Lady Liadrin

World of Warcraft

Forged with Jeff Reynolds and Kristen Ashton

Featured Forger: Niko Arjanheimo


Lady Liadrin’s tale is a common one in the Warcraft universe - a story of loss and redemption. Originally a priestess of the Light, Liadrin left the order after she witnessed the fall of her home city Quel’Thalas during the Scourge Invasion. Hell bent on revenge, she tossed aside her staff in favor of a sword and took her rage out on the undead of the Ghostlands.

In time, she rejoined her brethren in Silvermoon to follow Prince Kael’thas and partake in the siphoning of the captive naaru M’uru. This continued on until the prince went overboard and had to be put down. Now finally living a life of balance restored, Liadrin continues her quest for vengeance with the help of the Light - but not too much.

Niko’s Choices



Trait- “Seal of the Crusader.”

Passively increases att. speed and basic attacks have leech. Activate to apply a dot in short range and restore mana

W - “Judgement”

Short-Medium Range, applies trait onto the enemy and puts the trait onto CD

E - “Exorcism”

Long Line Range, (kinda like Anub'arak's Impale), also stuns

Heroic #1: “Verdict”S

Short-Mid Range AOE ability (Cone), deals heavy damage and blinds enemies hit.

Heroic #2: “Ancient Protector”

Summon a warrior of pure light to fight alongside you for 15 seconds. So long as it's active, you cannot die.

Jeff’s Choices



Trait- “Wake of the Faithful”

Cone effect that does not deal damage, instead stuns the first enemy hit and slows other other all enemies hit. Stuns a type of hero?

Mount- Armored Griffin

Q- “Blade of Justice”

LIadrin uses the power of the light and raises her blade to the sky calling upon a light blade to fire up from the ground and deal damage to the target. This is not a skill shot and Liadrin is able to target heros with just a click.

W- “Templar's Verdict”

This is a very fast and powerful basic ability for Liadrin. Just like Ret Paladins in WoW when this is activated Liadrin makes a large sweeping strike over her shoulder with her powerful blade Quel'Delar dealing massive damage to the target.

E- “Exorcism” Featured Forger Ability

Long Line Range, (kinda like Anub'arak's Impale), also stuns

Heroic 1- “Execution Sentence”

When this is activated a holy hammer very slowly falls from the sky above a selected target. Thile falling the Hammer is dealing damage equal to the amount of health the target has when this is activated. This right… this is an all out delete of the character if they are not healed during this event. The hammer takes 5 second to complete the fall, dealing damage the whole time it's falling.

Heroic 2- “Holy Wrath” 

This ability should be activated in the same way was Zul'jin Taz'Dingo. It deals damage to all enemies in the area based on the amount of health Liadrin as lost- the lower health the more damage it does to the enemies in range. This is a call to her relationship with Zul’jin- using every last drop of energy to extinguish the enemy.

Specialty Skin: Lady Sif, Antarctic Warrior OR Dark Side Liadrin

Dance: Drops her shield and uses her sword as a air guitar

Kristen’s Choices







Spurned on by the memories of those close to her that fell to evil, Liadrin is bolstered in attack power and protection should any of her compatriots nearby fall in battle.


        Noble Steed

                Paladins ride horses as pure of heart as they are.



This classic paladin attack judges a target and nearby enemy, causing damage and marking them to take increased damage from all other sources while active.


Hand of Hindrance

A spirit hand reaches out to grab the target enemy, severely slowing their movements until the ability ends or the hand is released.


Blessing of Kings

Targeting a friendly ally, Liadrin blesses them so that the target is granted an absorption shield that infinitely recharges itself unless it is damaged through.


Avenging Wrath

Filled with the intense desire to seize victory at all costs, Liadrin is filled with holy power, a power that makes all of her basic attacks and abilities crit while simultaneously increasing the amount of healing done to her.


        Ancient Protector (Featured Forger Ability)

Summon a warrior of pure light to fight alongside you for 15 seconds. So long as it's active, you cannot die.


        Sleepover Liadrin

Complete with a pillow shield, comfy pajamas and a teddy bear to fell her foes.


        Jump On It

It’s amazing how spry she is in such heavy armor.