Welcome Kindergarten Families,

I am excited to start the 2018-19 school year.  Don’t forget our open house is Tuesday 6-7:30.  I hope to see everyone there.  Please bring along your classroom supplies if you have them ready.  I included a document below that tells you a little more about Kindergarten.  You will receive a printed copy and more at open house!  

ABC’s of




Attendance- It is important for your child to be at school every day.  Of course, if they are sick or there is an emergency we understand, but otherwise we love to see them at school.

Birthdays- On your child’s birthday we will make cupcakes in the classroom with the cake mix and frosting that was on the supply list.  You will not need a birthday treat.  If your child’s birthday is in the summer, we will celebrate towards the end of the year before school is out.

Chapel- Every Wednesday we attend chapel services on 9am.  Please dress nicely for these days.

Dibels and NWEA- Dibels and NWEA testing is done each quarter to track your child’s progress.  We will use the data from these tests to direct instruction in the classroom and determine if your child may need more specific instruction or intervention in a certain area.  The test scores will be shared with you.

End of quarter-At the end of each quarter, each student will receive a report card.

Fund raisers-Each year we hold important events to raise money to help continue to make Zion a great school for your children i.e. German Dinner, Auction, Color Run, Maritime Food Tent.  The participation of parents and families is vital to keep these events going.  Please join in the fun!

Gym-We attend gym on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.  Please have tennis shoes for these days.

High Frequency Words-We will be learning 50 high frequency/sight words throughout the year.  As we learn the words, I will place them on a card and add them to a ring.  They will be kept in a pocket in Thursday folders.  Please practice the words at home.

Information to contact Mrs. Mausolf- Please contact me at any time.  Call the school at, email me mausolf@zionlcs.com, or we can set up a conference to talk.

Jesus way- We promote the Jesus way in Kindergarten!  We model a Christian behavior that focuses on kindness, helpfulness, respect, and responsibility.

Kindergarten graduation- A graduation ceremony will be held at chapel on the last day of school.  All parents and families are invited!

Label-Please label all lunch boxes, bookbags, winter gear items, etc.  This way we can easily find the owner if misplaced or mixed up with other student’s belongings.

Memory work-Each week we memorize a Bible verse together.  The students will recite it on Thursday of each week.  The Bible verse is always in the newsletter for the upcoming week.  Please practice it with your child at home.

Newsletter- A newsletter is sent home every Thursday.  The front is full of reminders and updates.  The back of the letter explains what we have learned throughout the week.  Please read it to keep informed.  Important information from the newsletter will also be posted on the school website under the kindergarten page.

Offering-Each quarter we take our offerings from chapel and donate the money to a different cause or organization as a service project.  If your child brings a chapel offering on Wednesday they can put it in the small pocket inside their folder.  We will find it easily here.

Parent teacher conferences-Conferences are held once a year in November.  They are student-led and provide feedback on academic success and behavior of your child.  Additional conferences can be requested at any other time throughout the year.

Quiet time-After lunch each day we have 20 minutes of quiet time.  During this time, we listen to online read-aloud stories. This is a chance to rest our brains. There is a lot of learning to do in Kindergarten!

Recess-We have a 30 minute recess each afternoon.  We play outside unless weather does not permit otherwise we play in the gym.

Snack- We have a weekly snack helper.  The snack helper brings in snack for the whole class for the week they are assigned.  A snack calendar is provided each month.

Thursday folders-Each week, on Thursday, a folder will come home with your child.  It will contain the newsletter, calendar, any handouts, and work completed throughout the week.  One side is for papers that stay home and the other is for papers that will need to be filled out and returned to school.  There is a pocket for sight words and chapel offerings.  Everything inside the folder is labeled!  Please take it home on Thursdays and return it on Mondays.  Only one folder will be provided, so please take good care of it.

Use Jupiter Grades and Remind- Emails and text messages will be sent through Jupiter Grades and Remind throughout the school year to inform parents of events, changes, special announcements, etc.  Please make sure you sign up for both and have access to them in order to receive this information.

Volunteers- Any volunteer in the building, classroom, or on a field trip must fill out a background check form before participating and working with our children.

Winter gear- Please make sure that your child brings winter gear everyday in the cold weather months.  We try to make it outside every day if weather permits.

Xtra clothes- Please keep an extra set of clothes in your child’s backpack.  Accidents happen!

Your lunch choices- Your child may bring a cold lunch from home or choose to get a hot lunch from school.  A lunch menu is provided every month.  If you do not have a menu check our Facebook page.  It is posted on this site every month.

Zion staff- Here is a list of our friendly staff at Zion, so that you may become familiar with us.  Pastor- Pastor Schultz, Principal and 7th/8th grade teacher- Mrs. Brown, Secretary- Mrs. Busch, Preschool teachers-Mrs. Burkhard, Ms. Andrea, 1st /2nd  grade teacher-Miss Smith, 3rd /4th grade teacher-Mrs. Gust, 5th /6th grade teacher- Ms. Weiss