day week!

*Report cards emailed home Wednesday after school.

Language Arts:  We will take our research and begin to form sections for our Feature Articles.

Literature: We will continue our reading of The Westing Game.  Your Wanted! worksheet is due Tuesday.

Homework Blog for February 26-March 2:

Language Arts:  We will do some practice writing on our Feature Article topics this week.  Tuesday afternoon will be spent in the library getting more research for our topics.  Feature Article Vocabulary packets are due on Tuesday and will be collected in the library.

Literature:  We begin our next class novel this week, The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin.  Work with this will be done in class.  Friday is our library day.

Homework Blog for February 20-23:

Language Arts:  We will continue with our mentor texts for the Feature Article.  

Literature:  Presentations for your group projects begin on Tuesday.  I estimate this will take two days.  With our remaining time, we will read a short story in class and go to the library on Friday.

Homework Blog for February 12-16:  

*Don't forget to turn in your candy grams on Monday!

*Early release on Wednesday at 1:00!

Language Arts:  We will begin our next formal writing assignment, the feature article.  We will look at mentor texts this week and next in order to learn what a feature article is and what the features of this assignment are.

Literature:  *Make up test from snow day on Monday.  Group project choices will be handed out on Monday.  Groups will have the week to work together to prepare their projects.  These will be due on Tuesday, February 20 for all groups.  Also, this week will be spent wrapping up the Elements of Fiction and Literary Terms.  The test will be Wednesday in the AM during your LA class periods due to the early release.

Quizlet for test review:  https://quizlet.com/266603757/elements-of-fiction-literary-terms-flash-cards/

Homework Blog for February 5-9:

*Candy Grams sales all week (or until we run out)!

Language Arts:  Your creative writing final drafts are due Tuesday!  We will spend Monday editing and you will have the opportunity to read your classes work on Tuesday and the other class period's work on Wednesday.

Literature:  Your big assignment this week is your Book Club books must be read by Friday.  On Friday, I will give you a blank plot diagram sheet that we've practiced with.  You will be expected to fill it in with your information from your book.   This is considered a test.  You will be allowed to use your book, so make sure to bring it with you!  In class we will be working on Literary terms.  You have definitions that are due on Wednesday.  We will also look at examples of these terms.  Expect a test on the terms next week.  Your library day is Friday.

Homework Blog for January 29-February 2:

*Read to Succeed logs are due this Friday.  Don't forget to have your parents initial the bottom line.

LA:  Creative writing week!  New topics, lots 'o fun!  These pieces will be due February 6th.

LIT:  We will read two short stories this week in class and do some work in class related to these pieces.  Our next Edmodo question for our Book Club will be Friday.

Homework Blog for January 22-26:

*Argumentative Essays due on Friday!

*Read to Succeed logs due February 2.

Language Arts:  This week will be dedicated to editing and revising our drafts, creating a Works Cited page, and turning in final drafts on Friday.

Literature:  We will continue our work with story elements and plot triangles.

Period 7:  We will have a guest teacher who is coming to do a lesson on writing.  This will be Tuesday.  While it is not during your actual ELA class time, he is only available at this time to do writing.  He will work on revising with you.  

Friday is our library day and a new question will be posted on Edmodo.

Homework Blog for January 16-19

*Are you going to turn in a Read to Succeed reading log to earn a free ticket to Six Flags?  You can use your Book Club reading to fill out the log!  Those are due to me on February 2.

*School store this Friday!

Language Arts:  This week will spent writing the first drafts of our Argumentative Essays together.  Bring your research and your planning packet with you each day (as well as a charged laptop).

Literature:  We will continue our study of fiction and story elements.  Bring your Book Club selections and your LIT notebooks with you each day.  Friday is our library day.

Homework blog for January 8-12:  Back to school in 2018!!

*Monday - New seats for all classes- don't get cozy when you come in.  Even the room set up has changed!

*Thursday - Spelling bee participants should meet in my room during your recess time to go over the bee rules and do a practice round.

*Friday - School store!

Language Arts:  We will start the week with some Writer's Workshop time journaling about your break.  Also, a lot has happened in the world in the last few weeks, so we will hop back on NEWSELA.COM.  I will also pass out a topic proposal sheet for your argumentative essay.  All proposals are due on WEDNESDAY.  We will focus the rest of our week gathering valuable research on your approved topic.  All LA classes will meet in the library on Wednesday for researching.

Literature:  Book Club will begin again!  On Monday, I will introduce your new selections, you can choose books, and we will get rolling on the project.  We will further dive in to fiction in our group readings this week with a focus on fictional articles.  Friday will be our library day.

Homework blog for the week of December 18-21:  *No school Friday!

*Reminder:  All laptops will stay at school over break (just the computers - they will be updated).  You do not need to leave your accessories.

*Do you still have your lock?  All lockers need to be locked over break.  Those who have lost their lock will need to get a new one from the office.  The charge is $10 for the replacement.

*Have you checked the lost and found in the cafeteria?  All clothes left will be donated to our local PADS shelters to help children in Lake County for the winter.

Language Arts:  We will set up a Newsela account this week and start researching possible topics for our argumentative essays.  Also, we will watch a documentary about how students prepare for the National Spelling Bee.  Maybe we can learn some good study tips?

Literature:  We continue our study of conflict and look specifically at internal vs. external conflict.  Make sure to continue to bring your outside reading selections.

Homework Blog for the week of December 11-15:  *FMSC Field Trip this Friday AM!  **School dance after school on Friday form 3:30-5:00!

Language Arts:  Time to start thinking about possible topics for our own argumentative essays.  Before we go on break, I’d like for us to have our topics selected.  When we come back, we will dedicate January to researching and writing the paper.

Literature:  We will continue our Mentor Text studies and spend time on our outside reading novels.  On Monday, I will collect your reading logs for the week as well as parent homework.  We will take a break from doing weekly reading logs and parent homework, so no new logs will be handed out.  Still keep track of your reading so you can add it to your Six Flags Read to Succeed form.

Homework Blog for the week of December 4-December 8:  *Save the date for the junior high dance on December 15 from 3:30-5:00!

It's Feed My Starving Children fundraising week in homerooms.  Don't forget to make your contribution!

*Spelling Bee- If you want to be in the spelling bee, you have to qualify for your grade level by taking a test.  The study list will be handed out Monday.  The entrance exam will be given Friday at study hall.

Language Arts:  We will dig even deeper into the argumentative essay.  Our focus this week will be learning the proper format from our mentor texts.

You have a unit vocabulary packet coming this week.  The due date is Friday.

Literature:  STAR reading test is Monday afternoon in LIT.  Make sure to bring your book.  I will also collect your reading logs and parent homework.  New logs and parent homework will also be passed out Monday.  The rest of the week is dedicated to more work learning to discuss books and have academic conversations with our peers.  Our library day is Friday.

Homework for the week of November 27-December 1: *School store on Wednesday this week!

Language Arts:  We will start the week off with some time to read each others’ creative writing pieces.  Then, it's time to begin a new unit- the argumentative essay!  As always, we will begin with mentor texts.  

