In Case of an Emergency...

All Students should be familiar with the emergency procedures at BBC so that they can act quickly and intelligently if an emergency should occur.

*The area code for Springfield is (417).


All campus buildings have fire escape routes and fire safety precautions clearly posted, including the locations of fire extinguishers and the nearest exits. In the event of a fire, follow the designated procedures quickly.

Severe Weather: 

Southwest Missouri is prone to severe weather. In case a tornado watch or warning is issued, students need to follow proper procedures.

A tornado watch means that conditions are right for a tornado. During a watch, security and the Residence Life staff will monitor the weather reports, and students will be advised.

A tornado warning means that a tornado is imminent. When a warning is issued, sirens will sound and students will be asked to move to secure location (see back cover for a list of secure locations). For your own protection, it is mandatory to move to the secure locations during a tornado warning. Resident students are not permitted to return to their rooms until the warning is over. (also see page 29)

If you have any questions concerning severe weather procedure, contact a member of the Student Life staff or Campus Safety.  

Tornado/Severe Weather Shelters:

Dear Students:

Congratulations!  On behalf of the Faculty and Staff, I would like to be the first to welcome you to our community.  You have made an outstanding choice in selecting Baptist Bible College for the next step in your education.  On this campus you will find caring faculty, staff, and other students who are eager to welcome you to Baptist Bible College. It is our desire that you will take advantage of all that BBC has to offer you.

Enclosed you will find information to help you plan and prepare for your life at Baptist Bible College. The Student Life staff are available to answer any questions you may have or help you find what you need.  Feel free to call their office at
417.268.6043, or stop by at any time.  We look forward to being an important part in your journey at BBC | Life Change U.

Mark Milioni, President of BBC




Spiritual Growth


Christian Conduct - 10


Godly Patterns of Behavior

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Moral Purity Guidelines

Undergraduate/Freshman Engagements/Marriage Policy


Dress and Appearance Standards

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Dress Guidelines for Semester Breaks


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Egregious Infractions in the Classroom                         

Appeals For Actions Taken with Reference to Academics - 61

Accreditation and Affiliations of Baptist Bible College  - 64

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Financial Aid                                                

Student Accounts                                                

Payment Plans                                                                   

Financial Aid SAP Policy

Government Policies - 67

Jeanne Clery Act

Family Education Rights and Privacy Act

Title IX - 69

Drug Free Schools and Communities Act

Non-Discrimination Policy






Baptist Bible College is an institution of biblical higher education that exists to provide a Christ-centered curriculum that fosters a biblical worldview, empowering students to engage and impact their global society  It is our desire to produce godly, motivated students for life-long ministry through the local church.  Students will be equipped with an understanding of the Bible, theology, and ministry and will integrate that understanding with practical skills to reach out to the world, and to train and motivate others to do the same.

Baptist Bible College reserves the right to make necessary changes in the regulations, courses, personnel and costs listed in this handbook without notice. In such cases, the administration attempts to communicate said changes to all students, faculty and staff through written means. As a student, it is IMPORTANT for you to familiarize yourself with the regulations set forth in this handbook and assume your proper responsibilities concerning them.  In the case when changes may occur each student will be asked to comply even though the guidelines may be different from when you entered BBC. 

As a student at Baptist Bible College, you will discover the benefits of living and learning in this unique biblical and educational environment. Along with other surrendered students, you will be part of God’s plan to evangelize people and make disciples for His glory through ministry training and academic progress. 

To foster student development, the faculty and staff, in cooperation with the Administration, have prepared this student handbook. The administration, faculty, and staff expect our students to understand that Christianity is more than conformity to a set of rules. Christian growth is the result of a heart committed to the development of a relationship with Jesus Christ according to biblical principles.  At the same time, it is necessary to establish principles and expectations that define expected behavior on the part of students. Consequently, students are expected to submit to the authority of BBC as outlined in this handbook. Col 2:6-8


As a student of Baptist Bible College, you are to strive to glorify God with your life by being Christ-like in all of your ways. God requires of us to live godly before those who are without the knowledge of God and toward those who are of the household of faith.


At BBC this means that every student is to live a life that is blameless before the world. Our behavior should always manifest kindness, gentleness and meekness. God has established a standard by which each believer is to manifest the fruit of the Spirit and live a life of godliness. When we are like Him, we bring Him honor. Therefore, the family at Baptist Bible College expects all students to act in such a manner as to glorify our Savior and that demands godliness. I Tim 6:6; I Tim 4:7-8



One of the most important aspects of a student’s spiritual life is his/her devotional time with the Lord. Students are urged to set aside some time each day for personal Bible reading and prayer. The development of this discipline will encourage spiritual growth resulting in unity among fellow students. Students are encouraged to not allow their spiritual condition to suffer while attending BBC but determine as the Apostle Paul did to renew the “inward man” day by day.  Mark 1:35; 2 Cor 4:16; 1 Peter 2:1-2


Baptist Bible College seeks to provide a spiritual environment in which students readily develop their spiritual lives. Interaction inside and outside the classroom provides opportunity for faculty-to-student and student-to-student interaction that fosters spiritual growth. Campus Bible Studies, Prayer Groups and Chapel services challenge students to grow in Christ. These efforts and others are meant to challenge and motivate students to greater spiritual growth. 2 Peter 3:18


Chapel is considered a vital part of a student’s academic and spiritual experience at Baptist Bible College. It is hoped that this service will be a time of spiritual challenge, however, much depends upon the attitude of the individual student during chapel.  It is a mandatory requirement that all students must attend all chapels and on-campus day conferences throughout the semester.  Chapels are held in the Texas Auditorium on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10:40 am.  

If a student enters chapel after the roll sheets have been passed, that student must go to the Administrative Assistant in the Student Life Department to record his/her tardy situation.  The Office of Student Life must be informed immediately after chapel or an absence will be assessed.

Students who do not meet their attendance requirement in any given semester will be subject to disciplinary action.  Failure to meet chapel requirements may also affect the student’s ability to hold leadership positions or participate in honors programs. A student who does not meet this requirement for two or more consecutive semesters could result in suspension or expulsion from the institution.


When an absence has occurred, or is expected, students must communicate with his/her respective Dean.  Students with extenuating circumstances who wish to be exempted from this requirement must receive prior approval from the Office of Student Life.

Students are responsible to check their e-mail account for messages regarding chapel announcements and attendance information.

Food and drinks are not allowed in the Chapel.


While believing in freedom of conscience concerning Christian conduct in those matters not expressly commanded or forbidden in Scripture, BBC offers the following to serve as a guideline for students. Each student is expected to live “above reproach.”  Phil 4:8; Col 3:17

This means that students will:



Our goal is to honor God by living as righteous and holy as possible. Even when difficult, God expects every believer to be growing in personal holiness. Rom 12:1; Eph 4:24; I Peter 1:16


Believing that every member of the BBC family should strive toward holiness, there are some behavioral patterns that are consistent with a godly lifestyle and should be upheld while attending Baptist Bible College.

Examples of godly patterns acceptable at BBC are listed below:


Access to and usage of Baptist Bible College’s IT resources entails certain expectations and responsibilities for students and guests. All on-campus students who access the Internet must participate in the College’s “filtered” network so that we can provide the advantages of the internet in a wholesome, honorable and truly educational environment.

Users may not engage in unauthorized use of BBC IT resources, regardless of whether the resource used is securely protected against unauthorized use. This includes: illegally torrenting/downloading music, movies, pictures, books, games etc., viewing pornography, or anything that would break the code of conduct and ethics required by a BBC student.

Users are expected to respect the privacy of other users, even if the devices and systems by which other users access BBC’s IT resources are not securely protected. This policy also extends into the realm of online social networking. It is against BBC’s network policy for a student to stalk, harass, or abuse another person via social networking (i.e Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, etc.).  

Unauthorized use by a user of another user’s personal identity or access (log-in) credentials is prohibited. In operating its IT environment, the College expects users to engage in "safe computing" practices, such as establishing appropriate access restrictions for their accounts, setting strong passwords and guarding those passwords, keeping their personal operating systems and software applications up-to-date and patched, and employing security measures on their personal devices.

