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Dear Parents and Guardians,

Welcome to the Burrillville Elementary Schools. We look forward to an exciting and successful school year. We have prepared this handbook to assist in developing an understanding between school and home so that together we may provide your child with a rewarding and enriching educational experience.

We hope the information contained in this booklet will inform you of the procedures, policies and services we have established to assist your child. Please read this guide carefully and review its contents with your child.

Should you have any questions after reviewing this handbook, do not hesitate to contact the schools. We look forward to working together to make this year a challenging and successful one for your child.


Julie Mayhew, Principal                                 Mary Jean Boucher, Principal’s Assistant

Austin T. Levy School                                 Austin T. Levy School

Janet Lyons, Principal                                        Deborah Tancrell, Principal’s Assistant

Steere Farm Elementary School                        Steere Farm Elementary School


David Brissette, Principal                                 Stephanie Roberge, Principal’s Assistant

William L. Callahan School                                 William L. Callahan School











































School Committee

Mark Brizard, Committee Chairperson

John Michael Karmozyn, Vice Chairperson

Sylvia St. Pierre, Clerk

Dorothy Cardon

Alexandra LeClair

Joshua Tessier

Raymond Trinque

(401) 568-1301

Superintendent of Schools

Dr. Frank Pallotta

(401) 568-1301

FAX: (401) 568-4111

Interim Director of Pupil Personnel Services

Kim Pristawa

(401) 568-1307

FAX: (401) 568-1306

Supervisor of Business Affairs

Robin Kimatian

(401) 568-1301

FAX: (401) 568-1337

Director of Assessment, Curriculum and Professional Development

Lois Short

(401) 568-1301

FAX: (401) 568-4111

Director of Technology                                                                                                                         Justin Allen (401) 568-1301                                                                                                                                               FAX: (401) 568-1337

Director of Facilities

David Fontes

(401) 568-1301

FAX: (401) 568-1337

A. T. Levy School 

Julie Mayhew, Principal

Mary Jean Boucher, Principal’s Assistant

Grades Preschool, K, 1

(401) 568-1340

FAX: (401) 568-1318



Steere Farm Elementary School 

Janet Lyons, Principal

Deborah Tancrell, Principal’s Assistant

Grades 2, 3, 4, & 5

(401) 568-1350

FAX: (401) 568-1353



William L. Callahan School 

David P. Brissette, Principal

Stephanie Roberge, Principal’s Assistant

Grades 2, 3, 4, & 5

(401) 568-1330

FAX: (401) 568-1328



Burrillville Youth Nutrition Services

Jen Palmer, Director

(401) 568-1360

FAX: (401) 710-7850


Dattco, Inc.

Jane Pepler, Terminal Manager

(401) 371-2774

FAX: (401) 371-2776

DISTRICT MISSION STATEMENT                                                                                            

                                                                                                                                                                           The mission of the Burrillville Public School System is to provide high quality education to all students in a secure, nurturing environment in which all are challenged to reach full potential as life-long learners, responsible citizens, and contributing members of society, recognizing its role as the education center of our unique and evolving community.


The Burrillville Elementary Schools are committed to an educational program which will provide a nurturing, challenging and positive learning environment. We accept the challenge to help each child reach his or her full potential, as well as develop and acquire skills and interests leading to an active, contributive, and rewarding life.

We respect each child's unique rate and style of learning. We have high performance expectations for our students. At the same time, we are sensitive to the social, emotional, intellectual, and physical needs of children at each stage of their development. As a result, our school environment seeks to foster self-awareness, self-reliance, self-confidence, and self-control.

We believe that education is a life-long process. We offer Burrillville children a coordinated and flexible program of studies and activities which will meet their needs at this time in their lives and will provide a foundation to support a lifetime of future learning.


All students who register into the Burrillville Elementary Schools must have verification of residency, completed health records, and emergency information on file. Please be sure all telephone numbers and addresses are accurate and clearly written, and remember to notify the school if you change addresses or telephone numbers during the school year. It is of utmost importance that our records remain current in case of emergency.


