This is a chronological list of biographical novels about British (including English, Welsh, and Scottish) monarchs and royal families (as well as a few noteworthy nobles or warriors) including out of print and self published novels. I do not distinguish by quality so read at your own risk but I do try to note different sub-genres, publishing types, and availability. The intent is to provide a complete reference list of every novel ever written on each monarch/consort.

This is forever a work in progress so if you see any errors or missing books, please let me know with this form or you can contact me at Goodreads.

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Table of Contents:


Vortigern (5th Century Warlord)

Cerdic of Wessex (Ruled Wessex 519 - 534)

Ceawlin of Wessex (Ruled Wessex 560 - 592)

Urien Rheged (Ruled Rheged c. late 6th century) and son, Owain mab Urien (Ruled Rheged c. 595)

Edwin of Northumbria (Ruled Northumbria 616 - 633)

Oswald of Northumbria (Ruled Northumbria 633-642)

Oswiu of Northumbria (Ruled Northumbria 642-644, 654-670)

Ecgfrith of Northumbria (Ruled Northumbria 670-685)

Offa of Mercia (Ruled Mercia 757 - 796)

Beorhtric of Wessex (Ruled Wessex 786 - 802) and consort Eadburh

Alfred The Great (Ruled Wessex 871 - 899)

Æthelflæd (Ruled Mercia 911 - 918; daughter of Alfred the Great)

Edward the Elder (Ruled Wessex 899 - 924; son of Alfred the Great)

Eric Haraldsson (Eric Bloodaxe, King of Northumbria 947-948, 952-954, King of Norway 931-933)

Edgar the Peaceful (King of England 959-975) and consort, first crowned queen of England, Ælfthryth

Æthelred Unræd (Ruled England 978–1013 and 1014–1016) and consort Emma of Normandy (Queen Consort of Æthelred and Cnut)

Sweyn Forkbeard (Ruled England 1013 - 1014)

Edmund Ironside (Ruled England 1016)

Cnut the Great (Ruled England 1016 - 1035) and consort Emma of Normandy (Queen Consort of Æthelred and Cnut)

Edward The Confessor (Ruled England 1042 - 1066)

Harold Godwinson (Ruled England 1066)

Edgar the Ætheling (Proclaimed but never crowned; exiled)

William I, the Conqueror (Ruled England 1066 - 1087) and consort Matilda of Flanders

William II (William Rufus) (Ruled England 1087 - 1100)

Henry I (Ruled England 1100 - 1135) and consorts Matilda of Scotland and Adeliza of Louvain

King Stephen (Ruled England 1135 - 1154) and rival Empress Matilda (daughter of Henry I; ruled England 1141, uncrowned)

Henry II (Ruled England 1154 - 1189) and consort Eleanor of Aquitaine

Richard I the Lionheart and consort Berengaria of Navarre

King John (John Lackland) and consort Isabella of Angouleme

Henry III and consort Eleanor of Provence

Edward I (Edward Longshanks) and consorts Eleanor of Castile and Marguerite of France

Edward II and consort Isabella of France

Edward III and consort Philippa of Hainault

Edward, Prince of Wales, The Black Prince and wife Joan of Kent

John of Gaunt and wife Katherine Swynford

Richard II and consort Anne of Bohemia

Henry IV (Henry Bolingbroke) and wife Mary de Bohun and consort Joan of Navarre

Henry V and consort Catherine de Valois

Henry VI and consort Margaret of Anjou (and son Prince Edward)

Edward IV and consort Elizabeth Woodville

Edward V and Richard, Duke of York aka The Princes in the Tower

Richard III and consort Anne Neville

Henry VII (Henry Tudor) and consort Elizabeth of York

Henry VIII and consorts Katherine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymour, Anne of Cleves, Katherine Howard and Katherine Parr

Edward VI

Lady Jane Grey (The Nine Days Queen)

Mary I (Bloody Mary)

Elizabeth I (The Virgin Queen)

James I (James VI of Scotland)

Charles I and consort Henrietta Maria of France

Charles II and consort Catherine of Braganza (and his many mistresses)

James II

Mary II and co-ruler William III (William of Orange)

Queen Anne

George I and consort Sophia Dorothea of Celle

George II

George III and consort Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz

George IV and consort Caroline of Brunswick

William IV

Queen Victoria and consort Prince Albert (and family)

Edward VIII (Duke of Windsor) and Wallis Simpson


Kenneth MacAlpin, King of the Picts (9th Century)

Macbeth and Gruoch (Lady Macbeth) (11th Century)

Malcolm III and Saint Margaret

David I and Matilda, Countess of Huntington

Malcolm IV

William I (the Lion)

Alexander II

Alexander III

Robert the Bruce (and warrior William Wallace)

Robert III

James I

James II

James III and Margaret of Denmark

James IV and Margaret Tudor

James V and consort Marie de Guise

Mary, Queen of Scots


Llywelyn the Great, Prince of Gwenydd (1195 - 1240) and Powys Wenwynwyn (1216 - 1240)

Dafydd ap Llywelyn, Prince of Wales (1240 - 1246)

Llywelyn the Last, Prince of Wales (1246 - 1282)

Owain Glyndwr, Prince of Wales (1402 - 1416)