Use of BBC’s IT resources is a privilege and not a right. A user’s access to BBC’s IT resources may be limited, suspended, or terminated if that user violates this Policy.  Alleged violations of this policy will be addressed by the Campus Technology Department with the aid of the Deans from the Student Life Department.  

Instructions for using and setting up a network account are available in the office of Campus Technology. The "Appropriate Use Policy" is available on-line. For Campus Tech Support please visit the website at

Your school email is owned and maintained by BBC. Upon completion of your degree, expulsion, or in the event you stop your studies, your email will be disabled within one week. BBC maintains the right to access and search your email.

Likewise, the internet is not to be the avenue in which one shares grievances with the school or it’s administration.  As a student of Baptist Bible College, you are expected to handle your internet privileges responsibly.  Any threat or misuse of the college name and/or it’s administration could result in dismissal.


The Scriptures are full of passages that encourage every believer to live a godly and holy life-style in the area of sexual purity. The members of the BBC family are responsible before God to live a life of purity and righteousness that would be honoring to God.  Ex 20:14; 1 Cor 6:18-19;  1 Cor 10:13; Phil 4:8; 1 Thess 4:3-8; 2 Tim 2:22; James 1:13-15


BBC provides the following specific guidelines intended to help students with their commitment to moral purity:



The Administration at Baptist Bible College believes that one of the most important decisions a person can make involves the choice of a life mate. Since this is such an important decision, it should not be taken lightly or considered without serious and prayerful thought. The following are criteria for our students on this topic:


Baptist Bible College does not allow the engagement or marriage of any freshman students without authorization from the Student Life Department. Such unauthorized engagements will require the students to withdraw from BBC for one semester.  This official position of Baptist Bible College is to ensure that our new incoming students do not quickly entertain the idea of marriage after a relatively short dating relationship.


If a freshman couple comes to BBC already engaged, with complete parental acknowledgments, they should immediately report their status and plans to the respective Dean to avoid any disciplinary action.


Students who have attended Baptist Bible College for at least one year will be allowed to marry, with parental consents, during the Christmas break or the summer months but not during the active school year. The Student Life Department must approve, with months of prior notice, any extenuating circumstances when engaged students must contemplate marriage at any time of the year other than those periods already sanctioned.


Baptist Bible College will follow the biblical principles of modesty when deciding how our policies will be determined. Modesty, neatness, and a Christ-like manner should be characteristic of each individual. Questions concerning the dress code should be addressed to the Office of Student Life.  I Cor 10:31; Col 3:23-24; 1 Pet 3:3-4


The Principle of Modesty applies equally to single students, married students, and married students’ spouses whether on or off campus.  



We recognize opinions vary considerably regarding the word modesty and appropriateness of dress from various individual students, therefore, we have established some simple guidelines, which we require students to respect on campus. Cleanliness, neatness, appropriateness and modesty are the general guiding factors with regard to dress.

Resident Assistants (RAs), Student Life Department staff and others will enforce dress guidelines and educate all students regarding these guidelines. Questions concerning the standard of dress should be directed to an RA or the student’s respective Dean. The Deans reserve the right to determine the appropriateness of dress.  

Students (male/female) will not be permitted to obtain new tattoos while they are attending Baptist Bible College.  Students who do so will be fined $100 per tatoo.

MEN (Married and Single)

Classroom and Chapel Attire: Class Attire must be worn in Academic and Administrative Buildings before 4:30 PM on weekdays and in all classes, regardless of time.  Appropriate dress for class includes:

Appropriate Casual Dress:  Casual Dress is acceptable in Academic and Administrative Buildings after 4:30 PM on weekdays and in the Dining Hall for all meals. Appropriate casual dress includes:

Additional Information:  Shirts must be loose-fitting and not too revealing. Hairstyles and Facial hair must be well groomed. (Dean reserves the right to determine the inappropriateness of style or length)  Earrings and/or plugs are not permitted on or off campus nor is body piercing.


WOMEN (Married and Single)

Classroom and Chapel Attire:  Class Attire must be worn in Academic and Administrative Buildings before 4:30 PM on weekdays and in all classes, regardless of time. Appropriate dress for class includes:

Appropriate Casual Attire: Casual Attire is acceptable in Academic and Administrative Buildings after 4:30 PM on weekdays and in the Dining Hall for all meals. Appropriate casual dress includes:

Additional Information: Dresses and skirts should be no shorter than 1” from the top of the knee (sitting or standing). Skirt slits should be modest; open slits should be no higher than the top of the knee, closed slits should be no higher than two-inches from the top of the knee. Shoulder straps should be no less than two-inches wide. Anything tight, scant, backless, see-through, low in the neckline or revealing the midriff (in any position) is immodest and unacceptable.  Earrings and/or plugs are permitted in ears only with the exception of a stud or small hoop in the nose. No other facial piercings or plugs are allowed, including tongue.


Residents who stay on campus through summer, winter or holiday breaks are to comply with BBC standards and guidelines, including the dress code. Students who live off campus but frequently visit the campus are required to comply with the BBC dress code.


Our campus properties are here because of the sacrifice of many believers over the years who have been dedicated to the service of God. As a result, we should honor these properties. The faculty, staff and administration have faithfully served God for many years and their credentials have qualified them to be mentors to younger believers. We should honor these dedicated servants of God. The students at Baptist Bible College have surrendered their lives to the call of

God and have come here to learn how to better serve the Lord. Therefore, we want to coexist with a prevailing attitude of honor toward one another. Phil 2:1-4; Eph 4:32; 1 Peter 2:17; Rom 12:10



We desire an atmosphere that is conducive to spiritual growth and not dissension. Language which is offensive by definition or context is not acceptable and will not be tolerated. Col 3:8; John 7:46; Eph 4:29



Electronic devices should not be used in a manner that causes disruption in the classroom, library or within any college-owned or college-operated facility. Utilizing these devices for the purposes of photographing test questions or other forms of academic misconduct or illegal activity is prohibited.  Photographing individuals in secured areas such as restrooms or locker rooms, or against their will is strictly prohibited.


Roll Sheets

Falsifying roll sheets by signing in other students will be considered a serious infraction. Both parties involved may receive a failing grade for the class.


Financial Records

Financial Aid and the Federal Government Regulations state that the institution must call and forward all information to the Inspector General. If you or a parent purposely gives false or misleading information, you are in violation of Federal laws and subject to prosecution for fraud. The College may also proceed with disciplinary action.



God has granted an appreciation for music in almost every person’s life. In fact, one of the evidences of a Spirit-filled life is that we sing hymns and spiritual songs. Immoral lyrics are obviously wrong for the believer to entertain. Col 3:16-17; Eph 5:19


Posting on any form of social media (ie: Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, etc) should be done with discernment and wisdom.  Baptist Bible College expects our students to reflect the biblical principles found in the handbook as well as the standards agreed to in the BBC Covenant on their social media platforms.  Any infraction could result in dismissal.


Rom12:18; Eph 4:32; Phil 2:3-4



The Office of Student Life is directly responsible for administering the Residence Hall program. If you have any questions or problems, please consult your respective chain of command (RA or Office of Student Life personnel). 

The Resident Assistant (RA) shares in the responsibility for the well being of all residents. These student leaders maintain a close relationship with the Office of Student Life and are willing to assist the residents in any way possible. They are available at all hours for emergency situations and are usually willing to help no matter what the problem. The RA will be involved in planning activities, helping students with difficulties, spiritual development, promoting school values, aiding in academic advising, and providing a listening ear. Students are expected to respect the position of RA.

The Housekeeping Staff works to keep the Residence Halls clean. Students doing their part can aid them greatly in their job. The Residence Hall staff functions with the full support of the Office of Student Life to help achieve a proper campus environment.  The entire floor may be held responsible for any damage to the hallways when the person(s) responsible are not identified.


To help maintenance avoid the continuous repairing of clogged drains, students are not allowed to use the bathroom sinks to dispose of food or wash their hair.  Hair dye stains the bathroom sinks and students who color their hair are requested to do so in the showers.


