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Lessons - Introduction
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Although Kah was designed to be easy to learn, this doesn't mean it will learn itself. Just like any other language one needs to study in order to acquire skills in it. In the following course one's knowledge and fluency in Kah is boosted from zero to a moderate conversational level in no more than 10 lessons. The most important aspects in the language are covered in an instance this way, from greetings, useful phrases and everyday occurrences to a manual of an electronic device and a simple philosophical principle in 300 words.

Each lesson handles a different field in grammar, has its own theme and introduces a new range of Kah vocabulary. Conversations, paradigms and repetition are all part of the learning process as is the case in every language course, as is the fact all lessons are concluded with exercises going over the skills and vocabulary that have been introduced in it. The correct answers to these exercises can be found here. In case of any questions please email the webmaster.

In order to boost your basic vocabulary, a Memrise Course is avaible here.