Literature:  On Monday, I will collect your reading logs and parent homework and give you new logs and parent homework for the week.  Don't forget to have your parent sign the log and the parent homework.  We continue our study of learning to discuss books.  That process continues with another mentor text and a fishbowl day.  On Wednesday, bring in a "recommended read" to discuss in the fishbowl.  Friday is our library day.

Homework for the week of November 13-17: *”Wonder” field trip Friday  11:45-3:00; report cards emailed Thursday after school

Language Arts:  You will spend the rest of the week writing your creative writing pieces, editing and revising, and turning the piece in by sharing it with me on Friday in the morning.  Throughout the week, you will have “Writer’s Meetings” with the other authors who chose the same writing piece as you.  Be prepared to have conversations about your work.

Literature:  We will continue our Reader’s Workshop this week.  On Monday, you need to have the following items with you and ready to go:  an “old-favorite” book, your complete reading log, your completed parent homework, and your complete vocabulary packet.  You will get a new reading log and parent homework that will be due after break.  We will continue with our group reading sessions and discussions as well as independent reading time for you and a very cool Fishbowl activity as a class that will help you learn to discuss books together without Mrs. Evans guiding the group.

Homework for the week of November 6-10:  *Our book fair shopping date is Tuesday, November 7

Language Arts:  The final drafts of your personal narratives are due on Tuesday.  Have 2 copies printed:  one for your folder and one for your desk.  Don’t throw any drafts away.  I will help you organize and clean out your folders on Tuesday.  This week, we will start a fun creative writing piece.

Literature: Reading logs and parent homework starts this week.  I will pass this all out on Monday and explain the project (due Monday, 11/13).  On Tuesday we will shop at the book fair.  Due Monday, 11/13:  Reading vocabulary packet.  The library is closed all week so we will remain in our room on Friday, but please bring your outside reading books with you.

Homework for the week of October 30-November 3:  *All permission slips for our “Wonder” field trip due Friday!  *Book Club packets and books due Friday!

Upcoming date:  November 7- We will go to the Book Fair.

Language Arts:  We will spend the week editing and revising our drafts.  In order to do this, all draft typing must be finished by Tuesday.  This is a due date.  There will be no class time to type if you are not finished, so make sure you wrap it up Monday night so you can get the points and keep up with us in class.

Literature: We will begin our week with “Aesop’s Fables” and move into Greek mythology.  We will also begin an in-class research project related to our nonfiction reading about Ancient Egypt.

Homework for the week of October 23-27: *Boo Gram sales begin at lunch on Tuesday!  

*Red Ribbon Week:

Wednesday - Wear red day

Thursday- Crazy sock day

Friday- Wear your favorite team jersey or t-shirt

Long-term date to be aware of:  November 3:  Book Club packets are due and books will be returned; “Wonder” permission slips due to homeroom teachers.

Language Arts:  We will take a close look at the work we have written so far in our notebooks for this unit.  It’s time to think about which piece we will go through the drafting process with. This week will be spent on evaluating our writing and selecting a topic.

Literature:  We will continue with our nonfiction reading this week to support the social studies curriculum.  We will spend time on “The Book of the Dead” and “Exodus” using our online textbook.

Homework for the week of October 16-20: *School Store again this Friday!

Language Arts:  We will continue our mentor text work with a focus on theme this week.  We will even try our hand at writing our own stories using theme.  It's a tricky thing to do!  THURSDAY- Bring in family photos that you are in!  One is enough, but if you bring more, you will have more inspiration!  If they aren't printed, you can send them to your gmail account at school or on your phone.

Literature:  This week, we will log in to our online LIT textbook.  We will "ADD" the textbook online on Monday and begin a literature study of Ancient Egypt to support your study in social studies.  Friday is our library day.  Don't forget to work on your Book Club reading and packet on your own time this week.  Remember, study hall is a wonderful time to do this work!

Homework for the Week of October 10-13:  *Field trip on Wednesday, School Store on Friday

Language Arts:  We will continue with our Mentor text studies this week.

Literature:  Tuesday will be spent chatting with our groups.  We will do Book Club on Thursday and Friday.

Notes on the field trip:  We are leaving the school at 8:35, so please be on time to homeroom for attendance that morning.  You will travel with your 4th period class that day, so after the homeroom bell rings, go to your 4th period instead of 1st period.  If you are bringing a lunch, grab that on your way to class.  You will only need your coat, a lunch (if you are bringing your own), and money if you are buying food at McDonald's.  When we arrive at the play, lunches can stay on the bus.  At McDonald's, students who are buying their lunch will be sent in to the restaurant off the buses first so they can get in line.  The rest of us will go in after to get a seat to our lunches.  If you are buying desserts or drinks, you will get in line after those buying lunches.

Homework for the week of October 2-5:  No School on Friday this week and on Monday next week!!!  

For both classes, we are at the beginning of new units.  There is no homework this week for either class!

Homework for the week of September 25-29:  *Field trip permission slips due to your homeroom teacher by Friday!!

Language Arts:  Your final drafts of your papers are due on Monday!! What will we do the rest of the week?  We will work on some grammar skills that I have seen popping up in your writing- pronouns and homonyms.  I will give you a list of common homonyms that confused in writing on Tuesday.  There will be a quiz on the usage of these homonyms on Friday.

Literature:  We have wrapped up our class novel, but you have one more thing to do for it- the Rifka journal!  On Monday, you will have the whole class period to work on this, but it's your last one.  After Monday, this project is officially homework.  It is due on Friday.  Friday is also your library day.

Homework for the week of September 18-22:

Language Arts: We will continue to put the finishing touches on our pieces. Our revision and editing will be done on Thursday. If you are behind, consider the end of the period on Thursday a due date for all correcting. We will type our papers on Friday. The due date for the final draft is Monday, September 25.

Literature: We will wrap up reading our class novel, Letters from Rifka, on Wednesday. Be prepared for a chapters 13-21 test on Thursday. How should I study? Use your packets to study the comprehension questions. They are your test questions! Friday is our library day.

Week of September 11-15:  *Friday is an early release day at 1:00/ SEL Day

Language Arts:  Come on Monday ready with your topics for the piece we will draft.  This week will be spent looking at possibilities for revision while drafting.  Due date to be aware of:  On Wednesday, I will check your Immersion Vocab. packet, so please make sure to have that done.

Literature:  We will continue Letters from Rifka.  Did you complete the remaining vocabulary words in the packet?  We will have a test on those words on Thursday.  This test will be taken during your morning time with me as our Thursday afternoon will be spent with Mr. Mehnert.  Also, there will be no library time on Friday - it is an early release day.

Want to practice for the vocabulary test on Thursday?  Here is a link to my Quizlet:  https://quizlet.com/_3ewl8t

Friday - All students will participate in an SEL activity during periods 1, 3, and 4.  Please note there is no lunch service from Marla’s on this day, so bring a lunch because you don’t go home until after PE.

Week of September 5-8:

Language Arts:  We have wrapped up our study of mentor texts and will focus more on our own writing and stories this week.  It’s time to start thinking about a topic for our first piece we will draft and turn in for a grade.

Literature:  We have wrapped up the first 12 chapters of our class novel.  On Wednesday, we will take a comprehension test on chapters 1-12.  What should I study?  Your packet!  We have been filling it out in class creating a study guide.  Quiz yourself on the chapter questions and the character information.  That will all be on your test.  Friday is our library day.