If there is a need for something to be repaired in your rooms proceed as follows:



In order to maintain the Principle of Honor, the following guidelines will be expected of all students in the Resident Halls:


Furniture is not to be moved from the lobby areas or the gathering rooms.  


Students are responsible for the bed, mattress, chest of drawers, chairs and desk in their rooms.  Absolutely no changing of furniture from room to room is allowed.


Room assignments are made by the Office of Student Life. Roommate requests are carefully noted and compliance is made when possible.  We reserve the right to place students on a designated floor or in a designated room.


Complimentary laundry facilities are available in each Residence Hall and are provided for our on-campus students only.



Room care is an important contribution to a good study environment and resident morale. Each room is provided with a Room Check Chart and is subject to daily inspection (Monday- Friday) for the RA to register cleanliness concerns that need attention.  A “Grace Period” of four checks is permitted and should be considered a warning. Once the “Grace Period” has been exhausted, the student will be reported to the Office of Student Life and a fine will be issued.  Leaving the room a total disaster at any time could result in a fine being issued.


White Glove will be performed several times throughout the semester. These times will be announced during Floor Meetings. If a student fails he/she will have to reschedule another White Glove with the RA. If a person does not put forth much effort into the White Glove cleaning process, they will be fined $10.00 along with having to reschedule another White Glove with their respective RA, which should be fulfilled within 3 days. Doubled fines will be issued for repeated offenses.


The following list is a basic statement regarding room care:


The following guidelines are a summary list of what the Administration believes will provide a successful environment for all concerned, while honoring and respecting other students:


We want our Residence Halls to be your home away from home. If we can improve it in any way, we welcome our students to share ideas with their RA, an SGA representative or the Office of Student Life. Enjoy your campus living experience.



Curfew will be 11:00 pm-5:30 am Monday night, and 12:00 am-5:30 am Tuesday-Sunday nights and during holidays. In order to provide the most secure living environment possible, a security alarm system is in place 24 hours a day in every Residence Hall. Students will need to have their ID Card at all times to gain access to their dormitory.



Students who must be out past curfew for either work or a special personal request need to acquire a pass from the Office of Student Life.  This pass should be communicated with the RA and kept with the individual until the completion date.


Students are required to obtain a Work Pass for security purposes for any job that requires working after curfew. Campus Safety and Security has the right to stop any person on campus after hours.  Anyone without a pass will be reported to the Office of Student Life for appropriate action.

For convenience purposes, a female student who is required to work past curfew and would like an escort may call the Safety and Security Department (417.268.6022) before she leaves her place of employment to arrange for a safety escort to her dorm.  At the time of the call, the student should inform the Security officer of her approximate arrival time to arrange for Security to meet her.

Abuse of passes can result in forfeiture of the pass and commensurate discipline.



All residents of the dorms are required to be present in their rooms at curfew unless they have acquired a pass.  Curfew check is performed every night by the RA and any student not in their room will be noted.  


If an emergency arises that will cause you to arrive after curfew, it is your responsibility to contact your RA and inform him/her of your situation.



A curfew violation is defined as any resident failing to return to the dorm by curfew or leaving the dorm after curfew.  These violations will be submitted to the Office of Student Life and disciplinary action may be taken.



Campus and dorm information is given at Hall Meetings, which take place on Monday evenings at 11 pm. Attendance is required and all residents are expected to be on time. If for some reason a resident has permission to miss a Hall Meeting, it is his/her responsibility to read the meeting notes posted on the floor. The student will be held accountable for all information given during the meeting.



Any overnight stay, no matter what the distance, will require a Leave Slip. This will enable the school to contact a student or parent in case of an emergency.


Leave slips can be attained through an RA or the Office of Student Life and must be approved and signed before a student leaves the dorm.  


Leave Slips should be given to the student’s RA 24 hours prior to departure. (Please plan ahead).  Situations where Leave Slips need to be signed by the student’s respective Dean in the Office of Student Life are:


The complete address and phone number of the student’s destination must be included on the Leave Slip.

Failure to fill out a leave slip for any overnight stays will result in a meeting with the respective Dean and a possible fine.  If a resident signs out but does not go, the RA must be informed.


Each overnight visit with friends and/or relatives, other than a visit home, will require an invitation and must be submitted through written form or a phone call to either the RA or Office of Student Life before the visit is made.


Spending the night during the week with a single off-campus resident is not permitted. Absolutely no overnight camping, whether mixed-group or otherwise, is allowed unless the activity has been approved by the Office of Student Life and the proper chaperones are present. If students have a home in town or in the community, they are only to spend the night on weekends unless the respective Dean has given clearance after speaking with the parents.


Any student that is to move out of a Resident Hall at the end of or during a semester will be required to follow normal check-out procedures with their RA.  End of semester check-out dates will be announced in Hall Meetings and posted on each floor as a reminder.  Failure to properly check-out will result in a $50 fine.

The RA will check for dorm damage and cleanliness. Any damage could result in fines specific to restitution. Any personal items left in the room will be discarded or donated to charity with a $75 fine assessed. Any exceptions must be cleared with their respective Dean.

If a student is not returning for the Spring semester, moving to another room, or moving off campus all personal items must be cleared out of the dorm one week before the specified move-in day or a $75 fine will be imposed. Keys must be returned to Security, or a $40 replacement fee will be imposed for each room that a key unlocks.

Students who withdraw from school or move off campus during the semester are required to be out of their dorm room by the date specified by their respective Dean.


BBC staff will not pack, ship, or place in storage any student’s personal belongings. BBC assumes no liability or responsibility for items left in dorm rooms.



Because of the benefits of group living and increased opportunities for participation in campus life, all single students are encouraged to live in the College Residence Halls during the course of their education.

However, there are students who meet certain criteria who may elect to live off campus. All single off-campus applicants must meet with their respective Dean in the Office of Student Life to determine their eligibility according to school policy. The standard requirement is that any student turning 22 years of age by September 1st for the Fall Semester or February 1st for the Spring, any status, are eligible for an on-campus efficiency apartment or off-campus housing. Any special considerations would need to be discussed with the Office of Student Life.


All single-student off-campus housing must be approved by the Office of Student Life prior to registration.  

Single students who are over 30 years of age, divorcees, or single parents must obtain permission from the Office of Student Life to live in the single dormitories.


All students, regardless of age, living off campus are required to abide by all policies stated in the Student Handbook.


With the exception of those guidelines which apply specifically to single students, it should be understood that the general information in our Handbook is applicable to both married and single students. The spouse of a married student, whether enrolled or not, is required to abide by our standards.  Our desire is that our married students will set a high example of how our single students should conduct themselves and discourage our single students from violating the College standards. In the event that such infractions occur, penalties will be assessed to both the single and married students.



While many colleges do not provide any on-campus married housing, Baptist Bible College proudly maintains two married apartment complexes which are rented on a first-come, first-served basis. The on-campus housing is managed by the Facilities Director who can be reached at (417) 258-6017. All inquiries should be directed to that office.


To aid those families who cannot secure on-campus housing, we also provide a bulletin board of off-campus housing availabilities. This posting of apartments and rental properties is maintained by the Office of Student Life.

The College recommends that each student purchase renter's insurance to cover the accidental destruction of personal property (computers, etc.) Renter's insurance can be purchased at a nominal cost through many insurance companies. The College cannot be held responsible or liable for any property loss that occurs.



At Baptist Bible College, we desire for our students to learn and exemplify the principles of Christ-like leadership.  According to scripture, Christ-like leadership involves serving others.  Servanthood is expected of all our students on campus, in the local church, and in our surrounding community.  The following opportunities are made available as ways to exercise this biblical principle.  John 13;15, 35; Phil 2:1-7



BBC strives to develop leaders of all our students.  Knowing that leadership is developed in many ways; BBC places priority on Integrity, Wisdom, Servanthood, Ambition, and Influence.  These are the pillars of the Baptist Bible College student leader.  Each pillar embodies a spirit of Christlikeness and propels the student forward as they grow to be a spiritual leader. Our hope is to graduate students with these characteristics and qualities to better serve their future communities and our Lord.


