Situation Report: Oroville Dam, California - February 2017

Situation Report – period covered:  Feb 12-13, 2017 

Prepared by: Humanity Road / Animals in Disaster     Follow: @Humanityroad / @Disasteranimals / @jAIDDog 

Situation Overview


More than 180,000 people are under evacuation orders which also includes "all Yuba County on the valley floor" and the city of Marysville.  Evacuations have been ordered for low levels of Oroville, California, and several areas downstream from Lake Oroville because of erosion on the Oroville Dam's auxiliary spillway, according to the Butte County Sheriff's Office. Source

Oroville Dam is an earthfill embankment dam on the Feather River east of the city of Oroville, California in the United States. At 770 feet (230 m) high, it is the tallest dam in the U.S.[7] and serves mainly for water supply, hydroelectricity generation and flood control. The dam impounds Lake Oroville, the second largest man-made lake in the state of California, capable of storing more than 3.5 million acre-feet (4.4 km3),[8] and is located in the Sierra Nevada foothills east of the Sacramento Valley. Via Wikipedia

Earlier this week, chunks of concrete flew off the nearly mile-long spillway, creating a 200-foot-long, 30-foot-deep hole. Engineers don't know what caused the cave-in that is expected to keep growing until it reaches bedrock. source

Significant Updates (most recent first)

Feb 13:

  • ACSO accepted 470 inmates from @ButteSheriff. Inmates are safe at Santa Rita Jail. We don't anticipate them being here long. source 
  • 6:31 PM CAL FIRE update: The Department of Water Resources advises that the primary spillway continues to flow at 100,000 cfs and lake levels have dropped to 894’ feet. After evaluating the erosion on the emergency spillway, a plan was put in place to prevent further erosion. Utilizing trucks and helicopters, crews moved large rocks and gravel to fill erosion on the emergency spillway. DWR staff continues to inspect and evaluate the emergency and primary spillways for further erosion. All California Department of Fish and Wildlife areas and facilities, except for the Chico field office, are closed. The wildlife areas are flooded and extremely dangerous, please do not attempt to visit them. source 
  • 6:20 PM Nevada County will proclaim a local emergency tomorrow. Why?  On February 12, 2017 at approximately 4 p.m., Nevada County began providing emergency services and opened its emergency shelters to provide food, emergency supplies, medical attention, shelter, transportation and services for the elderly, social services, therapists, animal food and shelter, and to provide supplies and other services as needed to address the complex and rapidly changing circumstances to individuals displaced by the emergency evacuation. Nevada County is currently housing and providing food and resources to approximately 800 evacuees, 80 Yuba County Jail inmates, and 30 Juvenile Hall juveniles, as well as housing Yuba County’s temporary Emergency Operations Center, and it is anticipated that this emergency will exist for the next several days, and until the Oroville Dam Spillway emergency and threat of uncontrolled flooding has stabilized. source 
  • 5:54 PM California Attorney General Xavier Becerra today issued a consumer alert concerning price gouging in the wake of the Oroville Dam Auxiliary Spillway Incident and related evacuations.
  • 4:58 PM Nevada County is adding an emergency item to tomorrow’s BOS agenda. A  proclamation of a local emergency due to extreme precipitation, excessive water capture and significant damage to the Oroville Dam spillways and requesting the governor proclaim a state of emergency for Nevada County. source 
  • 4:13 PM DWR: Efforts are underway to make repairs to both the primary and auxiliary spillways at Lake Oroville. source 4:05 PM Helicopters have started to drop boulders at the emergency spillway. source 
  • 3:56 PM FEMA Activates To Support California with Potential Oroville Auxiliary Spillway Failure  FEMA logistics will supply 150,000 one-litre bottles of water; 20,000 blankets; and 10,000 cots to the state today.  FEMA’s Liaison Officers continue to work with the California Office of Emergency Services Operations Center and the California Department of Water Resources State-Federal Flood Operations Center.  FEMA encourages those in the areas affected, or potentially affected by the severe weather to monitor local radio, TV stations or official social media accounts for updated emergency information, and to follow the instructions of state, tribal and local officials. source 
  • 2:18 PM All jurisdictions within Yuba and Sutter Counties remain under an evacuation notice. Local officials are monitoring the situation and will provide updates on a regular basis.  source 
  • Oroville - Gas station by Feather Falls Casino is down to Premium gas only and running low source
  • The California National Guard is transporting blankets and cots to temporary shelters for evacuated residents. Source They are also prepared to provide medical support and evacuation if needed. source
  • 12:22 PM All evacuation orders remain in place, says Butte County Sheriff. source 
  • 12:19 PM DWR: Releasing over 110,000 CFS via the main Oroville Spillway.  Lake level dropping around 8′ per day. No water has flown over the emergency spillway at this time. source            
  • Yuba Jail inmates were evacuated safely. A list will follow on the County website.  Source
  • 10:01 AM Yuba County update: This morning, ALL Yuba County communities on the valley floor are still under Mandatory Evacuation, with the exception of Wheatland, which is under Voluntary Evacuation.  The Mandatory Evacuation applies to District 10, Marysville, Linda, Olivehurt, Arboga, and Plumas Lake. Please DO NOT return to those areas until we determine it is safe to do so. We are working to keep people out of harm’s way. We understand evacuation orders in Sutter County, Yuba City and Live Oak are also unchanged. source 
  • 8:53 AM Efforts are being undertaken to make repairs to both, the primary and emergency spillways. source 
  • 8:35 AM DWR engineers and soil technicians are assessing the auxiliary spillway damage now. Updated conditions will be posted as soon as available. source
  • 7:20 AM At 7:00 am Lake Oroville reservoir elevation is 897.55 ft. Reported outflow is 99,804 cfs. source
  • WHEATLAND ONLY -- Changed to a Voluntary Evacuation. All other communities still mandatory. source  
  • As of Monday at 5:00am local time, approximately 188,000 people are under evacuation orders and evacuations remain in progress. Humanity Road continues to amplify officials and monitor for urgent needs. Potential anticipated urgent needs are stranded motorists, gas station shortages, shelter supplies needed, and identifying misinformation and rumors. Additional rain is forecasted for the already heavily soaked area. Sacramento County which is south of the impact area and suffering under flooding conditions is also an area of concern.  Humanity Road began monitoring the Oroville Dam on Friday Feb 10th when the primary spillway was compromised. Helpful official agency social media links were collected in advance of evacuation and guidance from officials and which officials to follow amplified in social media.  On Sunday Feb 12, the emergency spillway became compromised and evacuations were ordered for parts of three counties. Due to the heightened risk to downstream communities, and at the request of a California county emergency management agency, the Humanity Road disaster desk was elevated to status Red and a special report was published to our activation partner, as well as our situation report. .