Absence From School – Parents and guardians are asked to schedule personal, dental, and medical appointments for after school hours whenever possible. Close scrutiny of every student’s daily attendance is conducted by School Administration. The administration will pursue legal action, including a referral to Truancy Court, against students who accumulate unauthorized absences from school.

Parents and guardians are asked to call the School Office before 9:00 A.M. to inform the secretary that a student will be absent from school. A student is not allowed to participate in or attend any school activity, athletic program or extracurricular/co-curricular program on the day he or she is absent from school.

Following an absence from school, a student is required to return to school with a note signed by his or her parent or guardian stating the date(s) and the reason for absence from school. The note should be given to the homeroom teacher or brought to the main office the day the student returns to school. Make-up work will be required upon the student’s return.

Vacations During School Periods - Student absences resulting from family vacations taken at times other than the weeks (days) identified in the school calendar are unexcused. These absences create significant learning difficulties as 90% of today’s instruction involves discussion, group work and in-school practice, which cannot be replicated when a child is not in school. Also, many of the classroom activities are grouped and differentiated with the readiness, interests, and learning styles of students in mind.

Assignments will not be sent home prior to the absence, but key assignments may be saved during the student’s absence and given to the student upon his/her return to school.

Key assignments that are not completed in an appropriate manner within one calendar week of his/her return, or student learning outcomes that have not been mastered will adversely influence the student’s performance level on the report card.

Textbooks are available at some grade levels in some subjects. Teachers may be able to send these textbooks home with the child prior to the vacation. The parent is asked to assist the child in understanding the material as it progresses in the textbooks and to quiz the child with regard to this understanding. Textbooks are the responsibility of the family if lost or damaged.


The importance of regular school attendance cannot be stressed enough. This is essential to your child's school success. All children are required by law to attend school on a regular basis unless non-attendance is otherwise approved. Therefore, repeated absences will be reported to the appropriate authorities.


The school day begins promptly at 8:40 a.m. at W.L. Callahan, and at 8:45 a.m. at Steere Farm and A.T. Levy. Children may begin arriving at school 15 minutes before the start of the day. If your child arrives at school after the designated arrival time, s/he is considered tardy and must be signed in at the main office. Please remember that tardiness disrupts your child's instructional time, progress, and attitude toward learning. Excessive tardiness will be reported to the appropriate authorities.


We strongly encourage you to schedule your child's doctor and dental appointments before or after school hours. If this is not possible, a note should be written to the classroom teacher stating the reason and time of dismissal. Parents must report to the office upon entering the school to pick up a child. All children must be signed out by a parent or guardian at pick-up time.

Changes in dismissal procedure disrupt instruction and create anxiety for children, so we ask for your cooperation in helping us to maintain consistent dismissal procedures. If you wish to make a change to your child’s regular dismissal procedure, a note must be sent to the office in the morning. Unless there is an emergency, we cannot accommodate dismissal changes by phone.


If you choose to pick up your child daily from school, please report directly to the designated dismissal area in your child's school. Please be aware that school staff may ask to see photo identification at any time. We recognize that this may be inconvenient, but we ask you to bear with us, as the safety and security of our children is our primary concern.

Only those adults who have been identified on a child’s emergency card will be permitted to pick a child up from school. Please be sure that anyone who is sent to school to pick up your child is on file in the office.



If you are moving and are withdrawing your child from school, please call or come by the school a few days prior to the withdrawal date. This will give ample time to complete the necessary paperwork. Your cooperation is always greatly appreciated.


If school is closed or delayed due to storms, or other emergencies, announcements will be made through Web Based Broadcasting/Emergency Notification Services and on the following local radio stations:



1380 WNRI-AM WWLI-FM (Lite 105) 790 WLKW-AM


Whenever there is a delayed school opening, AM Preschool will be canceled. Kindergarten classes will be in session on the delayed schedule. School will close at the regular time.