BBC believes that God has strategically placed students in a position to impact their peers to follow Jesus.  It is our desire to foster these skills by offering areas of involvement both on campus and abroad. Spiritual Leadership opportunities include Prayer Group Leaders, Worship Teams, and various Travel Teams, and serving through local church partnerships.


Residence Life gives students the unique opportunity to build relationships, grow communication skills and establish lifelong friendships. Resident Assistants (RA's) create and maintain safe living areas, facilitate community among the students they are leading, and are an active part of the communication process to other students.


Student Engagement provides opportunities of leadership through Student Government Association (SGA), athletics, intramurals, student clubs, student life assurance committees, and event volunteers.  Each area of engagement plays an active role in building a culture that students want to participate in.


The Office of Student Life attempts to make students aware of community job openings, by posting them in the Office of Student Life. Students can consult this listing at any time and then attempt to secure employment.

For on-campus employment, please contact the Human Resources Department located in the Administrative Offices or visit Each student is encouraged to follow these suggestions when considering employment:

  1. Upon securing employment, every effort should be made to display a constant Christian testimony.
  2. If at any time it becomes necessary to change jobs, a student must not neglect to give ample notice to all concerned.  Two weeks’ notice is usually considered appropriate.
  3. In order to obtain on-campus employment or keep an on-campus job, an employee must meet the following criteria.
  1. Maintain a good deportment record.
  2. Pay school bill on time and not have any outstanding bills with the school.
  3. Maintain the required GPA for the position.
  1. Work requirements for babysitting positions:
  1. Babysitting is not permitted in the Residence Halls. Any children in the dorms should be approved by your respective Dean.
  2. Overnight duties require approval and must follow Overnight Stay procedures.
  3. Babysitting with single adult of the opposite sex is not permitted.


During the school year, several events will be planned as campus-wide opportunities of service and will be announced as planned. This gives students the opportunity to exercise the pillar of Servanthood to our guest and peers. Classes may be cancelled during these special community service events.


One of the aspects of living as a disciple is that you learn to live in submission to God-ordained authority in your life. We must all learn to submit to authority before we can ever hope to be a leader. Therefore, at Baptist Bible College we want each of our students to learn to be submissive, and thus model this God-honoring principle. At Baptist Bible College, we want our students to feel secure and safe. In order to accomplish this goal, there are procedures that all of our College family must follow. Eph 5:21; I Peter 5:5



God has clearly established ordained authorities to help all of us in our spiritual lives.  In keeping with the spirit of this principle, students are expected to observe academic courtesy with regard to all titles (Dr., Director, Mr., Mrs., or Miss).  Students should address faculty and staff members by showing respect at all times.

It is considered that a student at Baptist Bible College is here because of privilege and not by right.  It is necessary that the student respect his/her professors, staff members, and classmates at all times.  Disrespect or other poor behavior in the classroom may result in being asked the to leave the class.   The student may re-enter the class only by the permission of the faculty member.  If the behavior continues or becomes a larger problem, the Academic Dean will be asked to review the situation. Severe disrespect may subject the student to disciplinary action with the Review Committee.

Displaying an improper attitude, disrespect to any authority figure (including RAs and Security Officers), or lying to anyone in authority will be treated as a very serious infraction.

Administrative Communication Policy

Occasionally forms of communication such as emails, call slips, and Populi notifications are issued by administrative officials and faculty members to obtain needed information or give important messages to students. If any of these forms of communication are issued, the student is required to respond to the proper department within three days. When the student goes to the administrative office and the person who issued the notice is not available, the student should schedule an appointment with one of the office personnel. If a student fails to properly respond within the designated time, he/she will be summoned from class to address it.  When a student is required to leave class to meet this obligation, the faculty may assess an absence for that class period. It is expected that students who receive any form of communication should immediately fulfill their requirement before having to be removed from class with an absence assessed.


At BBC, we seek to be more like Jesus especially in the ways we reveal our love for one another. If every BBC student truly modeled an attitude of love on this campus, it would be impossible to keep people away from such an attractive place of genuine love. As we consider the concepts of this student handbook, we will do so based upon the principle of love. 1 John 4:7-9, 11


Since we have been forgiven of so much, it seems reasonable that we would be quick to forgive others. But our old nature sometimes finds it hard to work in forgiveness. We want to get even or get revenge. Eph 4:32; Eph 1:7.  How terrible it would be to experience forgiveness from our huge sin debt only to be unwilling to forgive someone’s small trespass against us.

At Baptist Bible College we will attempt to operate with a prevailing attitude of forgiveness toward one another. When someone commits an offense against someone else, they both should be quick to confront the situation and be reconciled to one another. Matt 5:23-24

Learn the principle of forgiveness and live with an attitude of joy and friendship rather than a spirit of anger and bitterness. This biblical principle of forgiving one another is especially important in the areas of personal relationships such as with classmates and roommates.



The purpose of discipline is to assist students in modifying their attitudes and behavior. Students must learn to take greater responsibility for their actions and be willing to accept the consequences for their choices. I Thess 5:22; I Tim 4:12

It is also appropriate for other believers to help restore a disobedient brother so he can be a vital part of a spiritually functioning community. Occasionally, to keep students from injuring themselves or possibly hurting others, a fellow student has a moral and ethical responsibility to report inappropriate behavior to proper authority.  Such action is not viewed in God’s word as improper, but rather God uses properly ordained authority as an instrument of working His will in the lives of His children. Matt 18:12-17; Gal 6:1-2



When a person knows the standards and chooses not to keep them, mercy and justice must both operate.   Deportment Procedures of Baptist Bible College exist to uphold the standards of the College in order that an atmosphere conducive to maximum academic and spiritual growth may be maintained.  Discipline in our College community is defined as the external influences through which the student learns self-discipline, social sensitivity, and social and personal responsibility. Within this context a student will enjoy many liberties and opportunities to express himself.  I Pet 3:8-9; Heb 13:7

When an individual fails to cooperate within the framework of our guidelines, a system of disciplinary actions will be administered by the Office of Student Life.   Each situation will be dealt with individually and actions will be taken depending on the offense involved, the student’s past disciplinary record, the attitude displayed by the student, and the discretion of the respective Deans.  The Deans will decide on the appropriate disciplinary action to assure continuity, confidentiality, and consistency.  It should never be taken for granted that a student automatically has a second chance when major infractions occur.  The Office of Student life will try to work within a framework of forgiveness, restoration, restitution (if that is required) and reconciliation.

To accomplish these disciplinary goals, one or more of the following actions may be used, or a different one that is deemed appropriate for a particular situation may be devised:

Zero Tolerance:  There are some actions and behaviors that are treated with a zero tolerance approach to discipline. Christian liberty does not allow for worldly patterns to be accepted or tolerated in a Baptist Bible College student's walk of holiness. There may be illegal or unlawful actions or behaviors that are also deemed by the administration to be worthy of a zero tolerance position. This level of violation will result in the student being asked to leave the College as the dismissal/expulsion provision will be enforced.


Once a disciplinary decision has been made by the Office of Student Life, a student has the opportunity to appeal that decision to the Vice President of Student Affairs (who will include the respective Dean involved in the original decision). If the student still believes an additional appeal is warranted, due process will allow for the student to appeal to a Review Committee made up of the Vice President of Student Affairs, Vice President of Academic Affairs, and Business Officer. The respective Dean may also be an observer during the proceedings. The Review Committee will function with the following guidelines:



The Safety and Security Department is located on the second floor of the Administration building next to Enrollment Services.  You may contact their office at (417) 268-6024  Monday – Thursday, 8:00 am – 3:00 pm.  Officers are on duty 24 hours a day or for emergencies and can be reached at (417) 268-6022.


The Safety and Security Department acquires its enforcement authority from the administration of Baptist Bible College and in the enforcement of federal, state and local statutes and Baptist Bible College regulations.  Baptist Bible College Security maintains a working relationship with all appropriate Law Enforcement Agencies and elements of the Criminal Justice System.  Communication is maintained with other agencies, both on a formal and informal basis, and crime-related reports and statistics are routinely exchanged.