Feb 12

  • 11pm #Oroville update: spillover stopped along auxiliary/emergency spillway around 8pm. Flood warning continues, site/repair eval in the AM. Source
  • The mass evacuations underway below the Oroville Dam capped a week of frantic efforts to prevent flooding as the reservoir behind America’s tallest dam reached capacity and its main spillway was severely damaged.
  • People in Sutter County were asked to evacuate on Highway 99/70 south or Highway 20 west and not to go north. source
  • 8:00pm Marysville issued evacuation order for all of Yuba County on the valley floor
  • 6:11pm Sutter County issues evacuation source

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Regional and Local Links

State Links

12 Feb 8:47 PM - The CHP has deployed additional staff to work with emergency

personnel in the Oroville Dam area (Butte, Yuba, & Sutter counties). Source 

California Department of Water Resources website  @CA_DWR @CADWR @DougNorCal  facebook

California Department of Transportation: @CaltransDistrict3 @CaltransDist3 @CaltransHQ

California Office of Emergency Services @Cal_OES @CaliforniaOES  Website

California Fire Department: @CAL_FIRE @CALFIRE

California Highway Patrol: @CHP_HQ

California Department of Fish and Wildlife: @CaliforniaDFW

Butte County

Butte County Government: Twitter

Butte County Sheriff Twitter  Facebook

Butte County Fire Department Twitter

California Office of Emergency Services Twitter

Local Links

Oroville, population 15,506, website facebook

Thermalito, population 6,646

Biggs, population 1,707 website

           Chico police  twitter 

Yuba County

Yuba County Government website  facebook  Twitter 

Yuba City twitter

Yuba County Office of Emergency Services Website Facebook

Sutter County

Sutter County Government website facebook Twitter 

Sutter County Office of Emergency Management website  Facebook 

Nevada County

Nevada County Government: website  twitter

Emergency Numbers

Emergency Phone Numbers

911 - for emergencies.  Also if you are elderly or disabled and need help evacuating.