In an emergency situation (adverse weather, power failure, heating problem, etc.), an early dismissal may be necessary. While it remains the parent or guardian's responsibility to make provisions for the supervision of children in the event of an early dismissal, we would like to make the following suggestions:

a. Establish a procedure for your children to follow in the event that you are not home.

(For example, they are to go to a neighbor's house.)

b. Be sure that your children know their address and telephone number.

c. Children should know where at least one parent can be contacted. (This information

must be on file in the office.)


Cell phone usage by children during the school day is not permitted. In an emergency, a child will be allowed to call home from the office. Cell phones that are out during the school day will be confiscated and given to the principal.  Confiscated cell phones will not be returned to children and must be retrieved by a parent or guardian during regular school hours.

It is very difficult for the office to convey messages to children during the school day. Please make every effort to communicate directions to children before they come to school.


At various times throughout the year there are opportunities to capture the many wonderful accomplishments of our students on film, in class, on trips, or at special events. We are most proud of our students' accomplishments and the interactive programs offered at our schools, and children enjoy seeing themselves in the photo displays as they are presented. In order that student confidentiality be maintained, documentation of parental permission to photograph our students is required. Please return the photo release slip in September.


The School Nurse/Teacher is available for children on a daily basis. In the event of a serious injury or illness at school, the school nurse will render first aid. If follow-up care is needed or the child cannot remain at school, parents will be notified to pick up the child.

Please keep your child at home if he or she has

A child shall remain at home until his or her condition has been resolved to the satisfaction of the personal physician and/or the school nurse. Children may not return to school after an illness until they have been fever-free and vomit-free for 24 hours without medication. 

Please inform the nurse if:

1. Your child is hospitalized due to illness, surgery, or fractures, etc.

2. Your child has allergies that require a special diet, medication, epi-pen, or any special

concerns that the school should be aware of.

3. Your child needs to take medication at school.

4. Your child has been treated for such contagious conditions as head lice, conjunctivitis,

chicken pox and other communicable diseases.

The policy of the Burrillville Schools is that nurses are not allowed to dispense medication in school without a written order from a physician. Prescription medication must be in the original prescription container and properly labeled.

It is essential that our school nurses be fully aware of all medication that students are taking in order to ensure the child's welfare and to use appropriate first aid measures in the event a child becomes ill in school.

Children are NOT allowed to transport medication to and from school. They also are NOT allowed to take over the counter medication or prescription medication in school without a written order from the physician and a signed parent permission form.

Most prescription medication is available in dosages that can be taken two or three times a day.  We encourage parents to inquire about the availability of these medication dosages from their physicians. This may eliminate the need to take medication during school hours.

Please contact the school nurse to determine how your child's medical needs will be met while on scheduled field trips.


Field trips are considered to be an extension of the instructional process which fulfills educational objectives directly related to the curriculum. For a child to participate in scheduled field trips, an appropriate permission slip must be signed by the legal guardian.

Chaperones who attend the trip will serve as supervisors of a designated group of students and must ensure that students follow rules and guidelines of safety and field trip procedures. All chaperones must have a current BCI check. Younger siblings are not permitted to accompany an adult serving as chaperone.

All students are to return to their school following the field trip for regularly scheduled dismissal, and are not allowed to be dismissed from the field trip site with parents who serve as chaperones.

In order to ensure the safety and well-being of all, a child who has had repeated behavior referrals may be suspended from a field trip. In that event, an alternative placement will be arranged for the child for the duration of the school day.


Physical exercise is a part of the school day and an integral element of your child's development. Therefore, all children will participate in physical education classes and recess unless there is medical reason for their excusal. If your child is unable to take part for necessary reasons, please notify the school in writing.


Sneakers and appropriate physical education attire should be worn on scheduled gym days.