If a criminal action occurs on campus, please call the local police or sheriff’s office at 911 and then notify BBC authorities. To report a crime or an emergency on campus, students can do the following:

Be prepared to tell both the police and security officers the following information if you are the victim of a crime:

Do not disturb any evidence while waiting for campus security or the police to arrive as it may affect the outcome of the investigation.


Sexual Violence

Baptist Bible College strives to be a welcoming, Christ-honoring campus community and therefore prohibits any form of sexual violence on or off campus. Sexual violence is a range of behaviors, including but not limited to, sexual harassment, a completed nonconsensual sex act (i.e., rape), an attempted nonconsensual sex act, abusive sexual contact (i.e., unwanted touching), and non-contact sexual abuse (e.g., threatened sexual violence, exhibitionism, verbal harassment).

Sexual violence is any sexual act or behavior that is perpetrated against someone's will when someone does not or cannot consent. Victims of sexual violence may know the perpetrator(s), such as a fellow student, coworker or supervisor, and/or may be involved in a dating or marital relationship with the perpetrator, or the perpetrator may be unknown to the victim. Consent is not given when a perpetrator uses force, harassment, threat of force, threat of adverse personnel action, coercion, or when the victim is asleep, incapacitated, or unconscious.

Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment is defined as unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal, nonverbal, or physical contact of a sexual nature. Sexual harassment is conduct that explicitly or implicitly affects a person’s employment or education or interferes with a person’s work or educational performance or creates an environment such that a reasonable person would find the conduct intimidating, hostile, or offensive.

Sexual harassment may include incidents between any members of the College community, including faculty and other academic appointees, staff, students, student employees, coaches, residents, interns, and non-student or non-employee participants in College programs. Sexual harassment may occur in hierarchical relationships, between peers or between individuals of the same sex.

Some examples of harassing behavior include, but are not limited to:

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a pattern of coercive behavior, including acts or threatened acts, that is used by a perpetrator to gain power and control over a current or former spouse, family member, intimate partner, or person with whom the perpetrator shares a child in common. Domestic violence includes, but is not limited to, physical violence, injury, or intimidation, sexual violence or abuse, emotional and/or psychological intimidation, verbal abuse, threats, or harassment, stalking, or economic control.

Dating Violence

Dating violence means violence committed by a person:


Stalking is engaging in a course of conduct directed at a specific person that would cause a reasonable person to:

Sexual Assault

Sexual assault means any sexual act directed against another person, forcibly and/or against that person’s will; or not forcibly or against the person’s will where the victim is incapable of giving consent. Sexual assaults include, but are not limited to, some form of forced or nonconsensual intercourse, incest, or statutory rape as defined in the Uniformed Crime Reporting system of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Response for Victims

After an incident of sexual assault, domestic violence, or dating violence, the victim should seek safety immediately and consider seeking medical attention as soon as possible at Mercy Hospital located at 1235 E. Cherokee St., Springfield, MO 65804 in the Triage Center.  In Missouri, evidence may be collected even if you choose not to make a report to law enforcement.  Mercy Hospital will keep such evidence in storage for up to 120 days. A victim will also be offered counseling and the option of a support representative from the Victim Center of Springfield.

It is important that a victim of sexual assault not bathe, douche, smoke, change clothing or clean the bed/linen/area where they were assaulted if the offense occurred within the past 120 hours so that evidence as may be necessary to the proof of criminal activity may be preserved. In circumstances of sexual assault, if victims do not opt for forensic evidence collection, health care providers can still treat injuries and take steps to address concerns of pregnancy and/or sexually transmitted disease.

Victims of sexual assault, domestic violence, stalking, and dating violence are encouraged to also preserve evidence by saving text messages, instant messages, social networking posts/pages, other communications, and keeping pictures, logs or other copies of documents, if they have any, that would be useful to college hearing boards/investigators or police. Although the college strongly encourages all members of its community to report violations of this policy to law enforcement, it is the victim’s choice whether or not to make such a report and victims have the right to decline involvement with the police. The Baptist Bible College Safety and Security Department will assist any victim with notifying local police if requested. The Springfield Police Department may also be reached directly by calling 417-864-1810, or in person at 321 E. Chestnut Expressway, Springfield, MO 65802.  Additional information about the Springfield Police department may be found online at:

As time passes, evidence may dissipate or become lost or unavailable, thereby making investigation, possible prosecution, disciplinary proceedings, or obtaining protection from abuse orders related to the incident more difficult. If a victim chooses not to make a complaint regarding an incident, he or she nevertheless should consider speaking with the Department of Safety and Security or other law enforcement to preserve evidence in the event that the victim changes her/his mind at a later date.

Disciplinary Action for Sexual Misconduct

Discipline will be imposed upon any person guilty of violating the College's conduct code or standards in the area of sexual conduct.  If the accused in a sexual offense is a Baptist Bible College student, the case will be referred to the Title IX Coordinator for review of the allegations.  The victim and the accused are entitled to the same opportunities during campus disciplinary hearings.  Both the victim and the accused shall be informed of the outcome of any campus disciplinary proceedings.  Sanctions may include, but are not limited to, probation, dismissal and/or expulsion.  For a complete list of possible sanctions, please refer to the Disciplinary Procedures portion of the Handbook (page 22).  In addition to the imposition of disciplinary sanctions, the accused may face prosecution under federal or state law.

For more information on what to do as a victim of Sexual Violence, please refer to the year’s current Clery Act document or BBC’s Sexual Conduct Policy located in the BBC Safety and Security Department.


Baptist Bible College Safety and Security Department exists to assist and promote a safe environment for the entire BBC community. The security staff maintains a quality working relationship with the Springfield Fire Department and Greene County Office of Emergency Management. The safety and security staff works in close conjunction with the Office of Student Life to educate and assist the members of the college community.

You are encouraged to report any issue you feel presents a risk to your safety or the safety of others to the Safety and Security Department.  Examples of safety issues you are encouraged to report include, but are not limited to, faulty smoke detectors, damaged doors/locks, obstructed emergency doors, or other fire hazards.


Baptist Bible College has a zero-tolerance policy regarding the use or possession of illegal firearms or explosive devices on campus.

Single students may not possess or store weapons on the College property. Weapons include but are not limited to firearms, compressed gas weapons, knives with a blade of more than four inches, impact weapons or other martial arts type weapons, crossbows and all archery equipment, slingshots and/or any object used in a threatening manner.

The discharge of firearms and fireworks on campus is a very serious violation. The discharge of explosives such as “dry ice bombs” will be treated seriously and local authorities may get involved. Not only are they dangerous, they violate other people’s rights and dishonor them, but they also are against the laws of our state. Violators of these policies have been prosecuted for their involvement.

Every married student who lives on campus must receive permission to keep or store a weapon in their apartment. To make application for authorization to carry a concealed weapon, you must go to the Director of Safety and Security. This provision is not available to single students without proper approvals.

Individuals with a legal, Missouri-issued, conceal and carry permit must have authorization by the College President, Vice President of Student Affairs and the Director of Safety and Security to have a concealed weapon on campus. This prerogative will only be extended to those who live in the BBC apartments and permission will only be granted to store the weapon in your apartment or to carry it back and forth to your vehicle. Each case will be based upon individual application. Weapons will not be permitted at any time in the academic facilities, offices, Fieldhouse, Dining Hall, White House, Patriot Cafe’, or Residence Halls. 

Students violating these policies through possession, use, or storage are subject to disciplinary action. A fine will be issued or dismissal could result. A student in possession may also be prosecuted for any violation of the law.


Purpose: To provide general guidelines to follow in the event of an emergency situation. Understand that emergencies are unique to the situation. The following procedures are in place to assist you in making rational decisions in a stressful situation.

NOTE: All emergency procedures are location specific. Refer to posted emergency procedures in your area for more detailed information.


You will be notified of any school closings during the school year.


In the event of a tornado, take shelter immediately.  Refer to posted emergency procedures for location specific information.

Tornado/Severe Weather Shelters:

All students should use wisdom and follow the advice of the security officers.  Shelters will remain open until the severe weather has cleared the area.  Security will notify those in the shelters as soon as the National Weather Service has canceled the warning.