Week of August 28-September 1:

*Picture day is Wednesday!

Language Arts:  We will continue studying our mentor texts in greater depth and continue writing short pieces in our notebooks to emulate the style of the selected authors.

Literature:  We will continue to move through our class novel, Letters from Rifka, in class.   This week on Wednesday is our first vocabulary test related to the book.  Remember to study your 11 assigned words to prepare.  Don't forget that I've made you a Quizlet to help you study.  Click the link below.  Also, Friday will be our library time.

Quizlet link for Rifka vocab.:  https://quizlet.com/_3cyq7r

Week of August 21-25:

Language Arts- We will continue with our study of how writer’s work.

Literature - Our class novel, Letters from Rifka, will be read in class this week.  We are also going to complete the questions in our packet that go along with each letter.  Make sure to bring your books and packets to class each day.  Thinking ahead?  You will have your first test for me next week on August 30th!  It will be some of the vocabulary words in your Rifka packet.  Vocab. definitions to be covered:  rucksack - commotion.

Upcoming dates to be aware of:

Wednesday, 5/31- Book reports due!

Thursday, 6/1 - 2:00-3:00 All school autograph book signing.

Friday, 6/2- Picnic Day trip to Medieval Times.  If you are not attending, please make sure to call in sick to the office that morning.

Homework Blog for May 30-June 2:

LIT- Book reports are due on Wednesday, May 31.  So are my report card grades, so make sure you are on time!

Homework Blog for May 22-May 26:

Language Arts: This week will spent putting our new knowledge to the test watching "Rear Window". Yes, we are taking notes and yes, I am teaching throughout the movie. And no, you cannot bring popcorn. Remember that your final exam is Friday. Make sure to spend time working in your packet (it's your study guide). Plus, you get to use it while taking the test!

Literature: The Mrs. Evans Book Club continues. All work is due May 31.

HW Blog for May 15-19:  Picnic Day permission slips due Friday/  SEL day Friday/ Early release at 11:30 on Friday.

Monday AM:  We will take our last STAR test of the school year!!!

Language Arts:  This is the week we will get in to watching clips to support our study of film terms.  Remember, an LA final exam is coming your way.  You will need to use all of this new information to form an argumentative or informative essay.  

Literature:  We will continue with our work within the Mrs. Evans Book Club.  Packets are due on May 31st - your last big LIT grade!  Keep bringing your books every day.

Friday SEL Day:  Yes, it's PJ Day at school for Final Fridays.  But, this SEL Day will involve you being active.  So, while dressing, think about what you can workout in!

Homework Blog for May 8-12:  Please note- our new schedule for the next few weeks will be interesting.  Your LIT classes will be in the morning periods and your LA classes will be in the afternoon.  I am teaching some of Mrs. Thompson's classes and they can only combine with us in the afternoon.

Language Arts (now in the PM):  We begin our new unit - How Movies Are Made!  It's a fun one, but it entails a lot of notes to begin with.  See you Monday with a fully charged laptop!

Literature (now in the AM):  Bring your newly assigned novels.  They need to be in class each day as this is what we are doing until the end of the year.  A forgotten book is a lost day!  On Monday, I will hand out packets and we will divide up the books into your different packet sections.

Homework Blog for May 1-5:

Language Arts: Now we take our drafts and turn them into iBooks! This week, come prepared to turn your Feature Articles into books. All drafts should be done (articles, sidebars, images, and additional material) and in Google Docs. We will spend the week making our books. Our tech experts will be on hand to help and answer any questions. The books are due Friday, May 5.

Literature: We will wrap up our class novel, Letters From Rifka. How can you prepare now? Get ready to test all of the remaining vocabulary and answer the comprehension questions on the test. This will be a lengthier test than last time, so use the weekend to get started. The test will be on Friday. What will we do after? We are beginning our final book report, which will be in-class. We will do the Mrs. Evans Book Club one more time and that will take us to the end of the year. Titles will be presented to you on Wednesday, May 3 and we will begin reading and working our packets (remember those?) right away.

Homework Blog for April 24-28:  School dance after school on Friday!

Language Arts:  We will spend the week typing our articles.  Task #1:  Type the Feature Article.  Task #2:  Type our sidebars (our addition information).  Task #3:  Collect images.  Next week we will edit and put it all together in an iBook!

Literature:  We continue our reading of our class novel, Letters From Rifka.  The Ellis Island packet work we started last week is due Tuesday.  Friday is our reading day.  FYI- On Friday, we are switching our class periods.  Literature will be in the morning, so our library time will be in your AM classes.  Friday afternoon will be your LA classes.

Homework Blog Week of April 17-21:

Language Arts:  We begin selecting our topics for the Feature Article this week.

Literature:  We will have our first Letters from Rifka test on Wednesday.  It will cover the first 10 chapters of the book as well as the vocabulary associated with it.  Friday is our library day!

Homework Blog for April 10-14: (Thursday- early release at 1:00; Friday- no school)

It's PARCC week.  You will be testing during periods 1-3 and 7-9 Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  Make sure to bring a charged laptop every day to school.  Also, bring your books to read!  They give you a lot of testing time for PARCC.  If you finish extra early, you will need something to do.  Thursday is Fine Arts Day and an early release.

Homework Blog for April 3-7:

Language Arts:  We will begin looking at specific vocabulary that can be used to improve the writing in our Feature Article.  A packet of definitions will be due on Wednesday.  For the remainder of the week, will look at an author's "voice" and begin narrowing down our topic choices.

Literature:  There will be no homework this week.  We are beginning our next class novel, Letters from Rifka by Karen Hesse.  Some of the reading will be done together, but many of the chapters will be read by the students.  Friday is our library day.  Keep in mind that we have PARCC testing next week.  If students finish early, they are limited to doing something quiet at their desks while others wrap up their testing.  Make sure to bring a book to PARCC testing each day next week.  Friday is a good day to grab a book!

Homework Blog for March 20-25:  (So close to spring break!!!)

Language Arts:  We will continue to work on our feature articles by looking at mentor text examples.

Literature:  On Monday, we have a field trip here in the building!  We will see and participate in a performance by The Mystery Shop.  Can you solve the crime?  On Tuesday, you have your Gods/Goddesses test.  It is simply matching the top 12 discussed in mythology.  See below for your Quizlet.  Your book reports are due on Wednesday.  Presentations will also begin that day.  Those of you leaving school early for vacay will present first.  Presentations will continue to all are finished.  If there is time on Friday, we will go to the library.  Bring back any books you may have checked out for this project and grab a new one for spring break!

Homework Blog March 13-17:  (Dress rehearsal for the play Thursday afternoon)

Language Arts:  We will continue studying a variety of feature articles in order to help us prepare for the feature article we will write.  

Literature:  Students have a book report due on March 22 (see requirements posted on Edmodo).  Make sure to use your time at home to keep reading and working on the project.  In class this week, we will begin looking at various myths from Greek mythology.  We will do some in-class work that will be graded.  This work will be due on Friday.  Friday will be our library day.

Homework Blog for March 6-8 (3-day week):

Language Arts:  We will begin our new unit:  The Feature Article.  This week will be spent exploring a few examples of feature articles.