1. Fire Drills - Fire drills are necessary for the safety of all students, staff, and faculty. Specific information for fire drills is posted in each room. Everyone, including guests, must exit the building during a fire drill.

2. Lock Down Drills-Like fire drills, lockdown drills are necessary for the safety of all students, staff and faculty.  Students are instructed about what to do in case of a lockdown situation throughout the school year.  At least two lockdown drills will be conducted in conjunction with the Burrillville Police and district personnel.  

3. Bomb Threats - The Burrillville School Department has adopted a specific policy in regard to bomb threats. Safety of students and staff is the prime concern.

4. Prohibitions - The Burrillville School Department has adopted a Zero Tolerance Policy, entitled Prohibitions. The purpose of this policy is to provide a school environment that is conducive to learning. The underlying belief of this policy is that children have the right to be educated in a safe and nurturing environment. Therefore, a policy of zero tolerance for weapons and violence in schools is in place. In the event of a violation of this policy, appropriate disciplinary action will be taken, which could lead to suspension and/or police involvement.

5. Sexual Harassment/Hostile Environment - The Burrillville School Department shall provide an educational environment free of sexual harassment or other hostile situations not conducive to learning. Please refer to the Burrillville School Department Policies for further information.

6. Bullying/Hazing The Burrillville School Department shall provide an educational environment that is free of bullying, intimidation, verbal abuse, or physical abuse, including any abuse characterized as an initiation, a rite of passage, or hazing. For additional information, please refer to the Burrillville School Department Policy Manual.

7.  Immunizations – Parents are to ensure their child’s immunization records are up-to-date per the Burrillville School Department Immunization Policy.

8. Civility – Both Burrillville School Department employees and members of the public (parents, vendors, etc.) shall be expected to interact with respect and civility. Please refer to School Department policies for further information.

9. School Insurance - School insurance is available to all students. A packet will be sent home for parents to review. Purchase of the insurance is optional; however, it is an inexpensive way to provide valuable coverage for your child.

10. Personal Hygiene – Appropriate hygiene is important to your child’s success and social acceptance in school. As elementary school children mature, they should be encouraged to take responsibility for their own cleanliness, including daily showers and the use of a deodorant. Excessive use of scented products is discouraged; these items should not be brought to school, as many children are allergic.

11. Dress Code and Cleanliness - Students are encouraged to dress in clean, comfortable clothes, appropriate for school. Hats, halter tops, tank tops, flip-flops, other beach wear, platform shoes and roller shoes are not considered to be appropriate, nor is any clothing with offensive or suggestive language. Shorts and skirts must be at least fingertip length when the student’s hands are by his/her side.

During cold weather, students should dress with hats, gloves, heavy coats or jackets and boots. Clothing should be non-restrictive and weather appropriate.

Chains and long straps which hang from clothing pose a danger to your child and are not allowed. Make-up and excessive jewelry are also not appropriate. In the event that a child arrives at school dressed inappropriately, we will contact you for a change of clothing.

12. Items From Home – Children are to leave all toys, playing cards, electronic games, iPods, CD players and cell phones at home. These items are apt to get broken or stolen and could cause problems between students. Gum is not permitted in school.

13. Alcohol/Tobacco and Other Drug Policies – The Burrillville School Committee has established Alcohol/Tobacco and Other Drug Policies to provide an Alcohol/Tobacco and Other Drug (prescription and/or non prescription medications included) free school environment for its students, our employees and the community at large. The committee feels strongly that no use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs should take place in any building, playing field, locker room, gymnasium, bus, parking lot, or other areas designated as school property, whether owned, leased or rented or at any school related function. In the event of a violation of any of these policies, appropriate disciplinary action will be taken which could lead to suspension and/or police involvement.


