The Story Of The Out There Fish And The Travel

"Hey Ocean, what happened to your skin?" Said Hazel.

"I don't know, I think I might have touched the poison seaweed. Or, my tail might just need some seaweed salt coral on it." Replied Ocean, with a worried face.

Ocean is a fish. She loves exploring. Ocean has a big long tail, that is a turquoise Colour and when the turquoise comes up to her neck it turn greenish. Ocean's eyes are sapphire blue, the brightest in the Reef. Ocean doesn't have much friends. But there was one girl that cared about Ocean and that was Hazel.

Hazel is a really good friend to Ocean. Like when Ocean didn't hand in her reef work, and got told off by her teacher. Hazel came to the rescue and said it was her folt for distracting her, when she didn't really.


"Ocean, you know you weren't supposed to go near the poison seaweed!" Hazel said wide eyed.

"Sorry, I just couldn't help it. It's so sparkly!"

"I can't keep covering for you Ocean, I think this is about it! I am sick of getting told off because of your behavior!"

So Hazel swims off to her coral and over the reef of my house.

Ocean can just see the bubbles from the back of Hazel's tail.

Tears float down Ocean's face. She wants to shout, and yell, but something's holding her back, like she can't move anymore.

Ocean glides sadly, with her head down, to her coral. She feels like she has just been bumped on the head, with a huge rock and can't see her best friend anymore.

Once Ocean gets back to her coral, she feels very tired. Yet the day slowly turned to night, even though Ocean didn't want it to. Ocean slumps of to her room and jumps into her clam. She cries so hard she can hardly talk. And falls asleep in tears.

When Ocean wakes up she feels different. But she is still very tired, like she didn't get to sleep at all.

"Good Morning Mum!" Ocean says, cheerfully.


No one replies.

Ocean calls out again, "Good Morning Mum!" More louder than before.

Yet still no reply.

Ocean goes into the kitchen and looks into the master fish room. But still no sign of Ocean's Mum.

Ocean starts to get sweaty and worried. She swims as fast as she can to her brothers fish room. Yet it is the same, her brother is not in there.

Scared as ever, Ocean speeds off and begins her search for her Mom and brother.

While she swims she sees loads of pretty corals. That look like puffer fish, with the big spikes. But on the coral there is a gorgeous colour, that looks like a sun set, with the colours pink, light blue and orange.

Ocean carries on towards a school of fish, that have a lightning blue stroke down the middle of its side.

Ocean carefully explores around the school of fish. She is very curious to know why they are in a school this big. Nor has she ever seen this type of fish before.

Suddenly out of no where a huge Great White Shark appears with his huge shiver of sharks. The school of fish start to panic, scream and faint! Ocean knew she had to do something to help the school.

So Ocean shouts out to the school and they all turn towards her. She start showing them to a gap in a pipe that has rusted away over the years.

For when, Ocean suddenly realized that the whole school of fish can't fit in the rustic pipe.

The school start to get hot and worried!

In a flash Ocean is in her Clam in her fish room. She doesn't know what has happened!

Her Mum enters her room and kisses her on her forehead and says, "Good Morning Sunshine, how did you sleep?"

And Ocean replies, "Well, let's just say it was a big adventure inside my head."

And with that Ocean smiles a huge smile and turn to look out the window to Hazel and wonders............