Literature:  It's time to compare the book to the movie!  Get ready for the very unsatisfactory movie version of The Westing Game.  We will compare the differences (there are many) and all complain about these changes!  Just wait...

HW Blog for February 27-March 3  

Language Arts:  It's Grammar Week!  We will spend the week working on improving our grammar skills.  

Literature:  A sad week!  We are going to finish reading The Westing Game.  We will test the final section of the book and the remaining vocabulary on Thursday.  Friday is your library day.

Homework Blog for February 21-24:  (No school Monday)

Language Arts:  We will finish our final drafts for the argumentative essay and turn them on Wednesday.  Remember to print 2 copies.  

Literature:  We begin the last section of the Westing Game.  We will read together in class and do some more fun activities with the book, including an evidence sale on Wednesday!  Please note:  Your library day is different this week.  We will go to the library on Thursday and Friday we will be in our room working on Westing Game.

Homework Blog for February 13-17:  Turn in your Read to Succeed sheets by Wednesday!

Language Arts:  This week will be dedicated to writing the rough draft of the argumentative essay - paragraph by paragraph.  Make sure to bring your completed graphic organizer to class each day.

Literature:  We will have a Westing Game test on Thursday this week.  To be covered:  Comprehension questions for chapters 11-20, new character information, and vocabulary definitions for #s 11-20 on your vocabulary sheet in your packet.  Friday is our library day.

Homework Blog for February 6-10:

Language Arts: You have two assignments related to the progress of your argumentative essay due this week. On Tuesday, you need to have your topic proposals approved and on Friday you need to have your graphic organizer complete. That means we are going to begin writing next week!

Literature: We will continue reading The Westing Game this week. Don't forget that your book reports are due on Wednesday. Next book report: science fiction or fantasy. Requirements will be given on Wednesday.

Homework Blog for January 30-February 3:

Language Arts: We continue our study of the argumentative essay this week. We will begin selecting topics.

Literature: On Wednesday we will have our first Westing Game test. This will include any character information we have covered, our first 10 vocabulary words and definitions, and our comprehension questions for chapters 1-10. Students should use their packets to study.  Friday is our library day.

Homework Blog for January 23-27:  (Friday - Early release at 1:00)

Language Arts:  This week we will begin writing using our new knowledge about the argumentative essay.  These will be short pieces, done in class, so there is no homework.

Literature:  We will continue reading our class novel, The Westing Game.  We will also begin filling in vocabulary definitions in our packets, adding some characters that are minor, and filling in additional comprehension questions.  This is all in preparation for a chapters 1-10 test for Westing Game next week.  That test will include anything we have filled in our packets so far (character information, vocabulary, and comprehension questions for these chapters).  This packet is your study guide, so start reviewing and make sure you are keeping up. Due to the early release this week, Thursday will be your library day.  Remember, your book reports are due February 8th.

HW Blog for January 17-January 20:

Language Arts:  We will continue our study of the argumentative essay using mentor texts to understand structure.  

Literature:  As we continue reading our class novel, The Westing Game, we will do some additional work with the book.  This week:

Wednesday - Characters quiz:  Study your character section of your packet to help you prepare.

Thursday - Reading day:  Notice the day change.  Bring your book report books and/or projects in to work on during LIT.

Friday- Wanted posters due:  Bring in your completed Wanted poster for your character.

HW Blog for January 9-13:

Language Arts:  This week will be spent with a few grammar lessons, some writing in your Writer's Notebooks, and reviewing your narrative essay grades.

Literature:  We will begin our first class novel, The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin.  A book will be provided for each student to use, but if you'd like to bring in your own copy to write in, feel free!  There will be no homework this week as we begin the book.  Friday is your library day. Reminder:  Your historical fiction book reports are due on February 8th.

HW Blog for December 19-22:

Language Arts:  Personal narratives due Thursday.  Print two copies and make sure to follow the typing requirements posted on Edmodo.

Literature:  Book reports due Tuesday.  Make sure to follow the Mystery Book Report requirements provided in class and also on Edmodo.

HW Blog for December 12-16:

Language Arts:  This week will be spent editing and revising our personal narratives.  

Literature:  We are reading and writing poems this week.  On Monday, you will be given requirements for your poems.  You have 3 poems that you have written that will be due on Friday.

Upcoming dates to be aware of:

December 16- Feed My Starving Children Field Trip AM, Poems due in LIT PM, After school dance/ open gym until 5:00 (bring in a Toys for Tots donation or $10 to enter)

December 20 - Book reports due in LIT

December 22- Personal Narrative final drafts due in LA

HW Blog for December 5-9:  STAR testing in LIT on Tuesday.  Charge your laptops!

Language Arts:  We will select which pieces we want to eventually turn in for our narrative essay final grades.  This week will involve filling out graphic organizers to make sure we have selected a quality piece.  Also, make sure you have your correcting pens with you in class this week.  You will need them.

Literature:  The month of December is dedicated to poetry in literature class.  We will read and write poems.  We will begin this process by learning about the poetic techniques poets use.  We will read about this in our textbooks and fill in a definitions sheet that will be due on Wednesday.  We will have a test on these terms on Friday (matching).  Friday is your library day.  Don't forget that your mystery book reports are due December 20th!

Homework Blog for November 28- December 2:

Language Arts:  We continue with our in-class study of personal narratives.  Students should have some family photos in class with them no later than Tuesday.

Literature:  We will read two stories from our textbook this week:  "The Circuit" and "The All-American Slurp".  There will be questions for both stories that are due on Wednesday.  Students will be given study guides for both stories that will be due on Thursday.  We will take a comprehension test on both stories on Friday.  Friday is our library day.

HW Blog for November 14-18:

Language Arts:  We continue our study of the Personal Narrative.  This week, we will look at specific writing techniques related to the narrative and try our hand at writing some narratives in our notebooks.  

Literature:  We will read two stories from our textbook:  "Zlateh the Goat" and "The Woman Who Lived With the Wolves".  You will have homework related to both stories due on Thursday.  We will not have access to the library on Friday, but do bring in your book report books as you will have reading time on Friday.

HW Blog for November 7-11: Book Reports Due Tuesday/ Veteran's Day Ceremony Friday at 9:00 a.m.

Language Arts:  This week, we will begin our new writing unit:  The Personal Narrative.  We will begin by studying the style of writing and discuss elements of the Personal Narrative.

Literature:  Book reports are due on Tuesday.  This is also the last grade of the trimester for this class, so make sure to do your best work and double check that you have completed all the requirements.  We will get back into our textbooks this week.  There will be a plot triangle due for a story we will read.  That assignment is due on Thursday.  Also, we will kick off our new book report - Mysteries.  Choose a mystery book with at least 175 pages.  The project requirements will be handed out on Tuesday.  The due date for the new book report is Tuesday, December 20.

HW Blog for October 31- November 4:

Language Arts:  This week we will wrap our Halloween story starters and do some sharing on Monday.  We will also have a grammar test on Wednesday covering our study of commas and pronouns.  Reminder:  All grammar tests are open note, so anything I've given you can be used to help you while taking the test.  Come to class organized on Wednesday with all of your sheets and notes I've provided.  

