Te Roopu Whanau 10/04/2014 Minutes


Nic, Eb, Darren, Rops (Mario), Vanessa, Shar, Shar, Marisha, Chantelle, Dawn, Moana, Brenda, Emma-Jane, Metarina, Chris, Karen... 

Meeting open at 4:35pm.

Kohanga (kids come from this environment)

Bilingual school

Bilingual class. Establish this next year? Potentially send out a survey/ questionnaire about interest in something like this.

Ko wai ahau, no wai ahau?

Concerns form parents that they might not know what to do? pronunciation, kupu, . Open learning nights for parents so they can be involved with what they are learning

Its cool to korero Maori. It starts at home and can continue on at school and back home again.

Online spaces, paper for accessibility of information. RSS website (new language)

Marae trip- give all kids the experience. This was a great experience and some children felt upset that they missed out.

Health and exercise- Hauora important (Marisha would be happy to come in to talk with students). Importance on healthy lifestyles.

Korowai/ weaving. Maybe it would be good for the kids to experience. Gets you thinking Maori (spiritual/ physical etc).

Could do weaving for a fundraiser.

Take a group to a kura. A day in the life in a kura/ maori immersion environment.

Dresses are a bit short in Kapahaka. Thinking long term if we are going to need to get more because our numbers have grown.

Survival of the language is key. If we put our attention to Te Reo the rest will follow. A living language is a spoken one.

When they leave RSS we want language to be internal. Continuing te reo in the home is important.

The Hub: non-online space  for Maori resources. (Te Reo, waiata etc). Get kids creating some of the resources.  Down the back of the chair is place for schools to order (sometimes for free).

Labels around the school in spaces.

Harakeke redevelopment- outside deck with sails.


Parents committing to something. A timeline is a good idea. It helps parents to plan ahead so they can make events (fundraising).

Big events- like a gala. Having a goal to drive towards.

Have a waharo (entrance)

Fundraising (sponsorship/advertising) on the website. In return for freebies.

Hangi- Week 9. The kids will bring along a vegetable to put in the hangi. Te Roopu  Fundraising option.

Preference of how you like to be contacted.

Poroporoaki. Year 5s bring along a plate, not the year 6s. Perhaps a song that kids compose and sing to the others.


Fish and Chip night Week 2.

Meeting close- 5.40pm

What to action: (first steps)

- Te Reo little and often!!! (Staff)