The 25th of June


08:00 Open registration

Auditorium №1



Opening of the Congress and Keynote Lectures.

Greetings from Government of Saint-Petersburg, from the Health Committee of Saint-Petersburg, from the Presidium. (20 min.)


Vice-Governor of Saint-Petersburg O.A. Kazanskaya, Chairman of the Health Committee of Saint-Petersburg V.A. Kolabutin

President of the Congress Prof. N.Potekaev, Chair of Presidium of the Organizing Committee Acad . Prof. A. Smulevich, Vice-Presidents: Prof. N.Neznanov, Prof. K. Raznatovskiy,  MSPCDC  hospital chief executive Assoc. Prof. O. Zhukova,  President of ESDaP Dr. D. Linder (Italy), President-Elect of ESDaP Prof. U. Gieler (Germany), Secretary General of ESDaP Assoc. Prof. Tomas Aragones L.(Spain) , Prof. K. Takamori (Japan), Chair of the International Scientific Committee Prof. A. Lvov.

Systematics of mental disorders in dermatology. (40 min.)

Smulevich A. (Russia)

Biopsychosocial model in dermatology. (30 min.)

Linder D. (Italy)

Multidisciplinary approach to understanding and treatment of mental disorders: myth or reality? (30 min.)

Neznanov N., Vasileva А. (Russia)


Coffee break


Plenary Session 

Bridging the Gap between Body and Mind…

Chairs: Linder D. (Italy), Tomas Aragones L. (Spain), Gieler U. (Germany)

Expert opinion. Skin Picking - the ESDaP project. (30 min.)

Gieler U. (Germany)

“Acta Dermato-Venereologica” and ESDaP: the key to a successful collaboration. (10 min.)

Andersson A. (Sweden)

Herman Musaph Awards Ceremony. (10 min.)




Plenary Session 

New Development of Psychodermatology.

Chairs: Potekaev N. (Russia) , Ingber A. (Israel) , Musalek M. (Austria)

A history of the  progress of psychodermatology in Russia. (20 min.)

Lvov A. (Russia)

From evidence based medicine to human based medicine in psychosomatics. (20 min.)

Musalek M. (Austria)

Dermatology and Psychiatry in Israel: Past and Present. (20 min.)

Ingber A. (Israel)

Announcement of bad news in psychodermatology. (20 min.)

Misery L. (France)

Discussion. (10 min.)


Coffee break


Plenary Session

From pathogenesis to clinical heterogeneity.

Chairs: Raznatovskiy K. (Russia), Misery L. (France), Smirnova I.(Russia),  Ulnik J. (Argentina)


Psychoimmunology in chronic inflammatory skin diseases-new aspects in a stimulating field. (20 min.)

Peters E.(Germany)

Update of the treatment of skin picking. (20 min.)

Vulink N. (The Netherlands)

Psychiatric morbidity in psoriasis patients. (20 min.)

Potekaev N., Khamaganova E. (Russia)

Dermatologist-patient relationship in psoriasis. (20 min.)

Ulnik J. (Argentina)

The Body-Mind-Unity Theory in dermatology – current approaches to research. (20 min.)                                                                                 

Pramsohler B. (Austria)

Personality traits in patients with psoriasis. (20 min.)

Remroed C., Sjostrom K. (Sweden)

Posttraumatic growth in melanoma survivors. (20 min.)

Campos-Rodenas R. (Spain)

Quality of Life in Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer. (20 min.) 

Vinding G. (Denmark)


Welcome Reception at the lobby Hotel “Park Inn by Radisson Pribaltiyskaya”.

Auditorium №2


Plenary Session

Delusional, self-inflicted and skin-picking disorders.

Chairs: Lepping P.(GB), Romanov D.(Russia), Bewley A. (GB)

Delusional parasitosis: evidence of heterogeneity of the disorder. (20 min.)

Romanov D. (Russia)

Delusional infestation and update for dermatologists. (20 min.)

Lepping P. (GB)

Dermatitis Artefacta in childhood.(20 min.)

Bewley A. (GB)

An update on pharmacological interventions in skin picking disorders. (20 min.)

Jafferany M. (USA)

Discussion. (10 min.)


Poster session  

Skin and Psyche: basic research and clinical cases (1).

Chairs: Tomas Aragones L. (Spain), Bewley A. (GB), Marron Moya S.E. (Spain), Bobko S. (Russia)

The 26th of June


Auditorium №1


Research Symposium 

Psychodermatology: Spreading Horizons.

Organized and supported by  Russian Society of Psychiatrists. All reports during the symposium will be presented in English. Open access.


Acad. Prof. SMULEVICH A., (Moscow, Russia) - Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences; Head of Department of Psychiatry and Psychosomatics, Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University, Head of department of “borderline” mental pathology and psychosomatic disorders, Mental Health Research Center of Russian Academy of Medical Science.

Prof. NEZNANOV N., (Saint-Petersburg, Russia) - Chairman of the Russian Society of Psychiatrists Board; Director of the St. Petersburg V.M. Bekhterev Psychoneurological Research Institute.

Greetings from the Presidium. Opening of the Symposium. (10 min.)

Smulevich A., Neznanov N. (Russia)

Delusional parasitosis and related disorders” by  Smulevich A.B., Romanov D.V., Lvov A.N. (Book presentation and overview). (10 min.)                        

