Importing Word Documents as Test Questions

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Schoology allows you to import tests in a couple different formats, including Blackboard.

If you use ExamView to create your assessments or have pre-made assessments provided by your textbook publisher, you can export them from ExamView into the Blackboard format. You will start this process on step 5.

While you can’t import a Word document directly into Schoology, you can easily convert a test/quiz into the Blackboard format to easily import it into Schoology. No more retyping all of your questions! Here’s how you do it:

1. Open up your test or quiz in Word and copy the questions only.

2. Then, go to this site. It’s a Blackboard converter. There are several versions of this on the internet. Here’s a list of converter sites.

The one that I use can be found at the College of Southern Idaho. In the box, paste the text you copied from Word and give the quiz a name. It should look like this:

Important: You must make sure there are no extra spaces between questions or between answers.

3. The only extra thing you have to do now is place an asterisks “*” next to each correct answer. When you are done, click on the “Create Quiz” button.

4. After it creates the quiz, a new option will appear on the bottom of the page. Click “here” in order to download the zip file. Your quiz has now been converted into the Blackboard format. Schoology will take it as is.

5. Go to Schoology and create a New Test/Quiz. Under “add question” choose “import test/quiz.”

6. The select “Blackboard”

7. Choose your zip file that you just downloaded. Now you have a new test in Schoology that you did not have to retype complete with the correct answers identified!

This process might seem to be overwhelming with the multiple steps but it will save you countless hours since now you won’t have to retype your tests. Depending on how many questions you have it will probably take you about five minutes. The hardest part will be putting asterisks next to all the correct answers. If you forget to do it for one or marked one incorrectly, you can always go back later and change it in Schoology.