If indoors:

If outdoors:


Some, but not all, lockdowns are implemented during situations that are Active Shooter scenarios.  A lockdown is issued whenever there is a foreseen, imminent or ongoing threat to the safety of individuals at Baptist Bible College.  Campus wide communication will be made in the case of a lockdown.

Lockdown Procedures:

If indoors:

If outdoors:

Finally, remember that a lockdown is not officially lifted until notification has been received from the Safety and Security Department.  These procedures are meant to keep our campus secure. If they are not followed properly, the consequences could be fatal.


Should a student accidentally activate an intrusion or fire alarm, the student should remain at that location until an RA, security officer, or school official can arrive to defuse the alarm. By staying at the site until someone arrives, the student can assure the administrative representative that there is no need to evacuate the facility.

To intentionally activate an intrusion or fire alarm is a class B misdemeanor within the city of Springfield and carries a $500 fine and/or six month jail term. In compliance with Federal, State, and Local fire code regulations, and in light of several recent incidents at other schools, where students have died in student residences, it is incumbent upon Baptist Bible College to orient our students to proper protocol when a fire alarm is sounded. The proper response to an alarm in the dorms will be:

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these procedures, please contact the Safety and Security Department at (417) 268-6024.


A security department only has so many eyes and ears. We can't see and hear everything that occurs on this campus. The best security does not reside in a department. It resides in our campus community. We increase the security of our campus 1000% when we contribute to crime prevention. There are a number of ways that you can help prevent crime. They are, but are not limited to....



The College invites you to be an active member of the academic community. The goal of the learning community is that students successfully navigate what we call the academic pathway. In other words, we desire that students persist, graduate, and obtain a job/ministry. Let's be successful together!

The trajectories of the community include the following.

(1) As committed followers of Jesus Christ, we are brothers and sisters. It is true that we are in different places and times of our lives. Faculty and students do have a different standing. Nonetheless, as an active member of the learning community, we should share an invested interest in the spiritual, academic, and personal growth of one another. As we serve one another we serve Jesus Christ. Therefore, we should love, care for, and as necessary, admonish one another in the Lord. 

(2) As committed followers of Jesus Christ, we should all be learners. Faculty and students should never stop learning. We should value growth and maturity. Therefore, we should make every effort to do our best, to attend class, complete required work, be an active member of a local church, and mentor others.

(3) As committed followers of Jesus Christ, we should not learn in isolation. The very nature of the body of Jesus Christ should serve as the basis for this value. BBC is not your local church. Nonetheless, the metaphor should reinforce the fact that our lives are affected by others. One’s strengths complement the weaknesses of the other. It is important, therefore, that students engage those around them by both seeking and offering help.

Satisfactory Academic progress (SAP) Guidelines

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) guidelines regulations were issued by the U.S. Department of Education regarding standards of satisfactory academic progress (SAP). These regulations are now in effect for the Federal Stafford Loan Program, PELL Grant Program as well as the federal work-study program. Satisfactory Progress (as defined by law) is a combination of hours attempted, hours completed, and cumulative grade point average. Baptist Bible College can or will) may not distribute money to students who do not comply with the following policy. Students on Financial Aid Warning are still eligible for financial aid, but students on Financial Aid suspension are no longer eligible for most financial aid.  Students on Financial Aid Suspension can either continue their enrollment without financial aid OR submit an appeal. For complete details, see the Academic Catalog on pages 19-24. Students may also receive information in the Financial Aid Office.

Students should understand that the specific details concerning SAP are aligned to specific academic degrees. They should, therefore, consult with their faculty advisor concerning specifics related to relevant expectations in their degree program.


At Baptist Bible College, faculty members have the right and responsibility to establish attendance policies for their classes. Students should consult the course syllabus for details. The course policy will specify the relationship between the number of absences and the impact that absences may have on course grades including being dropped from the course with a grade of “F.”

Class attendance and participation are two of the most significant factors that promote student success. As such, all attempts should be made to minimize the number of classes a student may miss. It is anticipated that students will make every effort to attend classes during the semester unless providentially hindered. Cutting classes is not acceptable. Students understand that because of the nature of some courses, any absence will adversely impact potential success. In some cases, the dynamic of active learning cannot be reproduced through make-up work.

Students who are providentially hindered from attending class (e.g., are ill) should contact the faculty member as soon as possible to receive information about class content and/or missed work. If students are aware that they will be absent, they should contact the faculty as far in advance as possible to make arrangements. This should include athletes and those who travel for the College.

Students who believe that an unjust action has been taken with regard to absences may appeal that decision without the concern for retaliation. See the section of this Handbook, “Appeals concerning Actions taken with reference to Academics.”

Class Attendance

Students are expected to attend all classes. A careful and consistent record of all absences is maintained. Students should consult their respective course syllabi for details. Each faculty member may set specific expectations for the respective course.

Faculty-initiated Course Drop

Faculty have full authority to drop a student due to absences as stated in their respective syllabus. Students dropped from a course by the faculty due to absences will receive a grade of F in that course. Dropped students will be notified by the Registrar via email

Withdrawing from a Course

Students may withdraw from a course and receive a WP/WF with no GPA penalty until November 1, 5:00 p.m., during the fall semester; April 1, 5:00 p.m. during the spring semester; and the census date, 5:00 p.m., during summer sessions. Prior to the withdrawal deadline date, students may pick up a withdrawal form in the Registrar’s office.  The form must be completed and submitted to the Registrar’s office with the appropriate signatures before the published deadline dates and times. Students who withdraw after the deadline will receive a grade of F on their transcript for each class from which they withdraw.

Dual-listed Course

A dual-listed course refers to a Ministry Studies course in which undergraduate and seminary students are enrolled in the same course, at the same time. The faculty identify dual-listed courses in the course descriptions published in this Catalog and in respective course syllabus. The description specifies that if a student completes an undergraduate, dual-listed course for credit, that student may not take the corresponding seminary course for credit at a subsequent time. The student must complete an alternative seminary course of equivalent credit hours. The Dean of the Seminary will collaborate with the student and faculty to determine the alternative course(s).

Undergraduate students, however, may take the seminary course for graduate credit and use that graduate credit to fulfill requirements in their undergraduate program. They must register for the seminary course. This requires the student to complete all requirements of the seminary course.


Students should work closely with their faculty advisor when preparing their course schedule. They should be aware of factors that may adversely affect their success in the classroom. Students should be realistic about the number of courses they attempt in relationship to their work schedules, family responsibility, local church ministry, and the like. Students often drop a course because of the pressures of life without understanding the consequences. For example, dropping a course(s) may impact the student’s ability to receive financial aid and/or their participation in athletics or other College activities. Dropping courses because of poor planning may adversely affect the student’s stewardship of resources (e.g., time and finances).

Because of various responsibilities, it is common for students of this College to enroll in an average of fourteen (14) credit hours in the fall semester and fourteen (14) credit hours in spring semester. With effective financial planning, students may schedule summer courses. The Office of Financial Aid personnel are available to assist and guide students in planning their fiscal resources as they navigate the academic pathway.


The federal government awards financial aid according to a credit hour. A credit hour represents the time students should spend while learning inside and outside the classroom during a given semester. At this College the fall and spring semesters are sixteen weeks in length. The College calendar publishes the start- and end-date for each semester. The Academic Catalog, course schedule, and curriculum audits show the number of credit hours for each course.

The expectation for a semester-long, traditional course is that for every credit hour, students attend class under the direct instruction of a faculty member and study for two (2) hours outside of class. Studying outside of class includes reading, studying for quizzes and tests, homework assignments, writing essays and research papers, and the like.

The College defines expectations for nontraditional course formats.


A full-time, undergraduate student is defined as one who is enrolled in twelve (12) or more credit hours. A part-time student is enrolled in less than twelve (12) credit hours. The status of the student may impact federal financial aid and other areas (e.g., insurance coverage on parent’s policy).


During an academic semester, the College schedules special events and meetings. All students are responsible to attend these events and meetings. The purpose for these events is to engage students in learning outside the classroom and provide detailed and relevant information so that students may be successful.