The Burrillville School Department provides bus transportation. Learning to ride a school bus is part of your child's educational experience. We encourage you to utilize this service. Your child's safety is as important to us as it is to you. Therefore, to ensure the safest possible ride, the school requires your child to know and follow appropriate bus ride practices:


We do not encourage changes in the bus your child rides daily. However, in the event that he or she must ride a different bus on a specific day, please call the bus company (Durham) at 371-2774 to be sure there is room on the bus. If the bus company approves, please notify the school office in writing of the date and change. (Please remember that not all buses go to all schools - some routes serve only WLC or SFE)


their disembarking.

Disciplinary action shall be taken, in accordance with School Committee Policy, in the event of misconduct. Students shall be afforded the opportunity to respond to misconduct accusations while questioned by their school principal or designees. Video cameras may be placed on any bus in Burrillville and shall be regarded as aides to monitor bus discipline as written in Policy #P7212 of the Burrillville Policy Manual.



Disciplinary action shall be taken against students for school bus misconduct as follows:

First Offense - Upon receipt of complaint from the transportation agent, the school principal or designee shall speak to the student about the nature of the misconduct, and request the student’s cooperation in correcting any inappropriate actions. The principal shall also notify the parent or guardian in writing, stating the nature of the offense and accompanied by a copy of the Student Transportation Policy. Signed parental notifications shall be sent to the transportation agent.

Second Offense - The building principal or designee shall speak to the student again, informing the student that bus transportation privileges have been suspended for two (2) days, again notifying the parent or guardian in writing and by telephone, stating nature of offense and disciplinary action taken. Suspension shall take place only after a hearing at which parent and child may be heard.

Third Offense - Repeat above procedure, suspending bus privileges for two (2) weeks.

Fourth Offense - Repeat above procedure suspending bus privileges for the balance of the school year.

In the event of serious student misconduct, the School Committee or its designee may waive procedures for the first and second offenses and invoke immediate suspension.


If you wish your child to walk to and from school, please notify the school office in writing. Also review with your child pedestrian safety. Children in 4th and 5th grade may ride bicycles to school with signed parent permission. Please remember that your child is required to wear a safety helmet when bicycling to school. Due to its location, students do not walk or ride bicycles to Steere Farm Elementary School.


Breakfast and lunch are served daily. Menus are planned by the Director of Nutrition Services, Mrs. Tricia Wright, in accordance with specifications established by the Federal Government. The menu is published monthly and sent home through the school.

Students may purchase breakfast and/or hot lunch or bring their own lunch from home. Milk may also be purchased. A cashless system is in place for the Burrillville Schools which enables you to purchase meals/milk in advance. Parents may also close their children’s accounts if they do not wish their children to access the account at all. It is the parent’s responsibility to monitor lunch balances to ensure their child’s ability to purchase lunch. Parents must address negative balances immediately to prevent accounts being closed. Please refer to Youth Nutrition Service guidelines for further information.

All children will be given an application for free and reduced lunch to take home to their parents. We are required by law to provide every parent with the opportunity to apply. All families are encouraged to return the application form, even those who do not believe they are eligible or do not wish to participate in the program, as the information in these applications provides the basis for federal funding to our schools. All application information is confidential.

Parents are encouraged to send a nutritious snack to be eaten at an appropriate time designated by teachers.


Lunchroom rules apply to all students and are reinforced. All students will:

1.         Use good table manners.

2.         Talk quietly to friends.

3.         Remain in their seats until they return their trays and deposit trash in designated areas.

4.         Return to classrooms or bathrooms only with permission from teacher or aide.

5.         Clean their lunch spaces.

6.         Enter and exit the cafeteria in an orderly fashion.


Core Values – School life is enhanced for everyone, children and adults, when core values are respected and implemented. Virtually everyone will agree on central human values: self-respect, honesty, kindness and consideration, common forms of politeness, respect for others and a sense of personal responsibility. These values are within the understanding of even young children.

PBIS – Our staff has been working to implement a new school-wide behavior system. Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) is a research-based model of teaching and recognizing expected behaviors that many schools across the nation have implemented.