Information Hotlines

Reunification Numbers

  • Please contact the Beale Air Force Base Emergency Family Action Center regarding     those sheltered in our facilities (530) 634-5627. source 
  • People trying to locate loved ones can use Red Cross Safe and Well site.

Maps/Situational Awareness

Google map: 

Feb 13: Graphic from @sacbee_news article on Oroville situation showing possible inundation areas. Source



Red Cross Shelters: website and map, mobile apps

Butte County

  • Feb 12 - Concow Lake campground has evacuee space especially those with large animals.  Campground is off Highway 70, 25 miles north of Oroville, turn left at the Concow Road turnoff and proceed 5 miles to the campground. Source


           Feb 14 - Azads Martial Arts, 313 Walnut, Chico (no animals accepted) 

  • Feb 13 - East Avenue Church: 1184 East Ave. source  They are doing ok with supplies for now, but are expecting an influx of people who were previously going to sleep in the Walmart parking lot. source
  • Feb 13 - Grace Community Church, 2346 Floral in Chico. RV parking available. Source  They need sleeping bags and snacks and drinks for kids/adults. We are preparing ourselves to receive evacuees. Drop off is in the gym. source
  • Silver Dollar Fairgrounds, 2357 Fair Street source Feb 13 update: (small animals accepted)(The shelter at Silver Dollar Fairgrounds will remain open tonight. It has capacity for over 1000 people to stay overnight, and there are showers on site).  They need donations of food, water, blankets. Dog food, diapers anything! source
  • St. Johns Episcopal Church, 2341 Floral Avenue (small animals accepted if leashed and crated) source
  • Church on the Esplanade 1119 the Esplanade open and currently empty. Accepting evacuees, Corner of E 1st and Esplanade source 
  • Neighborhood Church, 2801 Notre Dame Blvd. (no animals inside) Feb 13 update: Needed “Eggs, bread, ham (not bacon), cereal (individual boxes please) toasters, pastries, milk, juice and people willing to scramble eggs. We're planning on starting at 7am so comment if you can show up.  Lunch and dinner are being taken care of, as well as breakfast Tuesday. We are out of cots and bedding but have space (no animals!) If anyone has bedding donations, cots, air mattresses, etc they are accepting donations!!! They do not need additional volunteers at this time.” source


  • Paradise Elks Lodge, 1100 Elks Lane, Paradise (no small animals accepted, RVs allowed in Parking Lot)
  • Paradise, Alliance Church (CMA), 6491 Clark Road (small animals accepted, RVs allowed in Parking Lot). Feb 14 (small animals accepted, RVs allowed in Parking Lot) - FULL Feb 13 update: “We need help. We appear to have enough volunteers for now. But we were just notified red cross can’t take over for 12 hours. Please drop your stuff off in the SOUTH circle parking lot. There will be volunteers to take it. Please do not park and bring it in. We need the space.” source
  • Paradise, St. Nicholas Church
  • Veterans Memorial Hall, 6550 Skyway, Paradise (no animals accepted)

Colusa County

  • Colusa County Fairgrounds, 1303 10th St, Colusa, CA is not an evacuation center.  They are offering water, restrooms and parking for people in transit. source

Glenn County

  • Glenn County Fairgrounds, 221 E Yolo St, Orland, CA source  Feb 13 updated: currently housing about 80 people. Plenty of space for people, pets, livestock, and RVs. source

Nevada County:

