v1.2 - 17 Sep 2016

New features

Support for Unity 5.4

Support for three.js r81

Improved warnings when objects or materials are missing

Bug fixes

Fixed crashing on non-existing mesh filters

Fixed wrong tiling for normal and emission maps

Fixed emission maps not working properly

v1.1 - 14 Oct 2015

New features

Support for three.js r72

You can now choose to export an Ambient Light

Support for Spot Lights

Much smaller scene file size

Exporting goes a lot faster

Updated demo with r72 scenes and Unity screenshots

Bug fixes

Fixed empty objects not being exported

Fixed crashing on non-existing materials

Normal maps are now exported correctly in their original colors


Collider center and offset vectors are now in the same coordinate system as Three.js. This was done in order to minimize conversion math needed in your app. Please see this gist to have a better understanding of how to use exported colliders in your app.

v1.0 - 5 Jul 2015

Initial release