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SPANISH LESSON “Barbapapa Family”

Subject: Family / Reading /Listening Pupils: 3 years old Time: one lessons 1h and half Author: Miguel Ángel Muñoz (pre-school teacher), - Amparo López, mother of a child of our class

TOPIC: Education in Values


• Getting to know what importance have for us elder people, or our family.

• Importance of listening.

• Wait for other person when we have to eat

Preparation for the lesson (tips for teacher, what to do before lesson, what to prepare).

Please explain here fully and in details what should be prepared for a lesson) 1) Teacher present the characters (they are drawings of the past) 2) Teacher cut half A4 Cardboard for each pupil. 3) Teacher makes photocopies of the main characters of the tale 4) Mother prepares a story and characters of rag. BARBAPAPÀ La cuina” ED. Cocobooks. 5) Mother and teacher prepare question s about the tale or the real life. 6) Mothers prepares the dies of the characters to stamp.

Key Question:

● What can our mum/father grandad/grandmother do for us? What can they teach to us?

Conducting the lesson:

Mother and teacher we agree on the story to tell , and the activities to do

• The teacher seeks information about the characters: http://www.barbapapa.com/la- familia-barbapapa-es/

• Teacher present the characters before the activity

• Teacher cut half A4 Cardboard for each pupil.

• A mother tells a story: “BARBAPAPÀ La cuina” ED. Coco books.

• Mother and teacher makes comprehension questions

• Children have two possibilities: Paint the main characters or do it on clay

• while a person is calling to stamp characters on the cardboard

• Other day children end the activity when the paint is dry: they put the eyes and the smile on the characters.




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