  • Feb 13, Nevada County OES: The fairgrounds is housing approximately 800 people at this time. Three buildings are being used for shelter and food serving. County staff are augmenting Red Cross and Salvation Army staff to meet the needs for this large crowd. They cannot accept food unless it is commercially packaged and wrapped. source 
  • Feb 13, 11:41 AM The Nevada County Fairgrounds is opening a third building for evacuees. The Main Street and Ponderosa buildings are filling up, now the three-wing Northern Mines building will be available as well. Approximately 600 evacuees spent the night at the Fairgrounds. Spokesperson Wendy Oaks stated the RV Park at Gate 4 still has spaces available. The Food Bank of Nevada County has dropped off several pallets of food at the Fairgrounds and the Salvation Army is preparing meals for the evacuees. source Donation needs: The donation list remains the same: baby and adult diapers, adult underwear, socks, Lysol wipes, women’s/men’s sweatpants and sweatshirts, deodorant, toothpaste/toothbrushes, soap, Chapstick, shampoo, combs and scissors. source 
  • Feb 13 - First Baptist church, 1866 Ridge Rd, Grass Valley is full.  200 people were relocated out of the Beale shelter in Marysville to the church. Source & Source Feb 14, Full source 
  • Feb 13: The Fairgrounds is available for evacuees and animals. We are not  full, and we have room in our buildings and our RV Park. The Red Cross has notified us that the Salvation Army will be bringing breakfast and lunch to all the evacuees in the morning. However, they are in need of blankets and personal hygiene items, donations are accepted at Gate 1 at the Fairgrounds. for the evacuees. There is plenty of bottled water, so no need for water donations. The Nevada County Veterinary Disaster Response Team (who is overseeing the large animal evacuations) has about 15 large dogs, and they have enough food and supplies for these animals, so there is not a need for food and blankets for them at this time. All prepackaged snack food, blanket, and small animal pet food donations can be dropped off at Gate 1 at the Fairgrounds, and Red Cross will oversee the distribution. source 
  • Feb 13: Nevada County Consolidated Fire has staffed the evacuation center at the fairgrounds with medical staff to assist the evacuees. source 
  • The Nevada County Fairgrounds, in Grass Valley at 11228 McCourtney Road, are open to flood evacuees and all animals. For cars (non RVs), go to Gate 1; for RVs, go to Gate 4; for large and small animals, go to Gate 8 source

Placer County

  • Feb 13: Placer County Evacuation Center, 800 All American Pkwy, Roseville requesting activities 4 kids - coloring books, crayons, etc. source  They also need prepackaged food/water, clean blankets/towels, toiletries. Source  Spanish and Punjabi-speaking volunteers are needed. Source  Donations needs are being updated on the Placer County Facebook page.

Sacramento County

  • Cal Expo - east gate, 1600 Exposition Blvd, Sacramento. Accepting small pets as well. Source
  • Rio Linda:  Sikh Temple, 6221 16th St. (all accepted regardless of faith) source
  • Sacramento:  Citrus Heights Community Center, 6300 Fountain Square Dr. source
  • Sacramento:  Sikh Temple, 4600 Pell Dr. (all accepted regardless of faith) source
  • Sacramento:  Sikh Temple, 7676 Bradshaw Rd (all accepted regardless of faith) source
  • West Sacramento:  Sikh Temple, 2301 Evergreen Ave (all accepted regardless of faith) source

San Joaquin County

  • Manteca:  Sikh Temple, 4640 Woodward Ave. (all accepted regardless of faith) source
  • Stockton:  Sikh Temple, 1930 S Grant St. (all accepted regardless of faith) source
  • Tracy:  Sikh Temple, 11770 W. Clover Rd. (all accepted regardless of faith) source

Sutter County

  • Sutter:  Sutter High School, 2665 Acacia Ave, Sutter, CA. source

Tehama County

  • Corning:  Rolling Hills Casino RV Park, several spaces left and will accept large animals (as of 8:45 PM) source

Yolo County

  • Yolo County Fairgrounds, 1250 East Gum Avenue, Woodland source  Feb 13 update - Fairgrounds are still open and accepting evacuees.  ADA-accessible and accepts residents with leashed/crated pets. source

Yuba County

  • Feb 13 - Beale Air Force Base has received approximately 400 evacuees. Efforts today are to   transition those requiring long term and specialized care to a Red Cross designated location. Our efforts are being coordinated through the California Office of Emergency Services. source 
  • Marysville: Beale Air Force Base letting evacuees drive through and offering shelters source  Red Cross shelter, 6000 C Street on base. source
  • Marysville:  Alcouffe Center, 9185 Marysville Rd. source


Status of Hospitals:

  • Feb 13:
  • Woodland - Close to 400 evacuees here in woodland. 97 children, 119 mental health patients that were evacuated from 3 hospitals in Yuba City source 
  • Live Oak - MMHD will be accepting 19 patients from the River Valley Care Center in Live Oak due to the Oroville evacuations.  source 
  • Oroville Hospital official says they are only admitting emergency case due to flooding concerns. Not likely hospital will have to be closed. Source
  • Oroville Hospital is sheltering in place. They moved patients up to 2nd floor as a precaution, but the hospital is on high ground and not in the inundation zone. source 

Feb 12:

  • Enloe Medical Center in Chico is not evacuating and is open. source 
  • Rideout Hospital in Marysville has 150+ patients and extra staff in case of evacuation notice. source

Hospital Locations:

Sutter County Hospitals

Butte County Hospitals

Yuba County Hospitals

Vulnerable Populations

Assistance for Vulnerable Populations

Feb 14: Disabled residents in shelters who live in Sutter County and need assistance with transportation home should call 530-822-4988 or 530-822-7556 for para-transport arrangements.