Literature:  On Monday, we will view the video version of our reading piece "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" in honor of Halloween.  The rest of the week will be dedicated to our book reports, which are due on November 8th.  Reminder:  The author, Helen Frost, is going to be a guest speaker on Wednesday from 1:00-2:00.  Anyone who pre-ordered a book will have theirs signed already.  If you have a Helen Frost book at home, you are welcome to bring it with you and get it signed on Wednesday.

HW Blog for October 24-28:

Language Arts:  We have wrapped up and turned in our first writing piece!  The next few weeks in LA will be dedicated to grammar.  This week, we will focus on commas and pronouns.  

Literature:  To support the social studies curriculum, we will read "The Death of Osiris" (an Egyptian myth).  There will be homework due for this on Wednesday.  I will hand out these sheets on Monday.  We will also read the abridged "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" this week.   Also on  Wednesday, I will do another packet progress check for our books reports and will look specifically at Discussion Director for completion points.

HW Blog for October 17-21:

Language Arts:  We will put the finishing touches on our writing pieces this week.  That includes finishing up our editing, typing our papers, and printing off our drafts to turn in.  These papers are due Friday!

On Friday, you will turn in:

  1.  Two copies of your final draft
  2. Your written draft with the revisions
  3. The editing checklist
  4. A self-assessment sheet that you will be given in class
  5. Your class folder

Literature:  We will continue working on our book club selections so make sure your books and packets are at school each day. On Wednesday I will do a packet progress check for Word Wizard.  You should be farther than that section, but I will be giving points for it being complete.

HW Blog for October 11-14:

Language Arts:  We will finish up drafting on loose leaf paper and spend the week working on revising and editing.  Supplies:  Remember that a flare pen was on your supply list.  Now is the time to make sure they are at school every day.  We will need them this week.

Literature:  Bring your book report books and packets every day this week.

HW Blog for October 3-7  (Bookfair this week!  We will go Thursday during our LIT periods. No school on Friday!!)

Language Arts:  This week we will continue with working on our selected piece.  We have researched our pieces and are conferencing to discuss what can be added to each individual piece.

Literature:  We started the Elements of a Short Story unit in our textbook.  On Tuesday, there is a test on the vocabulary list and the defined words.  Also, we began a new book report that will be read in and out of school.  Please make sure your books are at school every day so that you can read when time is provided.  I have no extra copies as they were all signed out.  

HW Blog for September 26-30  (Book reports due Thursday!)

Language Arts:  This week we will continue with working on our selected piece.  We will research our topics, look to add vivid language and begin revising our pieces.

Literature:  The main thing you need to focus on this week is your first book report is due on Thursday.  Make sure to look at the requirements* for the project you have selected.  You will be graded on the components of the project - did you follow the requirements?  Also this week, we will look at the structure of the short story and the elements of fiction. *If you don’t have your requirements sheet at home, I posted a link on Edmodo for the sheet.  

HW Blog for September 19-23: (Battle of the Books permission slips due Friday)

Language Arts:  We have our final list of homonyms this week.  I did not post a practice as these are a pretty easy list and you get how these tests work now.  The test on correct usage will be Friday.  Look below for the full list.  We continue writing and generating ideas as writers.

Literature:  Coming your way this week:  "Names/Nombres" and "The Lady and the Spider".  We will read both together in class and you will do a solo read too.  Each story will have an open book test sheet with it (we use these as our study guides).  This time around, these will be your only work for the stories.  There will be a due date for these and grades will be given.  Both open book tests (study guides) are due on Wednesday.  We will review on Wednesday and a test will be given on both stories (on Edmodo) on Thursday.  Friday is our library day.  

Homonyms for the week:















HW Blog for September 12-16 (Early release Friday at 1:00):

Language Arts: This week we will continue our study of homonyms with our next list of words. That test will be Thursday (not Friday). On Wednesday, we will have a guest teacher, Mr. Jesuit, who is a writing expert visit our first period class. His lesson will be taught again to third and fourth period by Mrs. Evans.

Literature: You have the two worksheets that go along with the Monkey Stories (from our textbooks) due on Tuesday. A grade will be taken on these. Class time will be given for this work on Monday. Whatever is not finished will become homework. Thursday is our reading day this week for literature.

Friday is an SEL Day. In junior high, you no longer have SEL lessons each week. Our early release days become SEL days. Instead of going to your academic class periods, you will stay in the 6th grade hall for some fun activities and team-building.

Homonyms for the Week:
















HW Blog for September 6-9:

Language Arts:  You will be given three lists of homonyms this month to test your understanding of usage.  For example, when do you use "your" and "you're".  On Tuesday, you will receive the first list and the usage test will be Friday.  Also, we will continue working on adding to our folders.  I will do a folder check for completion points on Thursday.

Literature:  You have a small literature test on Wednesday on our story "The Drive-In Movies" by Gary Soto.  We will review for this on Tuesday.  Remember that the worksheets we have done in class are your study guides.  What can you do to study?  Read the story again (remember you have access to your online textbook) and complete the two worksheets for review.  Also, you should continue reading your book report books.  The book report project is due September 29.  That may feel far away, but it will come fast.  Try to complete the reading of the book by September 23 to give yourself enough time to complete the project.

Homework Blog for August 29- September 2: (Wednesday is Picture Day)

Language Arts:  We will continue our study of the mentor texts.  You have no homework to worry about outside of class this week.

Literature:  STAR Testing is Monday this week (for the Reading portion).  When you finish, the only thing you can do is read a book.  So, I suggest you bring your book report book on Monday and make that extra time count!  We will spend time in our textbooks on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday reading two short pieces.  We will do comprehension questions for those pieces and will be working towards our first test in LIT.  That test will be Wednesday, September 7.  Also, remember that Fridays are reading days, so bring that book report book back in on Friday.  We will get a tour of the new library that day as well!

Welcome to Sixth Grade!  This is where you can check your assignments.  But, please don’t let the homework blog replace writing your assignments in your assignment notebook.

Language Arts:

You have no work for homework this week.  Our work will be done in class.


Tuesday-  Your summer reading response is due.  Question:  How did the main character change throughout the book?

Friday- Have a book selected for your first book report.

Have a wonderful summer!!!!

HW Blog for the week of May 31:

You're not quite done yet! We have the food fest this week on Wednesday, so plan ahead. You can drop off your food to Mr. Oesch's kitchen before school or during the morning. All food needs to be at school by 10:30- that is when the setting up and prep work begins. He has a fridge, a freezer, and a small microwave back there. Remember:

1) These are tastes of your food, so make your food, then divide into small tasting portions.

2) You do not have to feed 102 kids (and 10 teachers!). There will be plenty of food, so make what the recipe calls for or maybe double it. That's it. When your food is gone, there will be a bunch of other recipes to try.

3) If this will require something to serve with, please bring that with. Serving spoon? Spatula? If not, no worries.

4) What will be at school for you? Forks and spoons to eat with, plates to pick up as you go through the buffet line, napkins, and cups for filling with water.

5) If you think you will be really thirsty- bring your own water bottle.

6) Have a ride if you can't bring your food and/or dishes on the bus.

HW Blog for the week of May 23:  (Field trip to the Field Museum on Friday)

Language Arts:  

Bring in your videos on Monday and we will get them in iMovie so you can edit.  Also, bring in any USB cables you may need.  Our last spelling list this week is already on Edmodo.  Your spelling sentences are due on Wednesday and our test is Thursday due to the field trip.  Also on Wednesday, you have your videos due along with your scripts.  We will watch your cooking shows in class beginning Wednesday.

