We will abide by USA Hockey rules 3 penalties and you are out.

In effort to ensure that games during the regular season are completed in a timely fashion, we have instructed our referees to institute the 5 second puck drop rule. Please be sure that your lines are hustling to the faceoff circle for puck drop-they don’t want to miss it!

Should a player become injured during a Lakeshore Sports Centre men’s league game and the game must be stopped until the player  is able to be moved safely from the ice by emergency personnel, if less than 1/2 of that game (15 minutes) has been played-Lakeshore Sports Centre will reschedule that game at the end of the season.


The following rules and regulations will be used for the adult hockey leagues at Lakeshore Sports Centre. These rules are intended to serve the participants in their enjoyment of the games played. The safety and protection of the participants is the primary concern of Lakeshore Sports Centre.


1. Read and know the rules, including USA Hockey rules and this subsequent set of rules.

2. Control yourself and your teammates at all times.

3. ALCOHOL: If a player is suspected to be intoxicated, he will be asked to leave the contest. If the player does not cooperate with the officials/ice centre personnel, he or she will be suspended for one year from that date of the incident.


4. All players must be 18 years old to eligible to play ADULT league, with additional age restrictions depending upon the particular league!  There may be special circumstances that a player under that age may participate, and that will be allowed only with approval from all team captains.

5. Must be registered in that league, prior to start date.

6. A player can only play on one team per league, once he or she plays one game with that team, he or she must remain on that team for the remainder of the ice hockey season.

Exception to this rule will be in the case of a player being removed for reasons beyond his/her control. This does not include being asked to leave due to nonpayment of his player's fee to team captain, taking excessive penalties, behaving in an aggressive manner not in compliance with one's team philosophy or arena rules, etc.

Each circumstance will be reviewed by league officials and team captains. This is put in place to ensure that every player has a place to play, regardless of personality conflicts, gender, race, religion, etc.

Should a player be asked to leave by the team captain for circumstances beyond his/her control, he has now become an independent agent.

Lakeshore Sports Centre will make an attempt to place him on another team, starting with the last place team having first right of refusal, and moving on up within the league until a place has been secured.

Should no team be willing to take on this player, he/she will be placed on the Lakeshore Individual team, if one is in existence.

7. Each team can register a maximum of 20 players including goalie plus their subs.

8. Goalies may play for other teams as needed.

9. Any team allowing non-registered players to play in a game will result in the acting captain being suspended 1 game. Playing with an illegal player will also result in the game being forfeited.

10. If necessary, each player must show a valid photo ID before each contest. At this time, the player will be written on the sign in sheet.

11. After the 8th game of the season all rosters will be frozen. No team will be allowed to add anyone else on their roster, unless there is extenuating circumstances beyond your control. Subs must play in 5 games to be eligible for playoffs.

12. Prior to each game players and jersey numbers must be on the score sheet. If the player fails to do so and scores a goal, the goal will be nullified. The scorekeeper will do their best to keep up with the number of players. Ultimately, it is up to the players to make sure they are correctly written on the score sheet.


1. Each participant is personally responsible to wear protective equipment for all games and warm-ups. Such equipment should include shin and knee protection, elbow pads, helmet, gloves.

2. All players are required to wear a HECC approved helmet, facemask is not required, but highly recommended. The staff's decision regarding the legality of the helmet is final.

3. It is highly recommended that all players wear a protective mouth guard.


1. At the discretion of the referee: