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Spanish 5.2


Spanish 5.2 is a course designed to teach French on an Intermediate High level. Spanish information and directions form much of the course, which is organized to be comparable to the rigor of an AP exam review. Iowa Learning Online does not offer registration for the AP exam, but more information on how students register for such an exam is found on the College Board site.

By the end of this course, students will be able to speak with some fluency in grammar and include personal details, understand idioms, and ask simple questions to provide personal needs. Using the language alphabet, they can write on topics related to school, work, and community in simple paragraphs and be generally understood. Students will listen and understand simple sentence-length speech in basic social and personal contexts, deriving some understanding of oral content from advanced speakers, practice reading short, non-complex texts and some connected texts featuring description and narration.

Content in the course includes global challenges, science and technology, contemporary life, personal and public identities, families and communities, and conceptions of beauty and aesthetics. Expect simple conversation practice to be used extensively.

Expectations for the student include completing writing and speaking assessments using video, active engagement in their own learning, practicing vocabulary over time, comprehending grammar patterns, using various forms of verbs, participating in simple conversations and speaking prompts, analyzing and comparing cultural products, practices and perspectives between Spanish speakers and Americans.

Required Materials:

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This online course requires a Web browser capable of running the Adobe Flash Player plug-in 10.1+. Required course elements will not run on mobile devices, including iPads, that do not support Adobe Flash.

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Course Outline:

Unidad 7: La Ciencia y la tecnología
(Science & Technology)

  • Vocabulary: Access to Technology, Effects of Technology on Self and Society, Innovations
  • Grammar: Past Subjunctive, Noun Clauses Adjective Clauses, Adverb Clauses
  • Culture: Education in Cuba, Los gestos
  • History: La bandera de México

Unidad 8: La vida afuera del trabajo
(Life Outside of Work)

  • Vocabulary: Travel and Leisure, Entertainment, Volunteerism
  • Grammar: Passive Voice (ser), Passive se, Unintentional se, Haber & Perfect Tenses (including subjunctive)
  • Culture: La bandera de Ecuador; Dulces y
  • Literature “A su retrato” - Sor Juana

Unidad 9: El desarrollo social
(Social Development)

  • Vocabulary: Social Welfare, Social Conscience, Philosophical THought and Religion
  • Grammar: Hypothetical Situations (if/then), Past Participles (Ser, estar, haber), Diminutives & Augmentatives, Comparatives & Superlatives
  • Culture: Elotes y esquites, Las posads
  • Literature & History: Letania para pedir posada

Unidad 10: La identidad pública
(Public Identity)

  • Vocabulary: Heroes and Historical Figures, National and Ethnic Identities, Alienation and Assimilation
  • Grammar: Gerunds/Infinitives, Another Compound From, Indicative vs. Subjunctive, Review of Tenses & Moods
  • Culture: Juegos hispanos
  • Literature: “a la deriva” - Horacio Quiroga