              Disabled residents in Yuba County shelters who need assistance with transportation home should notify their shelter manager of their transportation needs.

Feb 13:

  • 7:30 AM - Disabled Butte County residents who need assistance evacuating in Butte County can call (530) 342-0221 for a para-transport. source 
  • Unconfirmed report that people living in “14 Forward”, temporary housing for the homeless in Marysville, were told to walk out.  They had no cars to evacuate and were given no transportation options. Source
  • Far Northern Regional Center (FNRC) is assisting their clients who are evacuees. Please let them know your first and last name, where you are, a contact number, and if you have your medications. Call 530-895-8633 or email FNRC assists people with developmental disabilities. source

Nursing Homes in Oroville:

Shadowbrook Health Care

#1 Gilmore Lane

Oroville, CA 95966

Phone: (530) 534-1353

Fax: (530) 534-0632

Oroville Hospital Post Acute Center

1000 Executive Parkway

Oroville, CA 95966

Tel (530) 533-7335

Fax (530) 533-8715

Prestige Assisted Living

400 Executive Parkway

Oroville, California 95966

Phone: 530.534.8160

Fax: 530.534.4679

Pacifica Senior Living Country Crest

55 Concordia Lane Oroville, CA 95966



Roseleaf Senior Living and Memory Care

1900 20th St. Oroville, CA 95966

Phone: (530) 538-8200

Fax: (530) 533-5544                  


Information on Suspensions:

Feb 13:

  • All Butte College Facilities will be closed on Tuesday 2/14. Please call Butte College Police Dept. 530-895-2351 if you have any questions. source 
  • All Yuba and Sutter County schools are cancelled February 14, 2017 except for Camptonville. source 
  • Yuba County School Closure Info for Tuesday - MJUSD, WESD, PLESD, WUHSD all CLOSED source 
  • Gridley Unified has canceled school tomorrow for all Gridley schools. Subsequently,   Tuesday's bball games vs Sutter have been shifted. source 
  • Butte Superintendent of Schools, Tim Taylor, has called closure of all schools on Monday, February 13, 2017. Bangor Union Elementary School District, Biggs Unified School District, Durham Unified School District, Feather Falls Union Elementary School District, Golden Feather Union Elementary School District, Gridley Unified School District, Manzanita Elementary School District, Oroville Elementary School District, Oroville Union High School District, Palermo Union Elementary School District, Pioneer Union Elementary School District and Thermalito Union Elementary School District in Butte County.  All of Butte County Office of Education offices and schools in Oroville will also be closed. The following Butte County School Districts are not included in this closure advisory: Chico Unified School District and Paradise Unified School District. source 

Feb 12:

  • Chico State Campus will be open tomorrow and classes in session. Students and employees affected by the evacuation should contact their prof/supervisor. Source


Flights and Airport Status:

Feb 13:

  • 8:53 AM A Temporary Flight Restriction has been enacted for the area of the Oroville Dam as crews conduct continual surveys. This restriction includes recreational drones. source 

Feb 12:

No reports of airport closures


List of airports in California

Roads, Bridges

Feb 13:

  • SR 70 in the Feather River Canyon is closed. Source
  • Highway 50 in the Sierra remains closed due to mudslides. Source
  • 9:32 AM Yuba County Road Closures: source 

           North Bound 70 @ 18th Street in Marysville

           South Bound 99 @ 149th Street

           North Bound 99 @ 20th Street

  • 8:21am - Latest road closures from Caltrans source
  • Traffic alert: 7:05 a.m. Highway 99 is closed at Durham Pentz Road, and Highway 70 is closed at 149. #OrovilleDam" source 

Feb 12:

  • Caltrans is out on the roads, assisting stranded motorists on highways 70, 99, & 113. Source
  • Evacuation for Yuba & Sutter counties should use southbound 70 & southbound 99. Source
  • SB 149 at 99, SB 70 at 149, EB 162 at 99, & 149 at Openshaw Rd. are all CLOSED. Source

Road Condition Websites:

Caltrans QuickMap

California Road Conditions, Caltrans


Status of Communication Networks

Feb 12: No reports of communications outages, however using text messages can save on bandwidth.

