Weather Tool

Research Resources

Wind/Weather Vane

introduction and definition (video) 

how can you make one? (video) 

weather (article) 

Rain Gauge

how to use a rain gauge (video) 

how rain forms (article) 

weather (article) 


temperature (article with diagram) 

thermometer (article) 

weather (article) 


What is air pressure and how is it measured? (article with diagram) 

What does a barometer do? (article) 

weather (article) 

Weather Tool Presentation Rubric

Product Type (circle one): poster, comic, video, _______

Name of weather tool and what it is used for

2- name of tool spelled correctly and its use(s) are stated

1- name of tool is spelled correctly, but the use is not stated

0 - tool is not stated and neither is its use

Guide of how to use the tool

2 - a step by step guide of how to use the tool is provided in 4-5  complete steps and sentences

1 -  a guide is provided in 2-3 complete sentences, but not using steps

0 - no guide is provided


2 - one picture and one diagram

1 - one picture

0 - no pictures or diagrams

Neatness & Color

2 - beautiful and very neat

1 - some color and still needs to work on neatness

0 - no color

                                     Total:  ______/ 8

Group Names & Tool: