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Athletic Participation Form
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Athletic Participation Form 2021-22

I give my child permission to participate in:

Fall Sports:                                Winter Sports:                Spring Sports:

_____ Volleyball (5-8)                        _____ Basketball (5-8)                _____ Softball (7-8)

          (possibly 4th)                                      (possibly 4th)

_____ Cross Country (4-8)                _____ Cheerleading (5-8)                

_____ Coed Soccer (5-8)                

Student’s Name: ___________________________________________________________

Grade: ________          

Parent/Guardian: _______________________________________ Phone: ____________________________

Please list any medical conditions we should be aware of: _________________________________


* 4th Grade for Volleyball and Basketball are a wait list. We need to see what the upper grades look like before we agree to add 4th graders to a team.

By signing below, I agree to the following:

Parent/Guardian Signature: __________________________________________        Date: _______________

Interested in coaching? Name_________________________Sport: ______________________


                                              Phone Number:_____________________________

Athletic Director:     Mrs. Sarah Osterman         (920) 982-5444