Structure and severity of mental disorders in patients with facial dermatoses. (20 min.)

Rukavishnikov G., Petrova N., Smirnova I. (Russia)

Psychotropic medications in dermatology. (20 min.)

Dorozhenok I. (Russia)

Excoriation disorder: who is to blame and what is to be done? (20 min.)  

Romanov D. (Russia)

Addiction to body modification. (20 min.)

Egorov A. (Russia)

The impact of mental disorders in HIV-infected patients with early syphilis in their social adaptation. (20 min.)

Chumakov E. (Russia)

Discussion. (10 min.) 


Coffee break




Plenary Session

Itch and related disorders.

Chair: Takamori K. (Japan),  Staender S. (Germany), Lvov A. (Russia)

Antipruritic mechanisms of Cyclosporine A in atopic dermatitis. (20 min.)

Takamori K. (Japan)

Prurigo nodularis: what do we really know about this disease? (20 min.)

Staender S. (Germany)

Brain processing of contagious itch in patients with atopic dermatitis and its alteration through progressive muscle relaxation. (15 min.)

Schut C. (Germany)

Problems of diagnostics and treatment of psychogenic itch. (20 min.)

Bobko S. (Russia)

The prevalence and intensity of itch in dermatological patients in Europe. (15 min.)

Halvorsen J.A. (Norway)         

The burden of chronic urticaria. (20 min.)

Reich A., Szepietowski J. (Poland)


Coffee break


Plenary Session

Psychosomatic dermatology: state of the art.

Chairs: de Korte J. (The Netherlands), Sergeev A. (Russia),  Taube K. (Germany), Dorozhenok I. (Russia)

The burden of atopic dermatitis and acne - a comparison with a stratified control group. (15 min.)

Kupfer J. (Germany)

Prevalence of iatrogenic drugs causing secondary delusional infestation. (15 min.)

Marshall C. (United Kingdom)                                

Tension before picking and relief during or after picking in Israeli adults screening positive for excoriation (skin picking) disorder. (15 min.)

Leibovici V. (Israel)

An analysis of the range of mental disorders, provoked by chronic dermatoses, which present to University Hospital Dermatology Department in Russia. (15 min.)

Dorozhenok I. (Russia)

Alexithymia and Psoriasis. (15 min.)

Garcia-Bustinduy M. (Spain)

The Quality of life patients with psoriasis vulgaris in Bulgaria. (15 min.)

Gincheva V. (Bulgaria)

A web-based educational quality of life program for patients with a chronic skin disease: version 2. (15 min.)

van Cranenburgh O.D. (The Netherlands)

e-Health cognitive behavioral treatment for patients with psoriasis: a randomized controlled trial. (15 min.)

van Beugen S. (The Netherlands)

The educational intervention “NO.TE.S. (Non Technical Skills), The Art of the Doctor Patient Relationship”: A pilot study in communication skills training in Greek dermatologists. (15 min.)

Tsimtsiou Z. (Greece)

A multidisciplinary training program for outpatient children and adolescents with psoriasis and their parents: A pilot study. (15 min.)

Spillekom-Koulil S. (The Netherlands)

Auditorium №2


Poster session

Skin and Psyche: basic research and clinical cases (2).

Chairs: Tomas Aragones L. (Spain), Bewley A. (GB), Marron Moya S.E. (Spain), Bobko S. (Russia)




Congress dinner

The 27th of June


Auditorium №1


Plenary Session

Patient-centered care in aesthetic medicine.

Chair: Harth W.(Germany), Zhukova O. (Russia), Wolff  H. (Germany), I. Lesnaya (Russia)

Botulinum toxin: the misguided path. (20 min.)

Harth W. (Germany)

Hair and scalp problems with psychological origin. (30 min.)

Wolff H. (Germany)

Psychological and therapeutic effects of needle therapy for vitiligo. (20 min.)

Zelenkova H. (Slovakia)

Trichotillomania in young adults: prevalence and comorbidities. (20 min.)

Pacan P. (Poland)

Body Dysmorphic Disorders in dermatological clinic: typology and differential diagnosis. (20 min.)

Matyushenko E. (Russia)


Coffee break


ESDaP General Assembly.




Plenary Session

Psychosocial consequences of chronic skin diseases and STI.

Chairs: Linder D. (Italy), Vasileva A. (Russia), Dalgard F.(Norway) , Gomberg M. (Russia)

Attachment style in patients with chronic skin disease across Europe. (20 min.)

Dalgard F. (Norway)

Psychovenereology: personality and lifestyle factors in STI. (20 min.)

Gomberg M. (Russia)

A Balint-type training for enhancing the empathic abilities of future physicians and facilitating psychosomatic approach. (20 min.)

Consoli S. (France)

Impairment of sexual life in 3485 dermatological outpatients from a multicenter study conducted in 13 European countries. (15 min.)

Sampogna F. (Italy)

Posttraumatic stress disorder and psychiatric comorbidities in patients with childhood psoriasis: Preliminary results of a case control study. (15 min.)

Ates B., Mutluer T. (Turkey)




Round table discussion

Actual trends in psychodermatology.

Moderators: Gieler U. (Germany), Linder D. (Italy), Lvov A.(Russia), Romanov D. (Russia)


Closing ceremony.