Spelling words:  https://docs.google.com/a/ogschool.org/document/d/1iwy8wC0MIicHpv0XUeiWLhlLB4DEighijDaFCDeOmuw/edit?usp=sharing


Your reading packets are due Monday.  We will grade them in class.  We still have to some a little more work with Dragonwings.  You have a vocabulary test on chapters 6-12 on Wednesday. The test will be matching and on Edmodo.  We will get back our textbook and some short stories as well.

Dragonwings vocab. study link: https://quizlet.com/_2a2vq1

HW Blog for the week of May 16:  (Early release Friday at 11:30)

Language Arts:  Your very last MUG Shot test is Tuesday (cue the tears!).  We will review for the test on Monday.  You have spelling again this week.  Sentences are due on Wednesday and the test will be Friday.  Keep in mind your writing pieces and take a look at these dates:

May 17-  Both creative writing pieces due complete, but editing is not necessary yet.

May 19- Choose on of the creative writing pieces to edit and turn in for a paper grade.

Also, make sure to keep working on your How-to essay.  Make plans for filming and food!

Literature:  We will continue with Dragonwings.  We only have two more chapters left to read.  I hope to finish the book this week in class.  We will need to test the last section of vocabulary for chapters 6-12.  I anticipate that will be the week of May 23 and it will probably be your last test grade in literature.  Your book reports are due this week on May 18th.  I love an early bird, so if you finish it ahead of the due date, I’m happy to grade it!

HW Blog for the week of May 9:

Language Arts:  We are going to work on our very last MUG Shot sheet this week.  That means your last test is next week.  Instead of Latin, we are moving into spelling lists for the remainder of the school year.  These will be lists of 15 words each week.  All three lists will be given out at one time, in case you want to just work ahead!  We are beginning our last writing pieces this week.  Both will be posted on Edmodo as well.  *Make sure you have headphones for the spelling test on Friday!

Literature:  All myths and related summaries are due this week on Wednesday.  We will also have a matching test on the gods/goddesses on Wednesday after turning in our myth work.  The study sheet for this was passed out two weeks ago.  If you've lost yours, I have extras!  Also, remember that the posters in my room are very helpful.  We will also read Dragonwings chapter 10 and all work related to chapters 6-10 will be checked and gone over on Thursday.  

Friday we have an author coming to visit Oak Grove.  Her name is Morgan Matson.  She will be with us in the afternoon to discuss her career, her books, and answer your questions.

HW Blog for May 2-May 6: (Field trip on May 5th from 9:00-11:45 to the theater to see “The Lightning Thief”.)

Language Arts:

We will review our 5 MUG Shots on Monday and take the MUG Shot test on Tuesday.  Also, we will continue our Roll-the-Dice essays and introduce a second creative writing piece.  We have STAR testing on Wednesday morning during this class, so Latin HW will be due on Thursday and the test will remain on Friday.


We have begun a study of mythology in this class and will continue reading our short myths.  On Thursday, we will take the vocabulary test on Dragonwings chapters 1-5.  There are 27 words to study, so start preparing early.  I have created a Quizlet if you would like to use it:  https://quizlet.com/_28nqh7  Friday is our libary day.


Language Arts:

We are back to the usual grind- Latin and MUG Shots!  Latin homework will be due on Wednesday and our Latin test will be Friday.  We are starting a fun, new writing piece.  It involves a little luck and a lot of creativity.


We will continue with Dragonwings this week.  But, we will also take some time begin reading some Greek mythology to support the social studies curriculum.  Some of the Dragonwings vocabulary definitions will be due Tuesday and a mythology worksheet will be due on Thursday.  Friday is our library day.

HW Blog April 18-22:  (PARCC Week)

For this week, I will not be assigning any school work due to PARCC testing.  But, please read this information:

  1.  PARCC testing for 6th grade is Tuesday-Thursday.
  2. Testing times are 1-3 period (no rotations) and 7-9 period.
  3. You will test in your homerooms.
  4. If you finish your tests early, you may read a book.  I suggest you bring your new book report book.  You are not allowed to do other work during testing time.
  5. We plan on taking advantage of the nice weather and will go for a walk after our morning PARCC sessions are complete.  No, don’t bring your music.  We are just walking.
  6. Bring your headphones for testing.
  7. Remember that if you are part of the take home program with laptops, you won’t be able to take them home at all next week.

My last note is that your Hitchcock writing pieces and movies are due on Monday.  Be ready to show your movie to the class (if you did one) and submit your writing piece (s) through Google Docs.  

For the week of April 11, we will begin our new class novel Dragonwings by Laurence Yep.  While we have a copy for students to use for the classroom, we do not have a copy to take home.  This is a lengthy book, and in case of absence, students will need to make up the reading.  They may do so by borrowing a school copy during study hall.  Therefore, we encourage you to purchase a copy for your child if you feel they may need extra time to complete the reading or may miss school.


HW Blog April 11-15:  (Early release on Friday- SEL day)

Language Arts: In preparation for our PARCC tests, we will practice logging in to the test on the computer.  Students need to have headphones or earbuds here at school by Tuesday this week and they should stay here in their lockers until PARCC testing is complete on Thursday, April 21.  

Literature:  We will continue our reading comprehension PARCC practice this week. You have a comprehension packet due Wednesday. The big event is your book report.  The packets are due Thursday.  There will be no library time due to our early release on Friday.

SEL ON FRIDAY:  You will be participating in a variety of exercises.  Make sure to wear comfy clothes (even better, workout clothes) and bring a water bottle with you on Friday.

HW Blog for April 4-8

Language Arts:

We have wrapped up a full sheet of MUG Shots, so that means Tuesday will be our test day. Monday will be the review. Also, we will tackle another Latin list this week. The homework is due Wednesday and the test is Friday. Make sure to look at Edmodo for your group's filming schedule if you are doing the Green Screen project.


You will receive one packet this week with short stories and comprehension questions. That packet will be due Wednesday. Friday is your library day.

HW Blog March 28-April 1:

Language Arts:

It’s a regular old 5-day week!  What will we do with ourselves?  Well, we are back to MUG Shots and Latin.  Yippee!  Also, we will begin working on our Hitchcock writing pieces.  The research is done, now we need to decide what you will write.  On Monday, you will be given 6 writing choices and you will need to choose 2 that we will go through the writing process with and turn in for a grade.  Latin homework will be due Wednesday; the Latin test will be Friday.


This week, we will focus on short reading pieces and work on making inferences and finding theme.  This will take up our time Monday through Thursday.  You will have some work to do with these that will get turned in for a grade on Thursday.  Friday is our library day.  Remember - your book club packets are due April 14.  

HW Blog March 14-18:

Language Arts:

We are back to our normal schedule this week and won't be flipping the schedule or combining with Mrs. Thompson's classes. LA is where we will do our Hitchcock/ films work. This week, we will pass on MUG Shots and Latin again. Our focus remains movies, but that will begin on Tuesday. Monday we need to have both LA and LIT periods to tackle a long myth that ties in to what you are doing in social studies. The rest of the week will be dedicated to "Rear Window".


