Stop Just Talking About 21st Century Skills,

It Is Time to be Doing!

A dozen things educators need to do for today’s students or


  1. Stop “teaching from the textbook”- previously textbooks were the only practical means of bringing together all of the information for teaching a class. Recent 1:1 & BYOD provide students 24/7 access to an immense store of knowledge. Now there is no good reason to be restrained by the "one size fits all" aggregation of knowledge we call textbooks.
  2. Ditch the “turn in the assignment product & get a final grade” model and move to a “continuous collaborative, editing, improving process” model.                         
  3. It’s not cheating it’s collaboration; almost everywhere, except schools, will expect them to work with others- to solve problems, brainstorm, create opportunities, edit and proofread, share and instruct & learn from one another.                
  4. Informational Literacy- teach 5 simple ways to quickly improve almost any web search; follow-up by teaching detailed advanced searching skills.                        
  5. Media Literacy- teach them to critically evaluate information from all sources.                
  6. In a world of brimming with video, images and audio, YouTube and Photo-Shop--  Media and Visual Literacy are essential skills rivaling traditional textual literacy.
  7. Flip, Blend and/or Hybrid your class.
  8. “Teach above your head”- if you feel completely comfortable and in control-- You are preparing your students for your past and not their futures.
  9. Do Not Teach the Trivia-- What is the Trivia? Any question that can be answered by your phone in seconds.
  10. Move Up Bloom Scale-- When you do- students become interactive and self learners, plagiarism plummets & future lessons benefit from the skills built.
  11. Differentiate & Deviate-- Students Learn Differently-Teach to everyone. Even though most teachers are Verbal/Linguistic learners not all of the students are. Give all of the different learning styles a turn to excel.        
  12. Share your resources with other teachers & borrow their ideas for your lessons.

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Anthony A. Luscre

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#1 Stop “Teaching from the Textbook” Resources

PBS Teachers

Library of Congress (Fed Resources For Ed. Excellence)


BBC Teachers (Times Ed. Supplement)


World of Teaching 

Science Friday for Teachers

Big History Project

Teacher Planet

Teaching & Learning Principles (Carnegie Mellon)


Ohio Resource Center

THC Classroom

Guardian's Teacher Network 

Watch Know Learn


#2 Ditch “turn in the assignment product & get a final grade” Resources

#3 It’s not Cheating it’s Collaboration Resources

#4 Informational Literacy- The must have Tool for Today’s Students!- Resources

  1. Recursive Web Searching Flowchart
  2. Climbing Up & Down the Tree
  3. Hunters & Gatherers Searching Poster
  1. Never Search with a Single Word. (you probably will not find what you want and you may be shocked by what you find!)
  2. Find the Best Words for the Search. (One great place to find best word is a quick Wikipedia Search)
  3. Remember the first few searches are to find the best words to search with. (that’s why its called REsearch)
  4. Learn how to quickly review the search results page for best possibilities
  5. To find a specific word within a page you have found use command Ctrl-F

#5 & #6 Media & Visual Literacy

#8. “Teach Above Your Head”- Resources

    Independent Learning- LTDSNT: Learn To Do Something New Today!-

#9 & #10 Do Not Teach the Trivia &  Move Up Bloom Scale- Resources

#11. Differentiate & Deviate-- Students Learn Differently-Teach to everyone. - Resources

 I DISAGREE with most of the author’s conclusions and don’t think they are myths!)

#12. Share your resources

Supplemental Resources-