#walkwithusproject UPDATES

Most recently, on December 15th, the students participated in their WalkInto software training via GHO courtesy of Rohan Jahagirdar, so that we can begin building our virtual tours in the new year:



We also held a team meeting on the afternoon of December 15th to plan our Storytelling Series for the new year. This will be an ongoing series of artists, writers, reporters, etc. who we will be inviting into our meetings via GHO or in person, depending on location, to help students leverage their voices. We have secured three participants so far (a local Indigenous storyteller and reporter; our board’s Aboriginal Liaison Officer who will share the Grandfather Teachings and how they pertain to storytelling; and finally an artist/actor/poet from Vancouver, BC).

We are moving forward in our social media strategy (using Twitter as our main focus, but students have expressed interest in branching out to other mediums), and the students are working toward building a positive digital presence:






And this brings us to…..

We have digitized our member Neebin's WWU logo, so this will appear in all student-made tours and in correspondence (the kids also want to fundraise for t-shirts with our logo to wear when we are out in the communities, and for travel expenses as well):


​I've also been promoting Walk With Us locally (at a Special Education Advisory Committee meeting, as well as to our Board of Trustees); as well, my proposal to run a 90-minute interactive workshop at the Learning by Design conference in Brussels, Belgium was recently accepted, so I'll be heading there during March break.

Finally, we have two outstanding grant proposals to help fund our club:

  1. Ministry of Education Safe Schools and Student Well-Being grant
  2. Google.org Impact Challenge grant

Next Steps…

Thank you for all of your support. Our work would not be possible without you!

M. Lavoie