We will be using our available time to work on Book Club. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, please make sure your Book Club materials are with you- they are a class supply.

HW Blog March 7-9:  ( A Very Short Week!)

Language Arts and Literature will be flipped again since we are teaming up with Thompson's classes.  For our Literature time (which will be your morning classes), we will watch The Westing Game movie.  In the afternoon (Language Arts), we will continue our study of film terms by looking at famous scenes from movies and identify the cinematic effects we have learned.  It's time to train your eyes!

HW Blog February 29- March 4:

Language Arts: We will begin our new unit, Alfred Hitchcock! We will study movie-making and specifically cinematic terms. We begin these film terms this week. It is all in order to write research papers after spring break. Consider this research!

Literature: Wrapping up Westing Game (also known as my saddest point in the year!). Monday we will review for our test which is Wednesday. The test will cover chapters 21-30 and the last 10 vocabulary words on our list.

HW Blog for February 22-26:

Language Arts:  We will have a MUG Shot test on Tuesday.  We are back to Latin this week, so our homework will be due on Wednesday and the test is Friday.  We will put the finishing touches on our own persuasive essays early in the week and share those on Wednesday.  

Literature:  Full steam ahead with The Westing Game!!!  We are in the final section of the book.  Our time this week will be spent reading the final section and putting the pieces of this mystery together.   We will have our final prompt for our historical fiction book reports on Thursday.  Students have two options for this topic.  They can either write 1) a summary for the second half of the book along with two paragraphs about how the character is affected by the historical event in the second half of the book, or 2)  a summary for the second half of the book along with two paragraphs about how the character changed throughout the whole book.  Notes on the book and books may be used this time around, but students will not be able to depend on a graphic organizer.  We will begin our first book report for the third trimester which will be another Mrs. Evans’s Book Club selection.  Books will be introduced on Thursday.

HW Blog for February 16-19: (No school on Monday!)

Language Arts:

Back to MUG Shots!  We start a new sheet on Tuesday.  We will also continue our persuasive essays.  You should be on to your own topic.  Your persuasive planning sheets for your selected topic are due Thursday.  No Latin this week.


Tuesday is The Westing Game test for chapters 11-20.  This includes vocabulary as well.  Make sure to use your comprehension questions in your packet to help you prepare.  When you finish, you may read your book report books, so bring those on Tuesday as well!  Wednesday and Thursday will be spent reading the final section of Westing Game.  You will also have the opportunity to purchase more evidence on Thursday.  Friday is our library day.

Don't forget - 6th graders get to come to the junior high dance Friday from 6:30-8:30.

HW Blog for February 8-12: (Friday is an early release at 1:00 and an SEL day.)

Language Arts:

We will do a MUG Shot review on Monday.  Your test is Tuesday.  We will also continue your persuasive essays.  There is no Latin this week.


It's a full week of Westing Game fun!  Bring your books and packets to class each day.  There is no library time scheduled this Friday due to the early release.

HW Blog February 1-5:

Language Arts: We will start a fresh week of MUG Shots and Latin. Latin homework will be due on Wednesday and the test will be Friday. Also, we will start our next writing piece-the argumentative essay (also known as the persuasive essay). We will talk about the purpose and format of writing in this way and begin researching our topic: Why You Should Not Text and Drive.

Literature: This is a big week! On Thursday, you will write your first prompt based on your historical fiction book. Make sure to bring your notes and book to class on Thursday. You get to use them! Tuesday will be spent specifically talking about the format of this prompt. Wednesday will be a day that you will be given time to write a practice prompt (this cannot be used on Thursday, though) and catch up on any reading or note-taking you may need to do. Remember, your reading goal by Thursday, February 4th was to be at least half of the way through your book. In case you haven't checked it out in a while, see my Edmodo page for the requirements.

HW Blog January 25-29:

Language Arts:  This week in LA, we will have a MUG Shot test on Tuesday, Latin homework due on Wednesday, a final draft of your selected winter prompt due on Thursday, and a Latin test on Friday.  Busy, busy.

Literature:  We begin our week with an evidence sale!  Police Chief Evans will be opening the evidence locker and selling some special evidence to those who can afford it.  Continue reading your historical fiction books and take notes.  I cannot stress enough how helpful the note-taking piece is going to help you.  You will write your first prompt in class on February 4th.  You will need to be halfway through your book at that point.

HW Blog for January 19-22:  (No school January 18)

Language Arts:  Completion for our four winter prompts is Thursday.  All four will be checked.  Then we will choose your best writing of the four and develop that piece further.  We will start a new MUG Shot sheet and we will have Latin this week.  Homework for Latin is due Wednesday and the test will be Friday.  Also, now that you’ve memorized the linking and helping verbs, we will begin finding them in sentences for our grammar practice.

Literature:  This week, we have our first Westing Game test.  It is Wednesday.  How should you prepare?  Use your packet!  Learn the definitions for vocabulary words 1-15.  Review the character information.  Lastly, review the comprehension questions for chapters 1-10.  We will have a class review on Tuesday to help prepare you.  Also, you will receive a Wanted Poster that you need to create for your assigned character this week.  The poster is due Friday.

HW Blog for January 11-15:

Language Arts:

Yes, lots of tests, but we've been working towards these for a while.

Tuesday - MUG Shot test

Wednesday- Linking/Helping Verb test

Friday - Latin test


Your book report project is due this week on Thursday!

HW Blog for January 4-8:

Language Arts: We will start a new Mug Shot sheets this week. Also, we will begin memorizing our linking and helping verbs. Once we get back into formal writing, we will work on persuasive essays.

Literature: This week we will begin our first class novel, The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin. If you own a copy, bring it in - you can write in it! I will pass out class copies as well. This is a wonderful book. But, it is fast-paced. If you miss school, it is very important that you read that chapters we covered so you are not behind (or confused).

Have a wonderful break!  See you in January.

HW Blog December 14-18:

Language Arts:  We will have a MUG Shot test on Tuesday.

Literature:  We are wrapping up our poetry unit this week.  You will submit your own poems (free verse and lyric) on Tuesday.  Make sure you look at the checklists on Edmodo to help you edit before you turn these in for a grade.  On Thursday, you will need to have your selected poem from our list of 30 Famous Poems memorized according to the requirements for your poem.  Memorization and pronunciation count!

Friday is Shark Tank!

HW Blog for December 7 -11:

Language Arts:  We will have a MUG Shot test on Tuesday this week.  That means Monday is our review day. We will spend more time editing our creative writing pieces.  The final drafts for your creative writing pieces are due Thursday this week.

Literature:  We will prepare for our second Elements of Poetry quiz this Friday.  It will be matching, plus there will be a section in which you get an example of a term and you need to fill in the blank with the correct term.  Friday is our library day.

HW Blog November 30-December 4:

Language Arts:  We are back to Latin this week!  The homework (crossword puzzle) is due Wednesday and the test will be Friday.  Punctuating dialog will be our grammar focus as we continue to write our creative writing pieces.  Since this is challenging, I will do one rule per day and we will edit our papers along with learning each rule.

Literature:  We are beginning our short poetry unit.  To begin, we will learn vocabulary for the elements of poetry.  The list will be divided into two quizzes.  Quiz 1 will be Friday of this week.  Our library day is Friday.