Each semester the College publishes the following events on the College calendar:

Students are required to attend all events and meetings unless providentially hindered.

Students are responsible for all information shared during the special meetings even if they are absent.


Students are encouraged to serve the College in various capacities. They should, however, be familiar with eligibility requirements. It is their responsibility to communicate with faculty in timely manner if their service conflicts with expectations related to absence from class or completing assignments.  Eligibility may be adversely impacted by poor academic performance.


There is an expectation that all students are godly and honest with regard to their academic work and classroom behavior. Faculty may immediately drop a student from a course with a grade of “F” for egregious infractions upon verification of that infraction.

Egregious infractions may include but are not limited to the following:

Students who believe that an unjust action has been taken with regard to an egregious action may appeal that decision without concern for retaliation. See the section of this Handbook, “Appeals concerning Actions taken with Reference to Academics.”


Baptist Bible College has the right and responsibility to establish written policies to direct expectations for those who attend the institution. In the course of student life, there may be occasions when students may have questions about policy. In such cases, they are encouraged to ask questions and to work through established procedure when such situations arise (Matt 18:15-17). Though Baptist Bible College is not a church, the principles of Matthew 18 may be extended to questions that arise as part of college life.

The goal of the College is to provide opportunities to explain policy. There are times when it may be necessary to question policy. In such a circumstance, it is necessary to have a procedure for students to question policy and where they may find possible resolution to the questions. It is never acceptable for students to complain or gossip about their situation. Rather, they must take responsibility to resolve the question in a godly manner. There is expectation that students may appeal decisions without any repercussions.

The student is encouraged to involve his/her faculty advisor in the process. The goal of the faculty advisor is to provide advice and direct the student to the appropriate persons throughout the process. The advisor is not to function as an advocate for the student through the process.

Given that decisions associated with an appeal are time sensitive because of possible consequences, there is expectation that the student will begin the appeal process immediately. For example, a student has five school days to address matters related to attendance. Students who do not address matters related to absences may be dropped from the course and assigned a grade of “F.” Such consequences may impact one’s financial aid status. There is expectation that the appeal process will be completed within five (5) to seven (7) school days after the decision that gave rise to the appeal took place.

Students should attend class during the appeal process.

To appeal, the student should follow these steps:

Step 1: The student should be prepared to explain the basis for the appeal. The basis for an appeal may be one of the following: (1) Due process was not followed; (2) Policy was incorrectly applied; or (3) Important evidence was missing.

Step 2: The student should make every effort to resolve a question or concern with the faculty member immediately involved. The student should make every effort to discuss the matter privately and in a manner that shows respect and humility.

Step 3: If the student desires to appeal the decision of the faculty member immediately involved, the student should prepare a clear, written statement. The written appeal should be submitted to the appropriate person before scheduling an appointment to discuss the situation. The student should include the following information:

(1) Name, date of original action, date of written communication, and contact information (e.g., email);

(2) An explanation concerning the details that brought about the faculty’s decision;

(3) An explanation as to why the student disagrees with the decision (see list of three items);

(4) A list of those with whom the student has met concerning the decision (e.g., faculty member).

Step 4: The student may appeal to the faculty’s immediate supervisor (typically a program chair).

Step 5: The student may appeal to the Dean of the Ministry Studies Division, Dean of the Professional Studies Division, or the Division Chair of General Studies.

Step 6: The student may appeal to the Academic Affairs Committee.  The Committee should schedule a meeting on Monday afternoon. If the circumstances are such that the Committee is unable to meet on Monday, the Committee will schedule a meeting as expeditiously as possible. A final decision will be communicated to the student via email within one (1) or two (2) school days following the Committee’s meeting.

Step 7: The final step is to appeal to the President of the College, if he determines it is necessary to hear the appeal.  


Authorization to Offer Degrees

Degree programs offered by Baptist Bible College are approved by the Missouri Coordinating Board for Higher Education under the State’s statute regulating private postsecondary education institutions. If you are dissatisfied and are unable to reach resolution at Baptist Bible College, you may contact the Board at 573-526-1577.


Baptist Bible College is regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC). The College has successfully maintained continuous regional accreditation with the Commission since 2005.

230 South LaSalle Street, Suite 7-500

Chicago, IL 60604


The College was notified on September 8, 2016 that the Board of Trustees of the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) placed Baptist Bible College (BBC) on Probation. This status indicates that an accredited institution is not in compliance with one or more of the Commission’s Criteria for Accreditation. During the probationary period, BBC remains accredited by the HLC, and this action does not affect BBC student's’ ability to receive academic credits or receive federal funding. BBC will host a comprehensive visit during fall 2017 at which time BBC will demonstrate it has addressed the concerns raised by HLC.

Missouri State Approval of Education Programs

The Missouri State Board of Education granted approval to Baptist Bible College to offer professional education programs. This reaffirmation is for a period from August 17, 2010 to August 16, 2017.



The new Institutional Aid Policy for the current school year states:

Students are not eligible for institutional aid until they complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and church verification has been received by the financial aid office. Any questions or inquiries can be directed to Brian Rains our Financial Aid Director at 417-268-6045.


All charges (tuition, fees, room and board) will be due on the last day to withdraw with financial consideration.  Any withdrawal or dismissal after this date will still result in all charges (including room and board) being assessed to the student account.  Any student account that has any remaining balance that cannot be paid by the withdrawal date must be placed on a payment plan.  These dates are:

2017 Fall Semester:                September 1, 2017

2018 Spring Semester:                January 26, 2018

Should you withdraw after the withdrawal date, no refund will be given.  This includes tuition, room and board, and all fees.

If the balance is not paid and a payment plan is not established by the withdrawal date, you may be withdrawn at the discretion of the school Administration.


All payment plans will have to be paid by EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer).  All payments will be due on the 15th of each month of the payment plan.  There will be a $60 payment plan fee assessed for each semester a payment plan is needed.  Any EFT payment that is returned for insufficient funds will be assessed a $25 service fee.

Convenience Fee:        $60 per semester EFT payment plans

Insufficient Funds Fee:                               $25 per incident

Discounts for Balances Paid in Full:                5% for check or cash

                     3% for credit card payments


Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) guideline regulations were issued by the U.S. Department of Education regarding standards of satisfactory academic progress (SAP). These regulations are now in effect for the Federal Stafford Loan Program as well as the PELL Grant Program. Satisfactory Progress (as defined by law) is a combination of hours attempted, hours completed, and cumulative grade point average. Baptist Bible College may or may not distribute money to students who do not comply with the following policy. Students on Financial Aid Warning are still eligible for financial aid, but students on Financial Aid suspension are no longer eligible for most financial aid.  Students on Financial Aid Suspension can either continue their enrollment without financial aid OR submit an appeal. Institutional scholarships and awards may also be affected by the student’s failure to comply to the SAP guidelines. For more information please visit the SAP policy online or visit the Financial Aid office.


Tuition refunds are given according to the schedule below:
The percentage of total tuition retained by the school after a student withdraws from school is based on the number of class days completed in an academic semester.

Withdraw by:



The Jeanne Clery Act requires that colleges and universities publish campus crime statistics of serious crime incidents. These publicized statistics are meant to warn students, employees, and applicants of the recent events of crime on campus. Students and employees will be given annual crime reports that include statistics on murder, forcible sex offenses, non-forcible sex offenses, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, motor vehicle theft, and any other crimes contained in the Clery Act. The annual report will be given to prospective students upon request. The Baptist Bible College Student Handbook describes how to report crimes and emergencies on campus. The Clery Act is also available on our BBC website at Students may obtain a hard copy at the Security office. 


The Safety and Security Department will maintain a file of all collected data relating to crimes reported to have occurred on the campus of BBC. The purpose of this Act is to educate the campus community about safety and security.


Baptist Bible College is in compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. The college has designated certain information contained in the educational records of its students as directory information according to FERPA guidelines.


The college may disclose directory information for any purpose in its discretion without the consent of a student. Students have the right, however, to refuse to permit the designation of any or all of the above information as directory information. In the event a student requests special privacy, this information will not be disclosed except with the consent of a student or as otherwise allowed by FERPA. Any student refusing to have any or all of the designated directory information disclosed must file written notification to this effect within two weeks of the first day of classes with the Registrar’s office in the fall.