Each September, and periodically throughout the school year, students are taught positive behaviors that are modeled and encouraged by all faculty and staff in all environments around the school.

Our students are taught the 3R’s, and they know that we expect them to be Respectful, Responsible and Ready to learn at all times in school and in the community.

Code of Conduct – Students are expected to:

Students unable to abide by these guidelines will receive assistance in developing more appropriate behaviors. These interventions may include informal counseling, meeting with the principal, loss of privileges, (recess, special events, field trips, etc.), and/or parent conferences.

In the event of extreme behavior, suspension from school may be necessary. We encourage you to work cooperatively with school staff to help your child become a responsible school citizen as well as a good student.

Discipline - Your child is expected to behave in a respectful and orderly manner both in the school building and on the playground at all times. In order to insure an environment conducive to learning, children who have repeated behavior offenses may be suspended from recess privileges and may be expected to remain after school. Full cooperation between the home and school is imperative if this is to be achieved.

All teachers, support staff, and teacher assistants have full authority to maintain proper order in the school and its environment.

Our goal is to help children become self-disciplined and to behave in a way that allows them and others to reach their full potential. The administration and staff strive to be fair, yet fully realize that every case requires individual attention. If your child exhibits inappropriate behaviors, disciplinary measures will be taken. Repeated offenses will be called to your attention and a parent conference will be scheduled with the building principal.

In the final analysis, we strongly support the teachers' right to teach and the students' right to learn. The school, the students, and the parents must work together to ensure this standard is maintained.

Suspension - Instances of violence or other unacceptable behaviors against other students and/or staff and faculty may result in suspension from school. Parents will be contacted in that event to pick up a child from school. Official suspensions may be appealed to the Superintendent of Schools.


Well-planned homework is an enriching supplement to the child's school day tasks. Homework is assigned with consideration of purposeful objectives and is due back to school on the assigned day. This builds responsibility in children. One or more of the following types of homework may be assigned to support the curriculum:

Children may lose recess privileges if homework is not completed for the day it is due.

We encourage children to take responsibility to take home assignments and necessary books and materials each day. Children are encouraged to use computers at home, and some assignments may require internet access. If this poses a problem, please let your child’s teacher know so that alternate arrangements can be made.

If you have concerns regarding homework, please contact your child’s teacher at school, either by phone or email. Homework will be assigned at each grade level as follows:

Kindergarten /Grade 1                10 minutes

Grades 2/3                         20 - 30 minutes

Grade 4                         40 minutes

Grade 5                         50 minutes

Helpful Hints:

1. Set aside a time when homework is to be done.

2. Allot adequate space, lighting, appropriate tools (paper, pencils, etc.)

3. Set appropriate time limits.

4. Help by showing how, not by doing.

5. Give your child support and encouragement.

6. Please contact the teacher if your child is not able to complete homework in a reasonable amount of time. 


The Burrillville School Department has adopted a specific policy with regard to the acceptable use of computers and network access. The purpose of this policy is to facilitate and set guidelines for exploring and using computers and the network as a tool for learning. A copy of the policy will be distributed requiring parent/guardian written permission for use.

As our schools advance in the use of technology, some teachers may choose to post assignments and other classroom information on an Internet site. Please utilize these resources with your children.


Assessment of student learning is an ongoing and comprehensive process. Developmentally appropriate monitoring and assessment at each grade level is necessary to ensure that the needs of each student are met and to document the student's continued learning and progress.

Our assessment practices employ a holistic approach in which both process and product are evaluated in a variety of ways. State standardized and performance assessments are given at designated grade levels in order to help evaluate student progress and educational programs. A variety of assessments may be used, including: performance tasks, hands on activities, traditional paper and pencil tests, group projects, etc. Assessments are scored against a benchmark with the use of a rubric.

Parents are an integral part of the assessment process. Parental review and supportive follow-up of progress reports, report cards and teacher conferences are imperative to student academic success.


