Mrs. Meagan’s GT Class

4th & 5th Grade GT Schedule:

DES-meet daily for 30 minutes

GES- meet once a week for 150 minutes

This year, we have incorporated the Envision Curriculum.  Read about it below, and be sure to ask your child about what’s going on in GT!!


Challenging students at the highest levels of thinking, Envision incorporates student rubrics containing specific measurable objectives. While being challenged, students are simultaneously inspired by numerous opportunities for freedom of choice that lead to personalized end results. Every student, at the culmination of each project, will have created an in-depth portfolio, a project display board, and a project exhibit. In addition, each student will give a formal classroom presentation, and an informal presentation at an expo event. To round out each project there is also a teacher assessment and a student self-assessment.

Every Envision project differentiates by content, process, product, ability level, interest, and learning style. The Envision projects provide guidance and structure, yet allow for a tremendous amount of freedom of choice within that framework.

*For more information about DeWitt Public School’s GT program, please visit our school website and follow the link to the student handbook.