Summer Racing

Join in some fun races this summer at Jackson’s Point:

June 9 - Our first fun race of the 2018 season 

     This will be a pursuit style race from the harbour at Jackson's Point, around Fox Island and back. In a pursuit race, the slowest boats start first and (theoretically) we all finish together - or at least close together - for an exciting finish! It's lots of fun and we encourage everybody to come out. No charge, no experience necessary and we all meet on the dock afterwards for refreshments.

     (Note: if you would like to participate but have never obtained a PHRF handicap number for your boat, talk to us some time before the races.)

June 30 - Mayor’s Cup and Annual Beast Roast BBQ

     The Mayor's Cup Race has been a regular event on the SGA calendar every year. This race is another pursuit style fun race so everybody wins!

     Our annual Beast Roast/BBQ will follow after the race. This is a wonderful opportunity to bring some friends and family for a fun day of sailing followed by a feast back on shore. (Vegetarians also very welcome ... “beast” should not be taken literally.)

     Come join in the fun!

July 14 - Women at the Helm Race

     Women at the Helm .... just what it says! For this race, a woman must be the driver of the boat at all times. She may bring as many charming tacticians, keen strategists and beefcake grinders as she wishes but she must drive!

     This will be a timed start race, meaning that all the boats will start the race at the same time and the results determined based on the finish position and handicap calculation.

Course to be determined.

     As usual .... lots of fun!

July 28 - The Late July Race Around Fox

     Any excuse for a race! This will be another pursuit race with a staggered start and an exciting finish! Even if you've never raced, take a chance and have some fun.

August 11 - A Race the Day Before a Meteor Shower

     This fun pursuit race around Fox Island and back will put you in the mood to watch the Perseid Meteor Shower on the following night, August 12. Race hard, sleep well and then stay up all night watching fireballs streak across the sky!

September 8/9 - Georgina Cup LSIS Weekend

       Once again, Sail Georgina hosts a weekend of racing and invites sailors from any club on Lake Simcoe to join in.

     The Georgina Cup Race will take place on Saturday, Sept. 8. This race is typically about 10 miles long with a timed start.

     Before the race, breakfast is available for a small fee at the registration area.

     After the race, join us for a barbeque dinner, awards presentation and raffle draw. Tickets for the dinner are also available at registration.

     On Sunday, Sept. 9, a second, approximately 5 mile, timed start race will be held.

     Stay tuned for more details about the weekend.