Report cards will be issued to students at the close of each grading trimester and will reflect student performance on the trimester expectations. Attendance will be reported on the report card. Parent signatures are required when report card envelopes are returned to school.


The Burrillville Elementary Schools provide a continuum of services to students identified as eligible for special education, consistent with state and federal regulations.

Each elementary school has a team of specialists who meet to discuss and monitor student progress. The team works cooperatively with parents and teachers in order to meet students' individual needs by recommending adjustments within the regular education program.

If a student seems to require additional supports or instruction beyond the regular classroom setting, then a referral for an evaluation may be completed. The staff feels that parents are a most important component in developing successful educational programs for children; parents are invited to participate in the evaluation process. Once the parents have consented to an evaluation, assessments are completed to determine the child's specific educational needs. A decision regarding services will be made at that time and an Individual Education Plan (I.E.P.) prepared.


In some cases, a student may have educational needs that require classroom modifications and/or accommodations. Evaluation teams may choose to approve the development of a 504 Plan for the child, which may then be prepared by the 504 team in cooperation with the child’s parents.



The literate elementary student reads widely beyond the basic reading required in classroom subjects. Magazines, newspapers, and library books are all critical parts of the reading menu for children.

Each elementary school has a LMC, which contains a large, varied collection of books, periodicals, and audiovisual articles.

Students have the opportunity to make use of the LMC on a weekly basis with their class. In addition, the LMC is open at other times to afford students time for research or to work on projects.

Students are responsible for borrowed books, and must protect and care for books. Borrowed books are due back to the LMC as designated by the school librarian. Damaged or lost books shall be the responsibility of the student.


The Burrillville School Department encourages parent participation in the education of their children. By providing a communication channel between home and school, parents, teachers, and community members will be able to pool their knowledge, funds, resources, and experiences.

Our schools and parent organizations work to promote awareness of issues currently affecting elementary education, increase knowledge of current curriculum and programs, and work toward providing enriched learning experiences for children.

Each elementary school has its own Parent/Teacher Forum, which meets regularly to address issues and concerns about programs and activities. Parents and guardians may also become school volunteers by helping with the traditional parent association activities and/or with the educational services of tutoring, helping in a classroom, library or office, or by giving a special presentation to enrich the curriculum. Please call your child’s school for more information.

Each school also has a School Improvement Team. Parents are invited to participate in school improvement initiatives.


Fund-raisers are conducted by all elementary schools. Please remember, fund-raisers are not obligatory. However, they do serve as a supplement for the purchase of classroom supplies, trips, and school presentations and offer opportunities that enhance the educational program. Children are not permitted to sell fundraiser items on a door-to-door basis. Please refer to the Burrillville School Department policy for appropriate fundraising guidelines. In lieu of participation in fundraisers, parents may make a donation to their child's school. We thank you for your support.


All parents/guardians/visitors who enter the school building must report to the office. This procedure is necessary for security reasons as well as to avoid any unnecessary interruptions of your child's classroom.

The office will notify your child's teacher of your presence when you arrive for a scheduled appointment.

Parents requesting a conference with their child's teacher must call or send a note in advance for an appointment. Administrators are often in classrooms or meetings during the day, so it is also advisable to follow this procedure to make an appointment with your child’s principal.  


Time on the playground is an important part of a child's day.

Safety is the key word at recess.

for inappropriate behaviors.


Each building has a collection site for lost and found articles. Please remember to check here for missing items. If clothing and lunch boxes are labeled, your child is more apt to arrive home with his or her own belongings.


For some years now, the Burrillville Elementary Schools have enjoyed cordial and supportive relationships with the local business community. Our partnerships with businesses in the area have provided many benefits to our students and staff, and are an integral part of our school life.

At the Callahan School, for example, past partnership activities with Ocean State Power Company/TransCanada have included mentoring and tutoring programs and special events such as: International Week, Engineering Week, Black History Month and Women's History Month programs, and a variety of math/science events during Great Explorations Week. Ocean State Power/TransCanada has funded furniture for two science labs at Callahan, and has provided funding and equipment in support of our technology program.