HW Blog for November 16- November 20:

Language Arts: We will work towards a MUG Shot test on Thursday. We continue our writing. The "Be An Archaeologist" piece must be shared by Tuesday. Don't forget to look at Edmodo for the editing sheet to check your work. Also refer to the original requirements sheet to make sure that you have the required information in each paragraph.

Literature: We will read another myth to support the social studies curriculum. We have also begun our new book report and class time will be given this week to begin this project. Remember to take notes as you go so filling out your plot triangle will be easier at the end. Friday afternoon is our library time.

Friday morning is our field trip to Feed My Starving Children. Make sure to bring your M&M tubes back this week.

HW Blog for 11/9-11/13:

Language Arts: Our focus this week is on the MUG Shot test on Tuesday. Also, we will continue working on our Be An Archaeologist essays. We will take the week off from Latin. You deserve the break!

Literature: Book reports are due this week on Wednesday. Please return all books by Wednesday as well. Remember that we will test the second set of vocabulary words for the Elements of the Short Story unit. You have the definitions and I suggest you start reviewing now. This second set are the harder terms. The test is Friday.

Have a great weekend. Go Wildcats!

HW Blog for November 2- 6:

Language Arts: We start fresh in LA this week: new MUG shots, new Latin, and a new writing piece! Your Latin homework is due Wednesday; the test is Friday. Our new writing piece will tie into Egypt. Get ready to be an archaeologist!

Literature: We will wrap up the "Masque of the Red Death" readers' theater and listen to the recording of the original story on Monday. Tuesday, we will begin our new unit in our textbook. We will take notes on the Elements of the Short Story. There are many terms, so to test them, we will divide them into two groups. The first grouping will be test Friday. After you take the quiz, you will have your library time.

HW Blog for the week of 10/26-10/30:

Language Arts: We will continue with MUG Shots and have a test on Thursday. We have a new Latin unit. The Latin HW is due on Wednesday, and the test will be Friday. We will also write two more Halloween writing prompts, pick one to go through the editing process with, and share them on Friday.

Literature: This week, to support the social studies curriculum, we will read the Egyptian myth "The Death of Osiris". The reading will take two class days. There is HW that will be assigned with this and that will be due Thursday. Friday is our library day.

Red Ribbon Week: It's Red Ribbon Week. If you want to participate in the dress up days, please see the schedule below:

Tuesday - Crazy sock day

Wednesday - Wear Red

Friday - Wear your favorite team clothing. *Reminder - no face paint, hair paint, or Halloween costumes are allowed for JH Students.

HW blog for the week of October 19-23:

Language Arts:  Back to Latin this week!  We will also have a MUG Shot test as well as finishing up our interviews.  Look below to see the schedule - it's busy!

Monday - Finishing up our last MUG shot, editing our interviews, new Latin unit

Tuesday - MUG Shot test review, turn in Latin HW, editing interviews

Wednesday - MUG Shot test!!!  Last day of in-class editing for interviews

Thursday - Submit interviews (Share with me on Google docs)

Friday - Latin test

Literature:  Back to our textbook!  We will focus on symbols this week in our two stories, "The Sound of Summer Running" and "Eleven".  You have work to do along with these stories.  We will have some work to do at the end of each story: critical thinking questions and a work sheet for each.  All of this will be graded.

Monday - Symbols, read "The Sound of Summer Running", do Critical Thinking Questions

Tuesday- finish any work associated with the story, work on Reading Warm- Up B (due tomorrow)

Wednesday - Collect Reading Warm-up B, read "Eleven", do Critical Thinking Questions

Thursday - wrap up work on "Eleven", work on Literary Analysis worksheet (due tomorrow)

Friday - Collect Literary Analysis sheet, do a notes check on Critical Thinking Questions, Library

A note about homework- We normally do not have much homework in my classes.  There is time given in class as well, so finishing the work at home should not take much time if class time is used well.  We are moving through our work this week and when work is late, it does not fit in to the next steps in class.  Please make sure you keep up.  I will not be accepting late work for these short assignments that time is given in class to complete.  Study hall time can be used and time at home is minimal.

HW Blog for the week of October 15-18:  (No school Monday, school assembly Wednesday at 9:30)

Language Arts:

No Latin this week!  Since we have interruptions in our week, what would be our MUG Shot test is going to be a homework assignment instead of a test.  That will be passed out Tuesday and it is due Wednesday.  No lates will be accepted for this (unless it's due to an absence).  We will also take our interviews and turn them in to actual essays.


This week will be spent reading more newspaper articles (Turn and Talks) as well as working on our Book Club assignments.  We will go to the library on Friday.

HW blog for the week of October 5- October 8:

No school on Friday!

Language Arts: We will continue with MUG Shots in class this week. A new Latin lesson will be handed out Monday. The homework for that lesson will be due Tuesday this week and the test will be Thursday. We will continue with our student interviews. Please make sure you have quality questions to ask! We will do some literature work in language arts this week with our Mrs. Evans's Book Club selections.

Literature: This week we will focus on Turn and Talk. This is an activity in which students collaborate and debate news articles that can be viewed with differing opinions. We will go over the rules for appropriate Turn and Talk participation and read 2 articles in class.

We are scheduled to go to the book fair on Thursday afternoon during our LIT classes.

HW Blog week of September 28-October 2

Language Arts: This week we will have our first graded MUG Shot test! You have a blank MUG Shot sheet to bring home to practice this weekend (as we discussed in class). Monday we will review and take a practice test. I have extra copies of those ready to go if you want to take more home to practice Monday night. Tuesday will be the test. You get to use your sheet from class, so make sure to bring it with you on Tuesday. Your Show-Me-Sentences will be due on Wednesday. Remember- you have to edit yourself on the items on the board. I know many of you are finished already since we've had quite a bit of class time. Go ahead and submit it early, if you wish. I've also attached the grade sheet here. We are beginning Latin this week. Our first unit will be handed out of Monday. Your homework for this will be due Wednesday. The test is Friday.

Literature: The big thing to keep in mind this week is that you have a book report due this week on Thursday. Quick note: Make sure to look at the requirements and have all of them in your project. If you finish early, turn it in. You know I love an early bird!!! We will begin our next book report on Thursday once I collect the free choice book reports. Our textbook reading this week will be the story "Names/Nombres".

*Monday is a work day in LIT for your projects.  So, bring your books or projects to work on.  It is your last bit of class time to work before the projects are due on Thursday!

HW Blog week of September 21-25

Language Arts: We will continue our paper conferences this week and hopefully wrap up by Wednesday, at the latest. Students will turn these papers electronically on Thursday. Please wait until I give the whole class the instruction - I want to show you how you will submit your papers this year. We will continue working on our new pieces, Show-Me Sentences, as well. We will review nouns and add that an idea counts as a noun too. You will get a worksheet on Tuesday that is going to be turned in for a grade on Wednesday.

Literature: We will read two stories in class this week that are called "The Monkey Stories" . The first one is a fable (fiction with a lesson) and the second one is nonfiction (research on monkeys). All of the work we do in our notebooks this week related to these stories will be checked on Friday afternoon during our library time. Don't forget- your book reports are due October 1.