The student has the right to inspect and review educational records. The student also has the right to request amendment of educational records that are inaccurate, misleading or otherwise in violation of the student’s privacy. Information about educational records and the process of obtaining access to records may be obtained in the Registrar’s office. Written requests to view educational files will be required.


In the event there is a perceived failure on the part of Baptist Bible College to comply with the requirements of FERPA, a student has the right to lodge a concern with the U.S. Department of Education. The name and address of the office that administers FERPA is:

Family Policy Compliance Office

U.S. Department of Education

400 Maryland Ave, SW

Washington, DC 20202-4605

NOTE: This information can be located on the BBC website at



Baptist Bible College is committed to maintaining high standards of professional ethics in a humane atmosphere in which individuals do not abuse their personal authority or power. All members of the College family are responsible for maintaining a positive working, learning, and residential environment. The faculty, staff and students of Baptist Bible College will not condone actions which a reasonable person would regard as either gender discrimination or sexual harassment.  In the event that an offense would take place, please contact the Title IX coordinator, Ray Adams at 417.268.6028.



The College is required by the Drug Free Schools and Communities Act to adopt and implement a program to prevent the use of illicit drugs and the abuse of alcohol by students and employees. Every student shall receive a copy of the program annually as printed in the Student Handbook. Questions concerning the Drug Free Schools and Communities Act may be directed to the Director of Security, who is designated by the College to coordinate the institution’s efforts to comply with the Act. The students and employees at Baptist Bible College are expected to maintain the highest moral and ethical standards when confronted by choices related to drugs and alcohol.  The College maintains a good relationship with our local police department and reserves the right to use any available method(s) to determine if our drug policies have been violated. Our drug policies can be located on the BBC website at


Alcohol Policy

Baptist Bible College takes a position of abstinence, whether on or off campus, regarding the issue of alcohol. The student will be subject to disciplinary action if behavior is found to be inconsistent with the stated position of the College. The College alcohol policy prohibits consumption, possession or distribution of alcoholic beverages on or off campus. It is unacceptable for any person to be under the influence of alcohol while attending BBC. (Students in such condition may seek help from College officials but are still subject to disciplinary action.)


Policy on Illegal Drugs

The unlawful manufacture, use, possession, dispensing or distribution of illegal narcotics, hallucinogenic drugs, controlled substances (as defined by Missouri statutes) or controlled medications without a doctor’s prescription or hosting gatherings where such substances are used, is prohibited. In addition to any other penalties that may be imposed on a student for violating the College’s policy on illegal drugs, any student employed in the work study program or through campus employment will be terminated. As a condition of accepting employment as a work study student, a student does hereby agree to abide by the above statement and should the student be convicted of any criminal drug statute occurring in the workplace, the student will notify the College’s human resource office in writing in five days.



Baptist Bible College offers access to its educational programs and activities based upon institutional standards and applicable laws that permit its right to act in furtherance of its religious objective.  Baptist Bible College prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, age, disability or status as a veteran or disabled veteran in administration of it educational policies, admission policies, and scholarships or loan programs (various sections of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (as amended) and Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 (as amended).



The Dining Services staff works very hard to provide a great dining experience and proper nutrition for all our students.  

The BBC Meal Plan is designed to ensure that our Room and Board students are receiving proper nutrition while attending BBC.  As a student on Room and Board, you will receive 18 meal credits to use throughout each week. These credits can be used at the Dining Hall, Patriot Cafe’, and the White House.  Each venue has speciality items only found at that location.  The BBC Meal Plan provides meals every week during each semester, with the exclusion of Christmas break.  All holiday closings throughout the school year will be listed on our webpage and school calendar.

Block Plans are available to those students that are not on Room and Board.  These Block Plans are available as listed:

1)  10 block meal plan: $87.50 + tax

2)  25 block meal plan: $206.25 + tax

3)  50 block meal plan: $387.50 + tax

4) 100 block meal plan: $725.00 + tax


The White House is BBC’s coffee shop. The White House is a place where students can do homework, hangout, or just simply socialize. From dodgeball games to bonfires, many of the student events and parties are also hosted here. Not only can you get a variety of drinks to choose from (including that coffee you need before starting homework), there are also several food options for mid-day or late night cravings.


The Patriot Cafe’ is the place to be for hot breakfast items, protien smoothies and late night snacks.  The Cafe’ lends itself to the perfect diner atmosphere with its booth seating and grill top and is a fun space to gather with friends between morning class periods.   The Patriot Cafe’ is located in the lower level of the Administration building


“The Fieldhouse” is home to our intercollegiate athletic events for men and women along with fitness opportunities for our students.  Students have access to a completely furnished Fitness Center.  Intramural opportunities for the entire student body are also available during the academic year.

Throughout the calendar year, our 3,000 seat Fieldhouse hosts various local and nationwide sporting events, conferences, and concerts.


The Athletic Director and Gym Monitors are responsible for seeing that these guidelines are enforced.  Failure to adhere to any of the above policies could result in losing Fieldhouse privileges or the college could enforce other disciplinary actions.


The G.B. Vick Memorial Library supports student learning by bringing information and people together by providing a combination of resources, services, and physical space which is designed to facilitate learning by curriculum support and assistance for learning outside of the classroom.

The library offers access to materials located physically in the building, electronic books and databases, and items from other libraries through our library consortium and other lending agreements. These resources provide millions of periodical articles and books to our library users. The library is one of the main places on campus where students come to study and complete their homework assignments. The friendly staff works hard to create a great study environment.


The Learning Center is a welcoming place where students can study, print, have something proofread, get help with from a tutor or attend a study skills seminar.


The Student Center is located in the SW corner of the Admin Building facing the Quad. Students enjoy the benefits of the Student Center at all times of the day. The Student Center is a great community area that provides a space for students to watch TV, view movies, play ping-pong, foosball, shuffle board, and various board games. Vending machines are also located in the Student Center.


“B” for builders trusting Thee,

“B” believing grace is free,

“C” for Christ Who died for me,

May these halls proclaim the story.

Fount of Christian knowledge,

Baptist Bible College

Shine through the night,

Send forth the light,

Praise His name in glory.


B.B.C. may the lost world see,

Parting will never sever,

The ties that bind,

The joys we find,

In serving Christ forever.


                     -S.K. Grundy-

BBC Student Covenant

  1. I understand and embrace the commitment of Baptist Bible College to be a distinctly Christian institution, and I commit myself to seek, to know, and to obey Christ and His Word.

  1. I will present myself with modesty both in the way I act and the way I dress.  

  1. I will maintain involvement in a local church, regularly worshiping and studying God’s Word with a body of believers.

  1. I will uphold the policies of Baptist Bible College, and will treat the people and property of this community with respect and courtesy. This includes in person, online, and other interactions.

  1. I will tell the truth and my academic work will be my own. I will do my best in my academic work to please the Lord, so that I may be “a workman who does not need to be ashamed” (2 Timothy 2:15).

  1. I will not, either on or off campus, possess or use alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs, I will not misuse prescription drugs, and I will not use tobacco products. I will refrain from any appearance of questionable activity.

  1. I will be financially responsible; paying my bills and working to support myself as necessary.

  1. I will keep my mind and body pure and free from any form of sexual sin, including pornography.

  1. I will attend all chapel services during the semester, seeing that it is essential to my spiritual growth as a believer.

  1. I will conduct myself as a witness of Jesus, treating people with grace and kindness.

Important Campus Contact Numbers:



Office of Safety and Security




Office of Student Life


Athletic Director


Campus Technology


 For help with IT support:

To report damage or repairs:

Emergency Information:



               Poison Control

800.482.8948 or 800.332.6633

Campus Safety and Security


Donnelson: 610 E. Kearney St.

Apartment A:  701 E. Turner St.

Apartment C:  700 E. Turner St.

Vick:  626 E. Turner St.

Apartment B: 711 E. Turner St.

Apartment D: 2230 N. Summit Ave.