At the Levy School, the Harrisville Fire Department has provided financial assistance, and many volunteer hours in constructing and maintaining a nature trail for student use. In addition, The Harrisville Fire Department has also provided funding in support of other special programs and enrichment activities, including our annual Field Day.

Steere Farm is now in its 11th year of partnership with Wright’s Farm Restaurant. Wright’s Farm Restaurant supports the school in many ways, including hosting our annual Field Day, Business Partnership Week, Astronomy Night and mentoring. Wright’s Farm Restaurant also provides the funds for other initiatives.

Our School/Business Partnerships are one more way for parents and community members to become involved in our ongoing school improvement activities. We are grateful for their interest and assistance!


Our Elementary Schools are committed to Community Service Learning. We believe that our students can and do make a difference in the community. Each school is registered in the Feinstein Foundation “Kids Make a Difference” Program. Our schools have many times been recognized both locally and state-wide for service learning projects.

Within Community Service Learning (CSL), there exists a rich diversity of the types of learning activities, skills learned, and expected student outcomes. All CSL activities complement curriculum goals.

Through CSL, students experience the joy of helping others, and at the same time build responsibility as citizens of a community. Our CSL programs strengthen the relationships among schools, students, and community.


Civility - Polite and courteous behavior.


Code of Conduct - Behaviors that are considered exemplary and that will be promoted within the schools.

Core Values - Identified and generally agreed-upon values that guide behavioral expectations of students and staff; for example, honesty, respect, responsibility, etc.

Community Service Learning (CSL) - The participation and active learning experiences of students which are tied to the curriculum and which may take place either in school or in the community at large. These activities involve children in problem solving around issues of community need and in providing service to help others.

Hazing - Any conduct by an individual or a group that requires a student to perform unusual actions designed to harm or humiliate him/her, or conduct by an individual or group that victimizes a student by means of intimidation, threats, or physical punishment.

Hostile Environment - Engagement in prohibited activities that tend to degrade a student’s self-esteem, and /or ability to learn and thrive in school and at school related activities. Prohibited activities include but are not limited to harassment about race, gender, sexual preference, handicap, religion, ethnic or social group, appearance, dress, learning style, interests or behaviors.

Mission Statement - A broad statement of the unique purpose to which the organization is committed and the basic means of accomplishing that purpose.

Over the Counter Medications - Medications which may be purchased at a pharmacy without a prescription, such as aspirin, Tylenol and cough medicine.

Parent Teacher Forum (PTF) - An open group of interested parents and teachers who meet regularly to discuss issues of school importance and/ or engage in fundraising activities which support the school.

Performance-Based Assessment - A test or task given to a student to assess knowledge in which the child must utilize hands-on materials or otherwise actively demonstrate knowledge.

Photo Release Permission - Parental permission for children to be photographed and/or filmed during school activities for purposes of publication

Prescription Medications - Medication which must be authorized by a physician, including pills, inhalers and epi-pens.

Prohibitions (Zero Tolerance Policy) - The refusal on the part of the school department to condone any activity involving violence, and/or drug, alcohol, tobacco and weapon possession on school property.

Rubric - Grading sheets which spell out the criteria of success. They describe to students in a consistent, fair and clear manner what is expected.

Improvement Team (SIT) - A group of parents, teachers and interested community members who meet regularly to formulate and act upon goals and objectives to facilitate school improvement.

Sexual Harassment - Unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature.

Standardized Assessment – A test or set of tasks given to students to determine their level of knowledge/understanding in a given subject area which has been tested and validated on a large number of individuals. (i.e.: Rhode Island Writing Assessments, New Standards Assessments, etc.)

Suspension - Removal from the regular programming of a student who has created discipline problems that could not be resolved through less severe means.

Truancy - Excessive absence from school without legitimate reason.