Power & Gas

Status of Power & Gas

  • Feb 13: at 8:53 AM Crews are actively removing debris and sediment from waterways, in an effort to reactivate the Hyatt power plant. 

Red Cross

Offices & Contact Information
American Red Cross Gold Country Region

1565 Exposition Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95815                                   

Phone: (916) 993-7070                 

Website, Twitter, Facebook

Pictures and Videos


Feb 13: Photo - Gas station in Marysville out of gas

Feb 10 Youtube amateur aerial Video

Feb 10 video via@ABC Video1

Feb 9 via @AP Photo2

File photo Photo1

Livestream News Link


Facebook Accounts of Interest

Caltrans District 3

Beale Air Force Base 

Butte County Sheriff

County of Sutter Office of Emergency Management

Yuba County Office of Emergency Services

Placer County 

Community Help Groups

Oroville Dam Evacuation Help 

Oroville Evacuation Services Link Up


Event Hashtags:

#OrovilleDam #OrovilleSpillway #Spillway

Location Hashtags:

#Oroville #Marysville #Yuba #Sutter #FeatherRiver #ButteCounty


Twitter Accounts of Interest 

List of Official California Government Twitter Accounts

Twitter Storify from ABC10

Traditional Media and Blogs


Action News Now: Website Twitter

CBS Sacramento:  Website Twitter Live Stream on Facebook


Radio Stations in California

Radio Stations in Chico, CA

Radio Stations in Yuba County

Radio Stations in Sutter County

Animals in Disaster

Urgent Needs:

  • Feb 13: 12:28pm From the Nevada County Veterinary Disaster Response Team (overseeing the large and small animals), there is a need for animal crates, blankets for large and small animals, and water bowls for large and small animals. source 

Animal Evacuation Shelters / Boarding

General Information:

Sacramento County

  • Oroville evacuees with horses can arrange to take them to Gibson Ranch, 8556 Gibson Ranch Rd, Elverta, CA in Sacramento County . They also have RV facilities. Call 211 for more information. Source
  • Cattlemen's Livestock Market, 12495 Stockton Blvd, Galt, Sacramento County. source

Placer County

  • Fieldhaven Feline Center has set up a shelter at 590 McBean Parkway in Lincoln for cats and pocket pets. We still have plenty of room for evacuated cats and are staffed 24 hrs a day until further notice. Supplies are needed. source
  • VCA Loomis Basin Vet Clinic-free boarding cats, dogs. 916-652-5816. 3901 Sierra College Blvd, Loomis, Placer County.  Donations of dog food would be welcome. Source
  • Placer County Fairgrounds, 800 All American City Blvd in Roseville.  Pets that can remain with their owners can be brought to the fairgrounds, and animals can also be taken to our animal shelter at 11232 B Ave. in Auburn. source

Glenn County

  • Glenn County Fairgrounds, 221 E Yolo St, Orland, CA.  Plenty of space for people, pets, livestock, and RVs. source

Tehama County

  • Feb 12, 9:13pm PST Rolling Hills Equestrian Center is receiving large livestock, cattle pens, 300 horse stalls.  48 RV spaces also dry camping available call Carol @ 916. 826-1074  Source Confirmed.

Butte County

  • Silver Dollar Fairgrounds, 2357 Fair Street, Chico source Accepting small animals.
  • Erickson Vet Hospital is accepting cats and dogs, 11181 Midway, Chico  95928 source
  • Concow Lake campground has evacuee space especially those with large animals. Source
  • Lrg. animal shelter open at Camelot Equest. Park,1985 Clark Rd., Oroville, CA. Source

Nevada County

  • Nevada County Fairgrounds at 11228 McCourney Rd. Grass Valley is taking large animals. Source

Assistance for Hauling Livestock

Feb 12:

  • Person in Orland, CA who can can help haul cows and calves. See source link for information. source


Butte County Veterinarians

Yuba County Veterinarians

Sutter County Veterinarians


Volunteers Reporting

Cindy, Alice, Gerald, Paras, Chris, Cat, Judi, Aline, Sharon, Crystal, Joe, Najeeb, Eleonora