Slivka Residential College Bylaws

Revised 2/14/18

The following are policies and procedures that Executive Boards have found to be the best for Slivka at the time of their implementation. The number and ordering of the sections are arbitrary. Details for maintaining and changing this document are contained in Article X of the Constitution.

Section 1: Voting at Executive Meetings

Section 2: Equipment Lending

Equipment meant for this section includes but is not limited to the Grill, Projector, Tables, Chairs, and any other material possession of Slivka.

·         In response to all reasonable requests to borrow equipment, Slivka should lend its equipment, free of charge, to RCB and the residential colleges.

§  RCB and the residential colleges should be informed that they are responsible for the care and cleanliness of the equipment.

·         If any member of the Executive Board objects to lending equipment in a particular case, a vote of the Executive Board will determine whether or not to lend in that case.  

·         The blanket policy to any group is that Slivka’s equipment is not lent out.

·         Exceptions are to be avoided to prevent implied favoritism or discrimination.

Section 3: Executive Board Meeting Decorum

Section 4: Technology Guidelines

Section 5: Purchasing

Section 6: Slivka Rave and Other Messy Events

Section 7: Dillo Day

Section 8: Rec Lounge TV

Section 9: Bike Room

Section 10: Executive Committee Evaluations

Section 11: Slivka Property

Section 12: College Staff Purchasing

Section 13: Associated Student Government Representatives

Section 14: Listserv Usage

Section 15: Faculty Chair Search Committee

Section 16: Non-Resident Member Application Process

Section 17: Point Policies

Section 18: Eco-Rep Position

Section 19: Eco-friendly Guidelines

Section 20: Suggestions

Section 21: Vote Counting Procedures

Section 22: Slivkan Seniors

Section 23: No-Show Policy

Section 24: Public Fridges

Section 25: Email Voting

Section 26: Reserving the Music Practice Room

Section 27: Late Standing Committee Applications

Section 28: Executive Board Proxies

Section 29: Executive Board Proxy Points

Section 30: Rigorizing Financial Organization to Prevent Overspending for Slivka Formal

The Faculty Chair, Associate Chair, and Assistant Chair all advise the following to protect and simplify Slivka finances for future Exec boards:

Section 31: Guest Policy for Large Events