Flipped classroom - student questionnaire post unit delivery

Q1 What proportion of the self paced work at home did you complete?

  1. Some - about 80% of them
  2. I completed all of the Blendspace videos
  3. I watched most of the videos, some of the stuff worked,but I didn't complete them all because they were so long. I like the videos that came with the video transcribed beneath it
  4. I only completed some of the home portion of this task. Some meaning hardly any but not none.
  5. I watched some of the Blendspace videos
  6. I completed all of the homework portion of the flipped class
  7. I completed none of the Blendspace activities
  8. I have did some
  9. I completed some but not all
  10. Some
  11. I completed some of the Blendspace homework
  12. I completed some of the homework proportion (sic)
  13. I did watch all of the videos but I did not do all of the writing task
  14. I completed most of the Blendspace portion
  15. I completed some of the home portion of the flipped class
  16. I completed most of the flipped class
  17. I completed most of the home portion of the flipped classroom
  18. I did most of the work at home
  19. I completed some of the Blendspace videos. i know and think I could have done more though.
  20. Some (about 80% of them)

Q2 What would you identify as most positive about the flipped classroom format?

  1. I can always look over the plate tectonics work when I want
  2. I found using a flipped classroom was good because classes were more relaxed and chilled out
  3. I found the fact we could get on with the practical side of science and that made it more enjoyable
  4. I found it much easier to do it this way- it helped alot
  5. More pracs in class and you could go back to the Blendspace if you needed
  6. The only positive thing about the class was that we got to do more pracs
  7. That every class was a prac
  8. That every class was a prac
  9. That it was fun
  10. We had more time to do pracs and we didn't have to bring our book to class
  11. You get more done
  12. What I found +ve about doing class this way is we have more time to complete pracs in class
  13. The positives was doing all the pracs in class instead of wasting time
  14. I found that we got to do a lot more pracs was good and fun
  15. I liked that we got more pracs & had more fun
  16. what I found good was you could work at your own pace
  17. I loved doing all the pracs and no theory
  18. I think that everyone enjoyed us doing the class this way because the pracs were really fun
  19. Class was more engaging due to the large number of pracs

Q3 What would you identify as the most negative aspect of the flipped classroom format?

  1. Easy to neglect to watch the videos at home
  2. The negative thing is I will have to wait to ask for help
  3. I found having to do book work at home was harder because you had to remember to take stuff home and bring it back
  4. Unfortunately i think there are more negatives,its time consuming and adds to the stress outside the classroom. Especially for people with large out of school commitments. its harder to ask questions if you don’t understand something. For people who don't have Internet connection all the time it’d be hard for as well. For people who forget homework easily its inconvenient as well.
  5. I didn't like watching the videos at home because it took up a lot of my time.
  6. It was hard if you didn't understand something because you couldn't ask for help
  7. Realistically not everyone is going to do the work at home so it puts us all at different levels of understanding and we aren't learning as much
  8. The work after the prac
  9. That I didn’t understand some of it and that I dont have WiFi at my Dads
  10. I dont know
  11. The Blendspace videos were very long and cut into our home time when we could have been doing it in class time.
  12. Made difficult without a teacher when you get stuck
  13. The -ve thing about doing class this way is that not all of us completed the homework task, but that could have been changed with a constant check of homework.
  14. The negatives were not everyone did all the theory at home
  15. I found that some of the videos being 40 min long was a bit annoying
  16. I disliked having long videos to watch and were unable to ask questions to get better in depth explanations from you
  17. We weren’t checked up on and could not do the work
  18. I found that i forgot terminology a lot.
  19. I thought it was a bad thing doing this because not everyone was doing the work at home.

Q4 Which format, flipped or conventional, do you believe you learn better in? Explain please.

  1. I learnt more in the flipped format because I am hands on learner and applying what i learn is the best way for me to learn
  2. Ive learned more watching the videos
  3. I think using a flipped classroom was easier for me because I did most all of the work and has time to ask questions in class. I think it would work better if the videos were 10 minutes for under and had a small talk about in class
  4. I definitely learned more in the conventional format even though class was missed and things got in the way, it was easier to ask questions and create a deeper understanding of the topics needed. Although the flipped format makes it more fun I believe it makes the learning more difficult hence bringing the standard of understanding down.
  5. I think I learned more in a conventional format
  6. I learned more in a flipped classroom because it was independent learning and you kind of taught yourself
  7. I learn more in a classroom than at home because we are here to learn but home is my family time which is a priority to me.
  8. No because I didn't understand any of what I learned this year only a tiny bit.
  9. The flipped format because it was funer (sic)
  10. I learn better in a conventional format where I can take notes from the teacher and ask questions
  11. I think I learned more in the flipped class because I was able to concentrate more and do it how I wanted
  12.  I feel that I learned more in the conventional class as I seemed to take in more of what we learned in the classroom than at home
  13. I learned more in the conventional format but if I had I bad teacher the flipped classroom method may be better.
  14. I think I learned more in the flipped class because I could work when and where I wanted.
  15. I think I learned more in a conventional format but I enjoyed the flipped more.
  16. I do believe that I learned more from this. I learned more from doing practical than theory.

Q5. How would you compare your engagement in the class work between a conventional and a flipped format?

  1. I was much more engaged during the flipped classroom as we did were pracs that were interesting
  2. I've been more engaged watching the videos than learning the normal way. In a conventional classroom I find it really hard to concentrate and I get really tired I liked flipped classroom because it kept me interested and helped me learn easier
  3. My engagement wasn't great I believe that this flipped format will work for people who have a learning technique for watching and visual stimulation however for others I believe it hinders them by creating confusion and mis-understanding. For me the system of a conventional class will work best on I believe. I think it is a good tool but not to run an entire class. The conventional way is better but the  flipped class would be a good educational tool
  4. _Blank
  5. I am definitely more engaged in a flipped class because the practicals make class more enjoyable compared to writing notes.
  6. I don't understand the question
  7. Yes because it was quite easier and I learn a little when we do pracs.
  8. I learned more in a conventional format because I do did more class than at home
  9. I prefer the conventional format because some people don't have wifi
  10. I dont know
  11. _blank
  12. I learned more from the normal learning way because you can get help from a teacher easily.
  13. I believe are learned better doing it in flipped form because it gave me time to stop and go over the things I did not understand
  14. I would rate my engagement between conventional format and flipped format 4/5 because I did not complete all the tasks (written) at home
  15. My engagement was based with the flipped classroom
  16. I feel I was more engaged to work in the conventional class because at home I feel I got distracted and I didn't do the work because I had things distracting me.
  17. I wasn't as engaged at home as in class so the conventional would be better.
  18. I participated more readily when there was a flipped class because i enjoyed it more.
  19. I think I participated much better in this than I do in a normal science class or at home

Any other comments?

  1. Be more assertive when giving deadlines for all work
  2. Science this year has been great fun. I  are completed most of the Blendspace work I just kept losing all my work and would not save.This is easily one of the best science classes i've had in my 3 years here.There has been nothing about this class, I have learned so much from science this year. I learned more in this format, there is more freedom which is good. This form got me more engaged and I would rat6e it as 8/10. I felt  a lot more responsible for my learning and preferred watching interesting documentaries about the topic.